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   Chapter 26 I just came to visit you

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"Sit down, both of you." Hideo said, his tone has surprisingly warmed and the hint of authority on it has dissipated a lot.

Kana and Ken sat on each chair, facing Hideo.

Hideo's eyes gently lingered over Kana, and Kana felt his emotion towards her. She smiled at him.

"Kana, I'm sure you may not like me now because of what has just taken place."

Kana slightly moved on her seat, she is feeling suddenly uncomfortable. Yes, she was pissed off earlier with all the talk about her being the clan's leader. She has no intention whatsoever to lead anybody, let alone a big and influential clan such as this.

She just wants to be an ordinary lady and be loved by Ken.

"Grandfather, can you just transfer this mark over to somebody? From what you said earlier, this mark was just created by the oracle. I'm sure the oracle could make another mark to another person, right? I don't care if you erase this mark on me because I don't have any desire to be a clan leader."

Ken was intently listening to Kana.

'She does not want the position then.'

Hideo sighed deeply. He looked at her closely, noting her resemblance to his daughter who has passed away earlier than him. Hideo Yamada is already 115 years old, but his looks and body condition is comparable to a man of 70 years old. He only has two children, one son and one daughter, and they both passed away at an early age of 67 and 62, respectively. Then, his grandchildren from them were five, 2 men, and 3 women. One of those women was Kana's grandmother. She was one of those who died at the fire during the New Year's Eve at the Kodama mansion.

During the fire, the police declared no survivor. Hideo was devastated. Many of the young generation of the Yamada clan died in that fire, all because of a one rotten family member. However, the most shattering news was that the next Yamada head was reported to be caught up also in that fire.

When Kana was just 10 months old, the oracle have shown that she would be the next head. It was the first in the clan's history that a female was chosen. Many thought that it was preposterous. But nobody could influence nor disobey the oracle's decree. When Kana turned 1 year old, she was given the mark of the head, in the presence of all the family heads, and him, as the clan leader. However, Kana's parents were against for her to be the leader. They wanted her to be an ordinary girl, because they know the heavy duty of a clan's leader.

She would never be free to choose her own path.

Yet, her parents could not do anything. If Hideo's decision was followed, he could have taken Kana into his custody and begin her training as soon as she can walk and talk. Her parents bargained for her to finish elementary school first as an ordinary child before she would be sent to him. Hideo accepted their pleas, for he knows how harsh and solitary is the life of a leader.

Then the fire happened.

However, the oracle announced that Kana is still alive. The mark has not been burned so the leader is still existent. He ordered for her to be searched, but it took them 10 years to even have a lead on her whereabouts.

Kana is a special leader. She could never be an ordinary girl since that night when she received the mark.

"Kana, the mark that you have is the most special among the mark that all the leaders before you have received. It could never be transferred manually. And, it is the last mark that could be created by the oracle."

Kana and Ken listened patiently. Hideo continued to explain.

"As the first female leader, you are also the last to bear the created mark. The oracle stated that the following clan leaders would now be born with the mark from you. It won't be created anymore, but from the moment that a leader is born, the mark will already exist. He or she could be your child, or your grandchild. Nevertheless, the fact that only your direct blood descendant could inherit the mark of a leader means that you cannot escape your duty in this clan, Kana. Your existence is equivalent to the existence of this clan."

The two were speechless for quite a while, ingesting the truth within themselves. Kana, with a downcast look on her face, glanced sideways at Ken. Ken was processing all the information in his mind, and when he felt her stare on him, he turned to look at her.

Her crestfallen face looked both heart-wrenching and adorable.

Ken felt the urge to embrace her and protect her from her so-called destiny

"That is why Kana, as much as I want you to live a normal life as an ordinary citizen, I could not allow it." Hideo stated.

Kana bit her upper lip. But she could not just give up on her dreams.

"Grandfather, if I agree to stay, will you allow me to choose…my husband?"

Hideo contemplated on it.

"It is not impossible, because you are the next leader. However, I'm sure that most of the family heads would not allow you to marry into someone who is not worthy. By worthy, he has to be a powerful man who belongs to a powerful family. Th

at is why if you will follow my advice, Kirito is the best choice for you. He belongs to this clan and he treasures the family as much as his own life."

