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   Chapter 29 I don’t have the heart

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"I am not afraid of you, Akatsuki, so stop scowling at me." She stated.

It was a fact. She has been used to the looming and cold atmosphere that she encountered from all the Shadows, especially from Ken on their first meeting. Then, there's the Mentor and the other members as well. She could be cold and deadly, too, if she wishes.

To her surprise, Kirito laughed. It was a hearty laughter that she found unbelievable, coming from a cold monster like him.

"You humor me, Lady Kana. I hope you won't break easily…for my own satisfaction."

He said, and walked away from her.

Kana looked at his retreating figure, her palms clenched tightly.

'Arrogant bastard.' She thought.

Just then, she heard a knock on her door. She didn't have to ask who it was, because the sudden rapid palpitation of her heart told her that it's Ken.

She smoothened her clothes and put on a lovely smile on her lips before she answered.

"Come in, Ken." She said.

Ken's face showed up first, and her day became even more brighter. She already forgot the visit she got from Akatsuki.

"Kana, I want to talk to you about something."

She nodded and motioned for him to come in. She sat on one chair, and Ken settled himself on the opposite one. She could tell that he was also given a change of clothes. Now, he is wearing an all-black attire, a black jeans and black t-shirt, and his own sneakers. The front of his shirt was tucked in with the buckle of the belt showing off. She could see his lean chest from the shirt, and she has a wild imagination on how good it must feel under her palms.

"Kana, "

Her eyes turned to him as he called her name, and she realized that she was just staring at him blankly. She blinked several times.

'Focus, Kana. He might confess now.'

"Yes, what is it that you want to talk about?"

He cleared his throat. He pulled his chair towards her and he stopped when their knees were almost touching. He leaned closer to her, his eyes were serene.

"Kana, if I lose today, I want you to stay here and remain here until I come for you again."

She was dumbstruck.

'Ken will lose? No, that's impossible. Unless…'

"Are you…planning to lose?"

There can be no other explanation. Ken cannot lose to anybody. If he will lose to Kirito, she knows that it would be a deliberate one. But why?

Ken's eyes were very expressive, but on that instant, she felt that he was trying to hide something from her.

"Kana, you are the clan's leader. If I win, I cannot stay here with you."

"Then, there is no need to fight Ken. Why don't we just leave now and never come back? I don't care about being the leader. I just want to be with you."

She said it so straight that Ken was suddenly at a loss for words. But Kana meant every word she said. She doesn't care about anything else than to be with him.

"If staying here would separate me from you, then I won't stay here Ken. Please, take me with you."

She instantly felt desperate. She cannot lose him now. Especially now that he seemed to be opening up to her, that he has started to be aware of her. She cannot give up now.

Ken cupped her face on his large hands, and she felt his warmth. He tilted her face so their eyes could meet. He was saying so many unspoken words to her, but her mind was already in disarray at the prospect of him leaving her behind.

If she was still in her usual calm self, she would have noticed that in his eyes, he was telling her implicitly just to trust him.

"Kana, listen to me. For now, this is the safest place for you. If you stay here, I will not have to worry about your safety anymore."

He was torn between going by himself and taking her with him. Upon careful thinking of last night's talk with Kirito, he decided that leaving Kana for the meantime would be the better choice.

She did not say anything, she just continued to look at him.

'What is he saying? He really plans to leave here without me?'

"What about the fight?"

"There will be no more fight." He answered. "I decided to forfeit."


When the 8:30AM chime sounded within the huge property of the Yamada clan. Everybody started to proceed to the training ground where Ken and Kirito are expected to fight. The fight was supposed to start at exactly 9:00AM.

At 8:45AM, everybody was already gathered and were seated on their specific places.

Kirito was seated on the right side of Hideo Yamada while Akihito was on the left side. At 8:50AM, Hideo noticed that Kana has not arrived yet. He ordered one staff to fetch her.

