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   Chapter 28 When the dawn breaks

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It was an absolutely one hot and torrid kiss.

As she amateurishly tried to suck on his tongue, he felt a twirling sensation within. In the end, he ended up continuing all the work for her. She clung to him, and he held her tightly. If he didn't realize that she was almost gasping for breath, he wouldn't have let her go.

He was actually aroused, as much as he hated to admit it.

As he looked at her flushed cheeks and lust-filled eyes, he turned his back on her. It was not because he found her unappealing. It was because his arousal was so evident that he doesn't want her to notice it.

"Ken…" she called out his name softly, and he has to bite the insides of his cheeks to calm himself. After a few deep breaths, he turned to face her when he felt that he was a little composed.

He caressed her cheeks with his fingers.

"Kana, I am a man. Don't tempt me too much." He whispered. "You are not yet ready."

Her face reddened, but she met his eyes.

"I am ready Ken. It's you who is not ready."

He was taken aback by her words. His brows knitted.

'What does she mean?'

"Kana, don't play word games with me. I am as ready as I could be."

He pulled her close to him again, and it indeed made her heart somersault, as always when it comes to him. She touched his face, and she wondered how soft and smooth his skin was for a man who has no physical vanity like him.

She could offer herself to him with all her heart willingly, right at that instant. However, she wants to be acknowledged as she is. She wants to be felt as she is, not as somebody else's apparition.

But Kana was painfully aware that Ken was referring to his readiness as a man, while she was referring to his heart.

"Ken, can you make love to me without thinking about Yuki?"

Kana knew that Yuki's name would serve as an icebreaker in that heated moment. And she almost hated herself for bringing her name up when she felt his hold loosened. She just ruined that magical moment in his arms!

But she could not refrain herself from doing it. Although the only thing she wants is to be his, she won't be a stand-in, she won't be a substitute to anybody.

The smoldering desire that turned his eyes dark blue earlier gradually dissipated. Kana felt hurt at the reality that even though he has begun to notice her as a woman, his heart is still caged.

She kept her eyes hidden behind her lashes, and she tried hard to turn her expression into a less desperate one.

"Let's call it a day, shall we." She said afterwards, turning her back to him.

She could not suppress herself anymore, she would cry any moment now and she doesn't want him to witness her at her weakest. She wants to be the sunshine that will brighten up his days, not the cloud that will cause rain on him.

Ken's brows were furrowed deep. His mouth almost opened to say something but he chose to remain silent.

'It's too early to tell.'

Without a word, he went out of her room.

Even though he soundlessly left her and closed the room, she felt him gone when her body started shivering from cold. She hugged herself, as her knees began to quake and her shoulders began to tremble. Yet, she wouldn't break.

She bit her upper lip and willed herself not to cry.

'Patience, Kana. You have already broken through the first layer of his barrier, you should be patient to mend the heart inside the next wall.'


Ken laid on his own bed, with both hands clasped together underneath his head. It was past 10PM, but he could not sleep yet. Kana's bold action earlier has almost completely shattered his self-control. He closed his eyes, reminiscing what occurred earlier. Unconsciously, he licked his lips, feeling that her sweet taste still lingered there.

He chuckled to himself, slightly shaking his head.

'When did she learn how to kiss like that? When did I start to be aroused by her?'

The kiss they shared earlier indicated that he is almost ready to start over again. In his heart, he deeply loves Yuki. He ached for her, for so many sleepless nights. He tried to be with other women, but his desire won't build up. Her face would always flashed in his mind.

Yet, he couldn't remember when Kana's scent began to smell so good. He couldn't remember when her lips began to taste so sweet, so addictive.

Ken touched his lips once more, his eyes opened and focused on the ceiling.

He already kissed her before, but the effect wasn't as lasting as this. The first kiss they shared did not even linger to him for more than a few minutes. It was almost gone the moment their lips parted.

However, the kiss

just an hour ago was different.

It was erotic, it magnetically pulled him to desire for more. It stirred the hunger inside him, his carnal instinct as a man.

He turned on his side. Is he ready for another commitment?

'It would be unfair for Kana if I give her only a part of me.'

Then, his eyes squinted as he sensed a presence outside his door. Without as much as moving from his bed, he casually spoke.

"What do you want?"

"The master would like to talk with you."

"Can't it wait until tomorrow?" He asked, knowing that the man was sent by no other than Kirito Akatsuki.

"It is about tomorrow."

He sat on his bed, and after a second's thought, he decided to accept the invitation.


When the dawn breaks, Kana woke up earlier than usual. She was able to sleep last night because of exhaustion and emotional stress, but when it was around 5 o'clock in the morning, she felt some presence around her room. She then woke up and spoke, but nobody answered her.

She found it strange, and felt that it would be better for her to always be ready for anything. She decided to get up from her bed and she changed into the clothes that one of the house staff has given her after dinner last night.

It was a casual kimono, those kinds that are used by shrine maidens.

With a shrug of her shoulders, she put it on, and when she looked at her reflection on the mirror, she saw that the mark on her neck made by Ken has disappeared.


Her mood brightened up upon thinking of him. Although their separation last night was not the best, she still feels the ticklish sensation of their kiss. She cupped her own cheeks with her palms, and blew a kiss on the mirror for Ken.

"What a nice morning kiss."

She quickly turned when she heard that voice.

It was Kirito, leaning casually on her door that was already closed. He was dressed in the traditional soldier's uniform, and she could not hide the fact that he is indeed good-looking.

'But not to Ken's level.'

He has the sleeves rolled up to his elbow, baring his sinewy arms which suggested an intense training that he has been doing. He looked at her from head to toe, and upon liking what he saw, the corner of his mouth curved appreciatively.

"To what bad omen do I owe this early visit, Akatsuki?"

She asked, crossing her arms over her chest as well, and standing straight to her full height of only 152cm. She would not allow herself to be intimidated by him, nor be caught off-guard again by his perverted advances.

'I own all of you.'

Ken's words reverberated on her mind, and her inner consciousness began to convulse excitedly. Yet, she appeared poker-face in front of Kirito.

"That hurts, Lady Kana." He pretended to act hurt, clenching at his heart which she assumed to be made of stone. "I came here to ask if you have already bid goodbye to your bodyguard and so-called boyfriend."

She narrowed her eyes, displeased with the words that came from his arrogant mouth.

"Why would I say goodbye to him?"

"Oh, because the loser for this morning's fight will have to give up on you. So he has to go back to where he came from and leave you here…with me."

The insolent way on how he stressed the last two words irritated her, and she glowered at him with disdain.

"Don't be so full of yourself, Akatsuki. Ken will not lose to the likes of you."

Kirito's eyes narrowed, and he started to move towards her. She held her ground. She is ready to defend herself if he would pull something stupid again. However, Kirito stopped a few steps away from her, noticing how she was standing on her guard.

"Care to tell me what do you mean by…the likes of me, Lady Kana?"

She was deliberately insulting him. And she has no intention of backing down. She would not give him a chance nor an idea that she likes him. She hated everything about this man, from the moment that he told that lie in front of the family heads that he liked her when they were children.

She has her full memory intact. And she knows that she has never met him even then. It was an obvious lie that he said in order to make up a reason for wanting to fight for her. But in reality, he just wants to be the clan leader.

"It's as you might think, Akatsuki. The likes of you…who would do anything for power and influence. Ken will never stoop down to your level."

She noticed how his expression changed from his arrogant one to a menacingly cold countenance. He glowered at her, obviously trying to make her cower in fear. But she wasn't afraid of him, so she just met his cold glare with her impatient ones.

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