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   Chapter 34 A good report

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Ken stayed in the room that he was assigned with the first time he and Kana were here. The difference now is that his movement was restricted by an iron chain that is tied at one cemented pole. It was connected to his right foot, and only allowed him free movement within the boundaries of 8 meters from the center of the pole. In short, he was confined inside the room.

Ken was lying on the bed, but he wasn't sleeping. Kana's disheveled state still haunted him whenever he fell into a slumber. So, he only managed to have a few hours of interrupted sleep since last night.

He has been thinking about her, and realized one thing.

Kana is precious to him.

His thoughts wandered again to her appearance that time. There was no doubt that Akihito had touched her. But Ken is not narrow-minded. Akihito might have touched her, but they could not be too sure if he claimed her.

He has to be sure.

He stayed away from Kana, not because he cannot accept the fact that she might have been ravished. It was because he might not be able to control himself to kill Akihito and hurt other innocent people from doing so.

When he woke up with the iron chain, he intentionally did not try to break free. He could have broken from the chain on that instant, but he chose not to. He needed time to compose his thoughts and calm himself.

At exactly midnight yesterday, he was visited by a Shadow.

It was No. 3, and Ken admired his skills at being able to enter his room without anybody noticing his presence. However, Ken knew that it was him when he stopped near his room.

"No. 2, the Mentor wants to know if you want to be released or not."

Ken's reply was definite.

"No. I am not a prisoner here. I will contact him soon."

The brief exchange lasted for mere seconds, and No. 3 was gone as fast as when he appeared.

After No. 3's visit, he decided to contact the Mentor. He sent him a message. A couple of minutes passed before he received a reply from the Mentor.

Ken's forehead creased in a deep furrow. A smile played across his lips.

'How could I even be your successor, Mentor.'

After that message, he was almost in a good mood. However, another thing crossed his mind, and he wondered whether it is the proper time for that thing.

His morning was spent with inner debate, and even though he planned to visit Kana after lunch, he finally succumbed to slumber after finishing his lunch.


On Kana's room, it was very silent. Seated on one sofa which is placed near a window, she absentmindedly looked at the colorful autumn leaves.

The contrasting colors and the bright sunrays added glamour to the already breathtaking scenery. However, Kana's mind was not registering the splendid picture in front of her eyes.

It has been more than a day, and still, she could not bring herself to act naturally as she wanted to be.

When she woke up after collapsing from the anguish she was feeling yesterday, she was already here in her room. She has been cleansed and her clothes were changed. However, the numbing sensation on her legs reminded her that Akihito must have done something to her. It made her hate herself. She felt filthy, and even considered taking her own life.

But the image of Ken's face prompted her to be strong. She was checked by a medical doctor for her bruises and all, and she is waiting for the result this afternoon. She could tell that she was touched by Akihito, but the extent to where his advances reached was beyond what she wanted to think of.

She has kept herself chaste only for Ken.

If Akihito has taken her chastity, she would no doubt vanish herself. She could not offer herself to Ken anymore.

She hugged herself, and felt a rising bile in her throat. She called the staff who has been placed by Hideo just outside her room.

"Yes, Lady Kana?"

"Please bring me a warm soup." She said in her small voice.

She has rejected anybody who wanted to talk with her, including Hideo and Kirito. Although she did not expect them to relent, but they did not use their authority to enter her chamber. For that, she was thankful. When she told them that she does not wish to talk with anybody yet, they just left her alone.

She was waiting for Ken, but he never came.

When she asked the staff about him, she learned that he was kept on the room where he slept

in before, and that he was tied to a cemented pole with an iron chain. It made her smirk, for she knows that the iron chain would be useless if Ken was serious. The fact that he did not free himself meant that he wanted time to think for himself.

She respected it.

She also needed time to heal her own thoughts.

Just then, a knock on her door was heard.

"Lady Kana, the medical doctor is here, along with Master Kirito."

Kana moved from her seat, her chest began to beat rapidly. She clutched her kimono tightly, and stood up.

"Let them in."

The staff opened the door to her chamber, bringing the warm soup with her, and behind her are the female medical doctor of the family and Kirito.

The family doctor kneeled respectfully with her while bowing her head, while Kirito just stood and slightly bowed his head. As the right-hand man of the current Master, Kirito is not forced to kneel in front of her.

"Good afternoon, Lady Kana." The doctor said.

The staff placed the bowl of warm soup on the table near her. When Kana sat and nodded at the staff, the staff closed the door and it was a cue for the doctor to raise her head.

"Please sit down, Doctor, and Akatsuki."

She drank the bowl of soup first, and it made her feel better. Today, she has only taken a late breakfast and had no appetite to eat her lunch. The anxiety of waiting for the result of the medical report made her agitation stronger by each minute that passed.

When she finished, the doctor looked at Kirito.

Kirito nodded, indicating that she can proceed with her report. The doctor cleared her throat and began to read the results of the medical exam.

Kana's eyes began to flicker brightly, and the smile on her face was so adorable that Kirito was left speechless in appreciation for a moment. His stoic expression softened upon hearing the report.

'I'm not raped!'

The words 'still intact' and 'no intrusion' remained on Kana's mind.

Kirito never felt so good within the past week, and he could not repress a faint smile on his lips at Kana's reaction. Indeed, it was a good report.

He wondered earlier why Akihito did not continue on his plan to rape her but remembering their conversation with Akihito, he could not help but wonder about his behavior. Moreover, the Master's decision about Akihito and his sudden visit to the oracle's shrine left him wondering.


Akihito sat quietly on the chair, waiting patiently for Hideo to enter the interrogation room. His feet and his hands were tied securely. He has been treated and was given a change of clothes, but the bruises on his face and arms were still very visible. His face was still swollen with Kirito's punches and his body still ached with the kicking that he received.

But he did not utter a single word of complain, nor repentance. He planned this action, and he was very well aware of the resulting punishment if everything won't go according to his plan.

The door creaked, and when he lifted his face, he met the dark and cold eyes of Hideo. His body instantly felt the automatic response to kneel and cower. Even with aching muscles and joints, he fell on his one knee.

"Master." He said, his voice quivered with both tension and guilt.

He had never wanted to betray the Master of the family, never. Yet, he could not possibly allow the next leader of the clan to leave the estate for a man who is not part of the clan. He acted on impulse, and now he will receive his retribution.

Kirito pulled out a chair and Hideo sat. Akihito could not bring himself to even lift his head.

'How could he even face the man who has been more than a father to him after he betrayed him?'


Akihito closed his eyes, the sweat from his forehead fell to the floor.

"Lift your face and sit on the chair. I want to talk to you."

Hideo's voice was emotionless, and his expression was frighteningly serene. With quaking muscles, Akihito sat on the chair opposite to Hideo.

"Look at me, Akihito." Hideo commanded, and Akihito followed.

The fear in his chest which threatened to rise earlier was swept back as he swallowed down. The Master's eyes felt like piercing needles in his heart.


"Tell me the reason behind your action, Akihito."

It was an order, and Akihito has no choice but to obey the order of the Master.

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