Going back 2 hours earlier, Kana and Ken were still talking inside her own room.

Kana shook her head in confusion. She refused to

accept Ken's decision to leave her here.

"Kana, this is where you belong…at the moment. You are being targeted and we don't know who wants your life. That is why I decided to leave you here. I will go to the Shadows place and will discuss about this with the Mentor and our brothers. For the meantime, please stay here under the protection of your clan."

In Ken's mind, he knows that if he takes Kana with him now, they might never know the identity of the one who wants to harm her. Additionally, last night's brief tryst between them prompted him to decide on this. He could not prioritize his emotion now that her life might be in danger. If he would fight with Kirito, and won, he has to be responsible for Kana. At this moment, he is not sure if what he feels for her is enough to sacrifice her status in the clan.

He decided that until such time that he is 100% sure of his feelings, he would prioritize knowing the person who is after her life. He could not be too greedy. If he keeps her with him and he lose her to their unknown enemies, he wouldn't know anymore how to live again.

At her silence, he felt a little reluctant to leave her like that.

"Kana, do you understand what I'm saying?"

She just looked at him. She heard everything that he said, but the pain in her heart was so great that her mind blocked any information from being processed in her brain. The only thing on her mind right now is that he would leave her behind.

"Ken, please allow me to be with you." Her voice was pleading, but his eyes were impassive. She tried one more time, "I love you."

He stared at her, his blue eyes turning bluer at that moment.

"Kana, I don't have the heart to love you back."

'For now, until I am sure that I have moved on, I cannot keep you with me.'

He walked away, and she was left behind looking at his retreating shadow.

With a defiant glare, she promised upon herself that no matter how he will push her away, she will chase after him. She knows that she's the only one who can mend his broken heart.

Kana watched him go away, ever so slightly, she watched as he blend into the surrounding.

She would not cry.

Before she could think further, her feet began to move, they moved in the direction where Ken went.


The staff knocked on Kana's door.

"Lady Kana? The fight will start soon. The Master has called for you."

When the staff did not hear an answer, he opened the sliding door. He found the room empty. He searched every corner of the room, and could not find her. The staff quickly went back to the training ground.

Upon arriving, he went behind Hideo and whispered on his ear. Hideo quickly stood up to everyone's surprise. His eyes narrowed into dangerous slits and everybody could feel the menace emanating from his clenched fists.

"Kana is missing. Find her!"

His voice was like a roaring thunder. Just then, another staff arrived. He was the one who was ordered to inform Ken to proceed to the training ground.

Hideo's frown deepened at his report.

"Ken Inamori is also missing from his room. They must be together! Find them and bring them here!"

As everybody began to move, Hideo added in his leader's voice.

"No harm shall be done to Kana. For Ken Inamori, bring him back, dead or alive."

His order was absolute.

Kirito was confused, for he and Ken has talked last night and they came to a consensus about Kana. Kirito could not believe that Ken is the kind of person who would back out from his words. Ken seemed to be man to be trusted. Kirito has prided himself to be a good judge of character, and he presumed that after their talk, Ken would leave Kana with him.

After all, Kirito has no intention to harm her.

'Something is fishy'. He thought, then he caught sight of Akihito's slight smirk on his face.

'Definitely something fishy.'


Ken was already far away from the land of the Yamada clan. While he was on the way out, he sensed the presence of two persons just around 500m away from the main gate of the mansion. When he rounded up to identify them, it turned out to be two Shadows. They identified themselves as the Numbers 3 and 4. With the information he has, he decided to take the two Shadows with him as well. They will have to meet with the Mentor as soon as possible.

Ken was in deep thought. There is also a gnawing feeling in his heart that won't go away.

'Was it because of his last words to her?'

He bit his upper lip.

He did say that he does not have the heart to love her back…for now. Because once everything has been taken care of, he will go back to her, and claim her as his.

She is after all, his priceless possession.

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