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   Chapter 36 Will you be my girlfriend

Mending the Shadow By Elria Cortez Characters: 7919

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"Indeed, she is, Akatsuki. But I suggest that you keep your fascination to yourself."

Ken's deep voice reached her ears like music, and Kirito's like a curse. With a smug look on his face, Kirito turned towards Ken. An awkward silence filled the room and the air became thick that Kana was wondering why these two men possess such strong but conflicting aura.

Kirito was murky while Ken was enigmatic, yet they are both cold.

However, Kana knew that Ken could be as warm as any man is.

"Ken! I'm surprised that you come here." Kana's voice eased the tension, and both men glanced her way.

She was smiling at both of them, and the two were like wild animals who were eyeing their prey at the same time. Yet, they were eyeing her not to consume her, but to protect her.

Kirito lowered his gaze and walked towards the door.

"I will leave you two for now." He said in a low voice and once he passed through where Ken was standing, he murmured something only for him to hear.

Ken's face turned stony, but he did not say anything. Kirito grinned slyly and left them alone.


Kana's arms flew to his waist, and Ken stood frigid for an instant, for he totally forgot that Kirito just irked him a moment ago. The scent of her newly washed hair wafted through his nostrils, and as she nestled her face on his broad chest, his arms patted her hair instinctively in a gentle manner.

He felt good that she is safe.

He felt better when he learned that she was not defiled.

Ken knew that he would have killed the man, if he succeeded in ruining her. It would be his first time to kill somebody without the order from the Mentor.

"Kana, how do you feel now?"

He asked after a few moments of silence between them.

Kana lifted her face to look at him, her eyes were bright with happiness.

"I missed you, Ken."

Her words surprised him, for it was just yesterday morning since they last saw each other. His expression softened as he realized that time seemed to move so slow when they are not together.

In that instant, his thoughts were exactly the same with hers.

He missed her.

His warm and powerful hands cupped her face, and she stayed looking at him with such anticipation. Her hands were still wrapped around his waist. Their bodies were giving off heated signals which were mutual between them. Ken searched her eyes for any sign of hesitation, but he found none. The only emotions he saw in them was her obvious feelings for him.

Love and trust.

He felt guilty.

His hands moved, stroking her smooth cheeks, his thumbs touching the underside of her small eyes. She has such a small face that it could fit on his palms.

Her lips thinned to form a satisfied smile which made her eyes smaller as well.

'How could such a small face possess such a huge existence?'

"I am sorry, Kana." He whispered very gently, his face just an inch above hers and he rested his forehead above hers. He could feel her warmth.

"For what?"

"For lying to you."

Her heart began to beat faster.

'Oh God, is he finally confessing this time?'

"I said that I didn't have the heart to love you, right?"

His voice became husky with his pent-up emotions. He could not hide it anymore.

When he dashed from the city center back to the Yamada estate yesterday, he then realized what his heart has been telling him. He thought that it was broken into tiny pieces and would never be whole again. But the uncertainty of what could have been happening to Kana when she was out of his sight prompted him to act. He thought that he had to meet Yuki first, before he could realize his feelings. Yet, the past 24 hours made him certain that he likes Kana.

He desires her. He wants her.

Just as the Mentor said, he needs her. Just as much as he needs air.

Kana nodded, her arms on his waist tightened, bracing herself for what is about to come.

"When I left, I realized one thing." Ken was never th

e man who talks more, but when he does, he is very detailed.

'What is it? Come on Ken, don't kill me with suspense!'

He breathed deeply, and she could smell the minty scent coming from him. She wanted to taste him.

"I realized that…I could never be at peace if you are not by my side."

'Oh ok, it means you are worried about me. That's a good start, come on tell me more!'

Her inner self has been quivering impatiently for his confession. But she could not take the words from his mouth. She has been yearning to hear those words from him.

"And as much as possible, I want to keep you with me."

She could feel her heart about to pop out from her chest any moment from now. She looked at him willfully, silently urging him to tell her the words that she wants to hear. Her excitement got the better of her and she unconsciously pinched his waist.

Ken was not oblivious to what she has been wanting him to tell her. But looking at her overly-excited and obvious expression, he could not help the urge to tease her a little.

"But in order to do that, I have to ask your permission first."

Her eyes became brighter, and Ken could guess easily what's on her mind at the moment.

'Come on Ken, tell me now!'

"Would you grant me the honor to be your…"

'Yes, say it! I won't say no!'


The disappointment on her face was so unmistakable that he had to bit the insides of his cheeks to repress himself from laughing.

"You already are." She said wryly.

"So I could stay with you all the time."

"Of course." She could not hide the annoyance on her tone. The luster on her eyes also began to fade, and she lowered her gaze, unable to hide the dissatisfaction that she was feeling.

'He just want to protect me because we have a contract.'

She was thinking that Ken is acting his role professionally as a Shadow, while she was being delusional.

"And kiss you whenever I want."

"Of cour-"

Her eyes widened as the words echoed through her instantly muddled brain.

'…Kiss you whenever I want.'

Her eyes turned to meet his eyes again, and the pool of blue orbs were dancing in humor and delight as her bewildered expression was reflected on them.

"Ken, you just said…"

"I want to kiss you, Kana."

His voice was deep and sexy, and she does not have any other feeling within her but to grant his wish.

She nodded.

"But first, I want to formally ask you…"

She held her breath and her hands flew to her chest when Ken let go of her face. He knelt on one knee in front of her, and lifted his face to meet hers. He very gently took one of her hands, which was sweating with a mixture of tension and anticipation.

Kana thought that he looked like a magnificent knight basking in the striking rays of the afternoon sun, and she could suddenly hear the birds chirping in the surroundings, along with the serene breathing of the carps on the pond just outside her room. She became instantly aware how everything around her looked and felt so extra-ordinarily beautiful.

His eyes were zealously penetrating as they trapped her in his mesmerizing gaze.

She was beyond words.

'My knight, my blue-eyed prince.'

"Will you be my girlfriend, Kana?"

She would just have to say 'yes'.

She has practiced a lot for this particular situation, and she has always imagined this scene on her numerous daydreams. Yet, she never expected the emotions that would fill her heart would be as overwhelming as this.

It was pure bliss.

Finally, she nodded, without breaking their eye contact.

"Yes, Ken. I want to be your girlfriend."

And there it goes, her dream.

He smiled to her, that heart-popping freaking dazzling smile of his that she promised herself to be directed only to her, only at her.

At last.

Ever so gently, he brought her left hand near his face, and he kissed it while his eyes were locked onto hers.

It was the happiest time of her life.

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