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   Chapter 32 Don’t look at me!

Mending the Shadow By Elria Cortez Characters: 10462

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"Kana is the most important person in the clan right now. None of us would want her to be harmed." Kirito stated with certainty.

"Maybe not as far as to take her life. But I think that somebody wants her to be of use to them. And I cannot leave her here without knowing the person's identity."

Kirito nibbled on his thumb, thinking about the possibility that the leadership succession is being targeted through Kana.

"I see."

Kirito replied simply, for even though he is the right-hand man of the Master, he could not make any baseless accusation. Once he obtained a solid proof, he would punish the one who would dare harm the leader, or the next leader, to be exact.

Ken was about to say something, but he chose to shut his mouth. He has been thinking about it since he saw Kana's mark, but he could not let anybody know about the information he has at the moment.

It might, no surely, it will complicate things between him and the Yamada clan.

'I am not even sure that it is the same.' He mused to himself.

"Akatsuki, don't you desire the leadership as well?" Ken asked.

Kirito looked at him, a pensive expression on his calm face. He was looking at Ken in a manner that made him think that Kirito was trying to read his mind. At Kirito's lopsided grin, Ken felt uneasy.

"I did, but…there are other ways to protect the clan than just to become a leader." He said, and Ken did not feel any trace of lie in his words.

"Besides, I believe that a leader is someone who is born…and bred. Being only one of the two qualities would not suffice."

Ken then understood that Kirito is a man he cannot despise. For he is a man of pride and substance. His character might be a little too overbearing and rough on the edge but being born in the elite Yamada clan, it is to be expected.

"So, will you forfeit for tomorrow's battle?" Kirito then changed the topic.

Ken contemplated on it. Judging from the earlier incident, he could surmise that Kirito might be on par with him, in both physical and mental ability. He would love to spar with him, fair and square.

Yet, the matter on who could pursue Kana could wait. The most important thing is to uncover the man behind Kana's attacks. Her flat tire, the note, the attempted kidnapping, as well as the rocks thrown at her window. Ken judged that they could be planned by different people.

Meaning, they don't have only one enemy.

"Before that, I want to know how you were able to use the No.3's information to separate me from Kana."

Kirito lifted his brow.

"I don't think it's proper to divulge to you our information gathering technique, Inamori. But in return for you forfeiting tomorrow's fight, I would suggest to you to be more vigilant to your brothers. It's good that we just intended to bring Lady Kana here, what if we intended to harm her? I could see that for you, Yuki Iguchi takes precedence over Lady Kana. So, don't be too greedy and keep two women in your heart."

At Ken's darkening visage, Kirito cleared his throat.

"I won't mind receiving Lady Kana." Kirito obviously bantered. Ken threw him a brooding glare.


lashes fluttered.

She wanted to move, but felt that her body is sore and aching. Her muscles felt like she has been trashed around, and her legs felt a little numb.

'What happened to me?'

"Master! Stop!"

The loud voice of a man forced her to be completely awakened.

She opened her eyes and saw Kirito, kicking a man wildly with such violent force and hatred on his eyes. He was cursing continuously, and his action terrified her.

"W-what happened?" She found her voice at last, and as she tried to sit up, the cover on her fell down to her waist.

Kirito stood petrified like a rock when he turned and saw her.

Asano respectfully turned his head and averted his eyes from her.

Kana looked with wide-eyed bewilderment at Kirito, as his gaze intensified on her. She then realized what made him look at her like that.

She looked down upon herself and gasped.

She immediately pulled the cover up to her neck, as she was almost naked with only her torn flimsy camisole draped loosely on one of her shoulders while the other side was hanging which left half of her body exposed. Her mind raced back to what had happened.

Akihito was about to rape her.

'Did he…'

As she looked at his bloodied body on the floor in front of Kirito, she noticed that he was wearing a shirt. She remembered him shirtless before she became unconscious.

'Was she?'

Just then, a cold wind swept through the room as another figure appeared at the broken door. Kana turned, and she met a pair of blue eyes that were so familiar to her, but the emotions she saw in them made her painfully aware of her condition. His eyes were round and bloodshot upon seeing her in disarray.

As the realization dawned on her, she clutched the cover to her tightly. Her lips quivered, and tears began to roll down her cheeks.

'No Ken, don't look at me now…please…I'm dirty...I'm...'

Beads of tears fell from her eyes as she met his wide-eyed gaze.

"Don't look at me!"

Her ear-splitting scream echoed throughout the Kurogi house, wrenching the heart of everybody who heard it.

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