Ken was silent, and Kana was almost at the verge of her patience. She has no intention to give up on him, no matter what the consequences might be.


"Sir, may I ask something." Ken interjected her, and she clamped her mouth shut.

Hideo just nodded.

"If I win the match with Akatsuki, will that mean that you will allow Kana to choose her husband?"

Hideo touched his chin.

"If I remember correctly young man, your match with Kirito will decide between you and him as Kana's husband to be. Why is it that I feel from your words that you are not that eager to be Kana's husband? Do I take it that your statement earlier as her boyfriend was nothing but a charade?"

'Damn cunning old fox!' Ken's mouth twitched in admiration to the old man's wit.

He was able to read between his words. No wonder, he is the leader of the clan for nothing.

Kana looked at him with panic in her eyes.

"No Sir, I am indeed her boyfriend." Ken said with certainty, and Kana could almost believe him then, if she didn't know that he was just riding on at her pretense. "However, we have never talked about marriage, yet. Our relationship is also just new, so you might say that being a husband and a wife has never crossed out thoughts until now, right Kana?"

She nodded her head many times, that she felt like a crazy doll.

"I see." Hideo said, and Ken has a gut-feel that the old man will not let him go so easily.

"In that case, whoever will win between you and Kirito will have a chance to pursue her then, and the loser will stay out of the picture. But, Kana will still have the final say. How is that?"

In Kana's mind, she has no doubt that Ken will win. So, she looked at Ken expectantly, willing him to agree. But Ken is not the man who is over-confident and he never underestimates his enemies. As the Mentor told him once, there is always somebody above you.

But for the meantime, this deal is the best. At least, their fight won't necessarily mean that Kana will be married off in an instant. She would have the chance to decide later.

Ken nodded.

"Fair enough, Sir."

Hideo then pressed something near his seat. A man then instantly appeared outside and opened the door.

"Yes, Master." The man kept his face hidden through his bowed head.

"Announce that the fight between Kirito and Ken Inamori will take place tomorrow morning at the training ground. All family heads are expected to witness the fight."

"Understood, Master." The man then left quickly, as fast as the way that he appeared.

"For now, why don't you two relax? Your rooms will be taken care of."


Kana looked around the room that she was placed in. She pouted when she remembered that Ken's room was on the opposite side of the huge house. A large rock garden with a pond at the center separated their room.

When she was left alone, she slouched on the sofa, as if all the tension that amassed on her for the past hours were finally gone. She felt that she could be at ease now. She suddenly felt sleepy and so exhausted.

She didn't know how long she has been on the sofa until she felt a warm feeling on her neck, caressing her with such intensity.

"Ken…" she murmured, moving a little to give him more access to her neck. In her mind, she was seeing him while he was nibbling at her.

The man's hand froze, and he stepped away from her. Kana's eyes snapped open, and she was looking at the pair of dark eyes that was oozing with sex appeal.

It was Kirito.

She suddenly bolted up from the sofa, standing on her guard.

"This is my room. What are you doing here, Akatsuki?"

She casted him a cold glare, but he just stood there while looking unperturbed at her enmity towards him.

"I just came to visit you, Kana." He stated.

She smirked at him.

"You were so respectful to me earlier by calling me Lady Kana. That was just a pretense, right?"

'How I hate this man. So full of himself.'

"Well, since you will become my wife soon, I think we could drop the honorifics, won't you say so, my sweet?"

"Fuck off." She cursed at him. She has never cursed with Ken, but with this man, she doesn't care about her manners.

Kirito looked at her with smoldering gaze, and she stepped back as if the heat from his eyes was consuming her. She looked behind her and found that she was near the wall and when she turned her head back at him, he was already standing close to her.

Too close.

Her mind screamed of danger. His smell was intoxicating, and his presence was overbearing, making her feel like a little lamb in front of a tiger's open mouth that is ready to feast on her.

"Tsk-tsk. Such nasty word. Let me teach you what you should be doing with this lovely little mouth of yours, Kana."

With that, his hand reached behind her head in a second's time and pulled her closer until their lips met.

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