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   Chapter 35 You are fascinating

Mending the Shadow By Elria Cortez Characters: 9373

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"I and my family had served the clan since the shogunate era, Master. We, at the Kurogi house, never once cultivated betrayal in our hearts for the Master and for the clan. However, the existence of a female leader who has the mark might trigger a possible mayhem in our midst." Akihito was having difficulty talking because of his still numb and painful jaw.

Kirito hid a smirk upon seeing his dilemma.

'You deserve that, bastard. How dare you touch her? I should have broken all the bones on your fingers.'

"Master, please believe me that my action does not reflect the decision of my family. I acted on impulse, and fear."

At Hideo's lifted brow, he hurried up with his explanation despite his aching jaw.

"I secretly ordered my men to follow Lady Kana's movements. Although it was aimed to protect her, but I did it more to protect the clan. When my men reported that she planned to leave the estate to be with that man, I panicked. I thought that once she leave this place, she might not return to us. The only way for her to remain here is to be married to one of us."

"But you said during the meeting that we should consider her feelings and not force her for an arranged marriage."

Kirito could not help but interrupt. Hideo said nothing, nor did any trace of emotion could be read from his face.

Akihito nodded.

"Yes, I said that so that Lady Kana will not feel threatened by all of us. I could see that she was quite taken to that man and might rebel against us if we force our clan's rule on her."

Kirito did not reply. There is merit to Akihito's words.

"You could have just brought her back, why did you touch her?" Hideo glanced at Kirito, who asked the question.

Hideo was supposed to be the one asking the question but Kirito has been asking what was on his mind, anyway. Kirito lowered his eyes.

"Answer him, Akihito." Hideo just said.

"I…was attracted to her."

Both Kirito and Hideo found his answer inconceivable. Akihito is 40 years old, and he had never taken a wife. However, he has a son from another clan member, but he never married her, and the lady has been living in the Kurogi house along with her son. It has been said that Akihito never touched her again since she became pregnant and that there was no physical relationship between the two anymore.

Now, they found it inconceivable that Akihito would be attracted to Kana, who is almost half his age, and is not extraordinarily beautiful. If physical appearance would be the basis, there are lots of more beautiful and physically gifted women in the clan who could be Akihito's wife at his disposal. Becoming a left-hand man to the Master and a head to the prestigious Kurogi family are more than enough for him to be every ladies' dream.

Akihito's physical looks is also above a

she threw at him, he chuckled earnestly.

He was really glad that Akihito failed to touch her. He wondered if he would have experienced the same thing that Akihito was saying if he would touch her. The thought sounded palatable, but Kirito knew that he would not dare do it. He could not bring himself to do such kind of insolence to the clan's chosen leader.

Teasing her would be enough to relieve him of boredom for the meantime.

"Ok, now that I've said my thanks, can you please leave me alone Akatsuki?" She asked in a frigid face and neutral tone.

She wants to go and talk with Ken as soon as possible. She has to tell him that she is still clean.

Kirito understood the urgency in her voice and the change in her attitude. He presumed that she could not wait to inform Ken Inamori that nothing has happened between her and Akihito. Somewhat, he does not like the idea.

He strode towards her, and Kana began to back away from him.

"I'm warning you Akatsuki, don't do what you're thinking." Kana warned him, for she could see the flicker of lust in his eyes, the same emotion she saw in Akihito's eyes.

'Why is it suddenly that I became a target of men's lust? Is it possible that my average look is attractive to this clan?'

She could not believe it because she was never that popular when she was in high school.

Kirito stopped a few steps away from her, and her feet could almost touch the wall behind her. She would be cornered if she won't move from where she is at the moment.

"Lady Kana…you are fascinating." He said, locking his dark eyes with hers.

She thought of something to answer him back, something that would keep him at bay. But before she could, she saw the man she has been meaning to see and talk with.

Ken stood at the entrance of her bedroom, with a menacing glare on his cerulean eyes and a dangerous stance.

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