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   Chapter 27 I own all of you

Mending the Shadow By Elria Cortez Characters: 9810

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Kana's mind was reeling with astonishment and rage. Her eyes were wide open in shock as Kirito continued to kiss her, his eyes closed as if savoring the moment.

She used both of her hands to push him away, but he caught them and just used one of his hands to pin them behind her. She used her knee between his legs but again, he blocked her attempt with his other leg and pushed her hard to the wall in such a way that she couldn't move freely. He was meaning to punish her for cursing at him.

Kana felt that she would ran out of air any moment and when she pretended to do so, she felt him relaxed a little. She used that instant to bite his lips.

When he stopped and touched his bleeding lip, her palm went to his face, left and right.

"How dare you!" She was gritting her teeth so as not to scream at him.

She does not want to attract attention, furthermore, she won't want Ken to know what just happened. Kana felt so disgusted that her stomach would like to vomit.

She used her palm to wildly wipe her lips that he kissed, she brushed them in such a harsh way that she could feel her own lips becoming swollen with the action.

Kirito just looked at her with a lopsided grin on his face while he was lightly touching his cheeks that still sting with her slap. It was his first time to receive such a hard slap from a woman, because of a kiss.

He was supposed to feel irritated because of her reaction. The way she was acting now made him feel like he has some sexually transmitted disease that she found so repulsive.

"It was your fault, Kana." He answered.

If only looks could kill, Kirito knew that he would have died in that instant by the glare she was throwing at him.

'It felt like she hasn't been kissed a lot. So sweet and soft.'

He returned her murderous stares with his impassive ones. He could tell that her disdain towards him has increased a thousand fold.

'I might have a hard time winning her over.'

"Get out of my room." She said in between her gritted teeth.

He would have wanted to tease her more but he felt a cold presence at the direction of the door. Her widened eyes confirmed his feeling that somebody is indeed standing behind him. Kirito did not have to turn around so as to identify the person, for there is no one in the clan who could stalk him like this without him sensing it.

"Ken…" Kana's voice turned passionate at his presence.

Kirito felt annoyed at how she would call Ken's name with such compassion but look at him with such derision. He would need to tame her later. But for the meantime… He turned towards Ken, and as he expected, he was instantly thrown on the other side of the room.

"Ken!" Kana's panicky voice told Kirito that what sent him flying was indeed a man's punch, not a wild animal's attack.

He was sent flying to the wall, crashing through the chairs and hitting his back hard on the wood. In an instant, Ken was holding him by


"I am possessive…very possessive." He drawled each word, emphasizing each syllable. "When we sealed that contract that I will become your bodyguard, I told you that yourself is the payment, right?"

She nodded again, for she was too tongue-tied to even utter a single word. All the nerves in her body was still tingling because of that brain-wreaking kiss.

"So, next time, don't allow anybody to kiss you freely. I own all of you, unless our contract is terminated. Is that understood?"

She nodded again, this time, his words registered in her muddled head.

I own all of you.

'Shitttt! Finally, he said it.'

In Kana's mind, it sounded like a confession to her.

"I love you, Ken." She said out of nowhere, tilting her head and pulling him again. This time, it was her who could not control herself anymore.


Kirito touched his lips. He was in his room, sitting languorously on the sofa. He could still feel the pain when she bit his lips. However, he could also still feel the sweet sensation of her mouth. She tasted so sweet and pure, like a crude honey. Untainted, pristine.

His eyes darkened with passion and lust. He felt the strong desire to consume her, and make her his.

Kirito lied when he said that he liked her. He also lied about her childhood, for he never had any memory of being acquainted with her. She wasn't physically attractive as the other women he had before. If there is something that is different with her, it was her innocence.

He was fascinated by her innocence. He was drawn to the fact that she wasn't intimidated nor attracted to him. Her obvious feeling towards Ken Inamori also added spice to the current situation. The more that she wants to be with Ken, the more that he was inclined to take her away from him.

No woman has ever resisted him before. She might be a hellcat for now, but he knows many ways on how to make her fall for him.

And she would be his worthy trophy.

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