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   Chapter 33 His heart was in agony

Mending the Shadow By Elria Cortez Characters: 9240

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It was more than 24 hours since the incident at the Kurogi house.

Akihito was sent to the lower level prison which was only meant for heinous crime offenders. The Master decided that his exact punishment will have to be given by Kana.

Everybody at the Kurogi family, women, children, and those who were within the hearing distance form Akihito's main quarters were also imprisoned in the above ground cell. They were to remain there until Kana has made a decision.

The whole Kurogi family is facing a grave punishment.

Those who were within the hearing distance might be forced to be vanished from the clan and will be repudiated completely. While those who were in direct involvement with Akihito's plan will meet the same retribution that would be given to him.

Everybody was silently blaming Akihito, but nobody dared to voice out their opinion. The clansmen who were at the Master's mansion's vicinity during the incident were not included to those who will be punished. However, an ominous feeling within the clansmen could be felt. It is because some of the men have their own families thrown into the cell as well.

That was the consequence of choosing a shelter near the family head. Everybody was aware of the consequences, but this is the first time that something like this has happened.

On the Master's chamber, Hideo was sitting on his cushion, with Kirito in front of him.

"How is she, Kirito?"

His tone made Kirito aware that the Master was affected by what happened to Kana. He gripped his knees painfully, as he could still feel the rage within him burning so hard that he could kill an offender in sight. He could still recall what happened after Ken Inamori appeared yesterday afternoon.


Kana kept on screaming frantically. She covered herself with the blanket and that was the time when Ken's inner clock started moving again.

He was in utter shock at the state she was in. Since he came in, he was not able to move even an inch from where he stood, as Kana's disheveled appearance left him stupefied. When she started screaming, his heart was torn into pieces, and he did not realize that his lips were bleeding from his own doing.

As he roamed around the room, he saw the unmoving and bloody body of a man…Akihito Kurogi?

'What happened?'


He called his name, and when Kirito met his gaze, Ken was gripping him by the collar. His breath was burning hot near his face, and his sapphire orbs appeared like blue fames that were ready to consume him.

It was the first time for Kirito to feel such an overwhelming pressure. It was so tremendously awesome that Kirito thought that he wouldn't had any doubt in acknowledging Ken as the leader if he just has the mark. He was almost willed to

it is his wish for the two to be married for the sake of the clan, he would never forcefully make the decision for them.

Hideo ascended to the leadership at an early age of 35 because the previous leader died due to an incurable disease, and it has been 85 years since he led the clan. He had two wives, but only one was able to bear him children. When the first wife died, he re-married for the sake of the clan. The second wife, due to the pressure of being the leader's wife but not being able to give birth to any child, took her own life. Since then, he did not consider marrying again.

He knows how lonely it is to be alone. During those years, he provided himself solace with the presence of the children in the clan, and vowed to protect his family at all cost.

But now, his own great great-granddaughter was harmed. How could he stay calm?

Hideo stood up.

Kirito looked at him questioningly.

"Kirito, I will go and speak with Akihito. Take him to the interrogation chamber." He said.

"Yes, Master."

Kirito stood and left the room. In his mind, he wondered if the Master's wrath has already dissipated. Because from the moment he had brought Lady Kana with him at the Master's chamber, he has been sweating with his unspoken fury. Kirito knew that the Master prevented himself from meeting Akihito, for he might do something impetuous in the heat of the moment. For the rest of the day yesterday, the Master also locked himself in his own room. Kirito stayed on the adjoining room next to the Master, ready to be summoned.

Kirito looked at the afternoon sky. His eyes squinted.

It was so sunny.

Several birds were flying at the sky, suggesting the absence of threat in the surroundings.

'I hope it would be a good omen.' He thought and walked towards the underground cell where Akihito is being kept.

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