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   Chapter 25 I won’t just forfeit

Mending the Shadow By Elria Cortez Characters: 10204

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Ken felt like he was slapped on his ears. His ears were ringing and he tilted his head towards Kana, looking at her with his widened sapphire eyes. When she smiled brightly at him with untainted innocence, he was finally brought back to his senses.

In his mind, Kana has just used him as an excuse not to be forced into an arranged marriage. He kept silent, but stood up. He draped one arm on her shoulder and pulled her towards him.

Kana did not see it coming, so her feet stumbled and her face fell on Ken's faultlessly chiseled chest. His hand automatically went to her waist, and with his other hand, he gently placed her firmly on her own two feet closely next to him.

Hideo's eyes narrowed, and Kana could tell that she has displeased him. He was suddenly glaring at her with his overwhelming presence.

"Kana, who is that man?"

Kana did not respond, she bit her upper lip, trying to steady her breathing. She wasn't breathing hard because of Hideo Yamada. It was because Ken is standing so close to her, with his arm firmly holding her waist, that agitated the normal rhythm of her heart.

"I am her boyfriend." He said in his calm and well-modulated voice.

Kana's heart began to beat loudly that she knew that even Ken could hear it. When he lightly pinched her waist, her cheeks reddened and she held her breath.

Hideo's eyes turned to Kana. Kirito leaned towards Hideo and whispered something on his ear. Hideo's expression calmed, and with his searing stare, he met Ken's eyes.

"Kana, is that true?" Hideo asked.

"Yes, grandpa." She answered, meeting his gaze.

Hideo's silence created a hovering awkward atmosphere within the room. Then, the man on Hideo's left side cleared his throat to gather attention from the family heads.

"Master, family heads, since Lady Kana is already in a relationship, I think we have to consider the Lady's feelings."

The man who spoke was Akihito Kurogi, another family head who works in the cabinet. He is a man in his late 40s, and has a solemn expression on his face. His family has been continuously serving as a left-hand man of previous clan masters.

Some members of the family heads began to nod their heads, because what Akihito stated was reasonable. The mutters in the room became silent when Hideo placed his hand in front of the table.

Kana mentally noted to approach the man later and thank him for supporting her.

He was about to say something when all of a sudden, Kirito spoke.

"If I may speak, Master." He said, and Hideo nodded his head to acknowledge him.

Kana's eyes met Kirito's. She enlarged her eyes at him, willing him to understand what she has in mind.

'Don't speak against me, Kirito! I know you don't want to be forced in an arranged and loveless marriage like me.'

Kana was somewhat confident that Kirito would agree to the other man's statement. Kirito is still a young man, and he looks like the man who already has a lover or somebody special to him. He could not possibly want to be tied to a complete stranger like her.


eld for Kana. He must be doing this for the leadership.

Kana smirked at Kirito. In her eyes, no man could ever hold a candle to Ken.

"You got yourself into trouble, Akatsuki. You cannot beat Ken." She said, full of confidence.

Kirito's eyes turned to her, breaking his contact with Ken. For some reason, Kana's outward confidence on Ken's ability touched a nerve on him. He itched to prove her wrong right there and then.

'Just you wait, Kana.'

"We will see to that, shall we Lady Kana?" He then turned to Ken. "So, do you accept the challenge or not?"

Ken glanced briefly at Kana, her eyes turned soft as she met his. She was silently pleading him to fight for her.

'Please Ken, fight for me. Fight for my love for you!'

"As you wish, Akatsuki." Ken replied, giving her a warm look that melted her heart.

Hideo then stood up, and everybody who were witnessing the staring battle between the two were able to breathe normally again.

"In that case, we will prepare for the proper venue. In the meantime, all the family heads shall take their resting quarters. I would like to have some moments with my granddaughter…and her so-called boyfriend."

As everybody started to leave, Akihito looked at Kirito with a warning, of which Kirito decided to ignore. When only the five of them were left inside the room, Hideo turned to Akihito and Kirito.

"Leave us alone, I want the three of us to have a nice talk, undisturbed until I say so."

Akihito was hesitant to leave the Master's side. His reluctance was noticed by Hideo.

"Akihito, I appreciate your concern. But do you think that I will go down easily?"

His words made Akihito's face pale. He lowered his gaze and bowed his head.

"Of course not, Master. I shall take my leave then."

He went out of the room, and Kirito followed after bowing at Hideo. But before Kirito left the room completely, he angled his face slightly towards Kana, and she coldly stared at him.

He answered it with an impish grin and bowed at her in a mocking way.

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