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   Chapter 30 My new toy

Mending the Shadow By Elria Cortez Characters: 9408

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When Ken has descended to the city proper, it was already 10 o'clock in the morning. He squinted at the scorching and blinding rays of the sun. He found it strange that the sun is still too hot at mid-autumn. He and his two brothers separated earlier, as the two had to change clothes and he was the only one wearing the casual clothing.

Up to now, he only knows Kana's identity among all the Shadows. So, he believes that he will be contacted soon enough. He entered a convenience store to buy an onigiri when suddenly, a staff approached him.

"Excuse me, Sir. Are you Mr. Ken Inamori?" The female staff looked at him with an expression of having seen an idol in person. She was blushing with eyes that could not focus at one point.

"Yes. Why?"

He glanced around. He could tell that he has been watched. Otherwise, this person would not know him.

"Y-you have a phone call." The staff stammered, and hurriedly went back to the cashier's place where she motioned for him to take the call.

He was frowning, thinking who could be calling him now. He still has his phone with him. Why call him via a convenience store?

"Hello." He said.

"Ken Inamori." He could not recognize the voice, but he knows that it's not from the Shadows.


"We have Yuki Iguchi in our hand."

He gripped the phone hard.

'Another trap?'

"How would I know that you're telling me the truth?"

"It's up to you if you won't believe us. But we are telling you that if you go back to the Yamada clan within this day, Yuki Iguchi will die."

He cursed. He now has a rough idea about what is going on.

"Who are you?"

A rasped breathing followed a hoarse laughter.

"You don't have to know."

Then, the line went dead.


Ken went out of the convenience store, he walked a bit farther and dialed the Mentor's phone. It was connected in an instant.


"No.2. Are you calling about Yuki Iguchi?"

Ken then realized that the call earlier must have some merit.


"Don't worry. We will keep her safe. Two of your brothers have been sent to guard her, and I will personally see to it that she is safe." The Mentor stayed silent for a while, then Ken heard his deep sigh.

"Ken, you need Kana. She is the only one who can accept you as you are. Don't lose her over any other reason."

Only then did Ken understood why the Mentor had been sending them together on their missions since that incident with Yuki. He was playing Cupid.

"Mentor, stop playing Cupid, will you?" He then hang up the phone.

Ken walked across the street. He saw a coffee shop and decided to stop by. This time, he did not order the rare cheese cake and espresso, Yuki's favorite combination.


10:00AM. Kana woke up, and realized that she has been tied on a chair. She was not

'Does it mean that the person who is after Kana's life, as Ken Inamori said last night, is indeed a member of the Yamada clan?'

"Do you have any idea who ambushed you, Asano?"

Asano hesitated, he has an idea but it was just a guess. He could not sell his own family.

"Asano?" Kirito's sharp tone made him bite his lower lip.

"Master, I believe that…it is somebody from the family."

Kirito's face grew even darker.

'Who would dare lay an arm on her? Everybody knows Kana's importance in the family.'

Kirito nibbled on his right thumb, indication that he is feeling restless. He could not act careless now, but he could not remain idle either.

There are only three possible reasons why Kana was abducted by a family member.

First, to force her to a marriage that will cement the man's post as the next clan leader, and ensure that her bloodline would include the man's bloodline as well as the future leaders.

Second, if Kana would not accept the option of marriage, they will probably do something to turn her into a puppet. Make her pregnant with a man's child, and they will control the child who will have her blood. It means, she would be raped and be forced to bear a child.

Last, if both options are out of the question, she will most likely be killed. Without a trace. Her death might lead to the rise of the new rule. That is, to have an election of a new clan leader, even without the mark.


Kirito could not let any of the options to happen. With an adamant look on his face, he walked towards the door.

"Master, where are you going?" Asano asked, without standing from his kneeled position.

"Where else? We will go and get her back." He stopped on the door and punched the wall next to it with his right hand, he has a murderous look on his face.

'I will not forgive anyone who would dare touch my new toy.'

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