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   Chapter 31 Where she rightfully belongs

Mending the Shadow By Elria Cortez Characters: 9552

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Kana looked aghast at Akihito. Did she just hear it right? He was definitely asking her to marry him. She eyed him, searching for humor in his words and expression.

But he was dead serious.

Kana laughed. She found it hilarious.

Akihito's expression did not even change after her laughter died down. He just continued to look at her. When she stopped laughing and wiped the corners of her eyes, she cleared her throat and regarded him with a serious look as well.

"I didn't take you for a man who would like joking, Akihito." She said

"I'm not joking, Lady Kana."

"Seriously?" Kana felt a cold shiver ran through her spine. She eyed the room silently, seeing that the only exit is behind him. She knows for sure that if ever she could go out of this room, those men would come to take her back.

'Play it nice, Kana. Make them believe that you can be trusted.'

She smiled at him.

"Akihito, sorry but our age difference is almost double." She said, stating the fact.

Akihito shrugged his shoulders.

"Age is just a number Lady Kana. Besides, if you worry about my virility as a man, I guarantee you that I can keep you satisfied."

Kana felt nauseous at the sexual innuendo form his words. She couldn't see herself be touched by him, by anybody other than Ken.

"Akihito, you just want to be the leader of the clan, right?" She said straight, and he did not pretend to be surprised by her blunt statement.

"Indeed, Lady Kana. There is no other way but to make you my wife and sire my children who will possess your blood."

He said it so casually that Kana looked at him sharply.

She could tell that the small needle that she kept hidden on her kimono's obi hasn't been taken out. Maybe they thought that it was just a pin and a part of the kimono.

"I am not interested to get married to anybody yet, Akihito. I am only 21 and will just turn 22 in just about 2 months. I'm too young."

She wanted him to relax for even a little so she could make her move when he least expects it.

But she could tell from his appearance and the position of his body that he was not letting his guard down on her at all. He was cautious at her, maybe because they knew that she was also trained in the Shadows.

In the first place, how did they know about the Shadows still needs to be revealed.

"Lady Kana, you are just in the proper child-bearing age." He said simply, not taking his eyes off from her for even one second.

She was getting too much annoyed. This man could only say things that is related to sex.

"Akihito, if you let me go now, I will forget about this incident, and I won't even mention this to my grandfather."

She changed her tactic. If diplomacy would not work, she could try to threaten him.

Akihito let out an evil smirk on his face, the first human-like expression he ever exhibited since they

ast bit bothered by his rejection. He seemed to be even expecting it as he put the bottle down and gulped his remaining drink.

He then looked straight at Ken.

"I will go straight to the point, Inamori. Leave Kana here, where she rightfully belongs."

Ken was expecting it, but he did not show any emotion to the man who could bring harm to Kana.

"I cannot do that."

"Do you love her?"

Ken did not expect the question, it threw him off quite off the track but he immediately recovered.

"It doesn't have something to do with love." He answered.

Kirito chuckled hoarsely.

"As I figured. I have you both investigated, and I know that you have a special woman already, named Yuki Iguchi."

Ken's eyes narrowed into small slits, but he held himself and did not say a word. He must know what are the other information that this man has on him and the Shadows.

"How did you know about us being the Shadows?" He asked, because Kirito stopped talking, as if willing him to speak what's on his mind.

Ken found him to be a calculating and cunning man.

"Well, your reputation precedes all of you." Kirito stood up. He reached inside his pocket and threw a small micro recorder on the table in front of Ken.

Ken took it.

"That is the only thing that has the information of all the Shadows. I got it from my men of course. Unlike you, the clout of Yamada clan is all over the country. We know every piece of information that this country has. Including your organization."

Ken took it, and with the force of his thumb and point finger, he crashed it into smaller pieces.

Kirito smiled knowingly.

Ken stood up.

"Kana is being targeted. I believe that the person is somebody in your family." He said, realizing that Kirito is a man who could be trusted. He gave him the only information he has on the Shadows for Ken to earn his trust.

Kirito's brows furrowed deep.

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