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   Chapter 24 I choose this man

Mending the Shadow By Elria Cortez Characters: 10688

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Everybody in the room was engrossed with their own thoughts on their heads. They began to mumble words that are only comprehensible against the person they were talking with. Hideo drank his tea while his eyes were closed. The two men beside Hideo Yamada kept their expressions unreadable. However, one was having a positive thought on his head while the other one has a negative thought.

Kana was stupefied, but Ken was indifferent.

'Interesting, ' Ken thought.

Kana glanced at Ken, and she saw that he was looking interested about the way things are turning out.


Hideo's voice echoed inside the huge expanse of the assembly room. A sudden silence fell into the room, turning everyone's attention to the current head of the clan.

"If you have something to say on this matter, raise your right hand and I will answer your queries." He announced.

One elegantly dressed woman was the first to raise her gloved hand. She glanced at Kana's direction and gave her a daunting look, but Kana met her gaze, unwavering.

The woman then bowed her head in respect to Hideo, as she stood and carried herself with pride.

"Master, we all know that Lady Kana is indeed your direct blood descendant. However, she has been missing for too long. I wonder if she would be able to efficiently and effectively lead the clan as you masterfully did."

Her voice was enchanting, as well as her delicate features. She was the embodiment of grace and femininity.

Hideo nodded. Then he answered.

"She will be trained personally by me, I will still live for a while." He said, and by stating that nobody could accuse Kana anymore of not being able to do her duties well.

If the Master would train her under him, those who will look down at her would mean that they are looking down at the Master himself.

The elegant woman lowered her head and returned on her seat. Another man rose his hand and Hideo acknowledged him with a nod of his head.

"Master, for centuries, our clan has been led by excellent men as yourself. Lady Kana would be the first woman on the head. There is no predecessor of such an election. I implore upon you to change your decision."

The man did not even look at Kana as he said those words. He also kept his face lowered, and his head bowed down. He was one of the head of families under the clan, Ryuu Akashi.

There was an awkward silence in the room.

Kana wanted to speak up for herself.

'I have no interest in becoming the head! Just let us out of this place and we'll never mind your business for good!'

However, the atmosphere in the room implicitly ordered her to be silent, as Ken was doing patiently.

She has been inching to go back with Ken. She wants to ask him about the accident that No. 3 has told him. Although by the looks of it, she could infer that it was all a plot to take her. Ken did not seem hurt at all, and his appearance here told her that he fought his way to look for her.

He is indeed, her handsome bodyguard.

Hideo's eyes roamed around the group of families' head that were gathered in the assembly. His old eyes could tell that there are several of them who appeared to be dissatisfied with his decisio

stood up. The two men beside him stood up as well. Kirito understood his action, and helped him undress the right side of his kimono. He turned his back towards Kana. On his right upper waist, a visible mark was there.

It was a manmade mark that showed a sphere with a crown on top of it.

It was similar to what Ken have seen on Kana's back.

Kana frowned, for she knows that she has the same birthmark. For the first time, Ken's eyes glimmered with interest.

Hideo then arranged his kimono properly through the help of the two men.

"This mark, which is similar to yours, was created by the clan's oracle to the next head on the baby's first birthday. Only the person bearing this mark could be accepted as the clan's head, Kana."

She understood then, that she would not be able to pull herself out from this mess. This clan is not just an ordinary clan in the country. She knows that even though she would try her best to hide, they would finally found her, anywhere.

Therefore, she has to make her decision known.

"In that case, I guess I will have to reconsider my decision." Kana said, her heart started to flutter.

Kirito eyed her keenly, anticipating her next action.

Ken stayed seated beside her. After all, he is an outsider. If Kana will decide to stay here as the clan's head, it would mean that her safety has been guaranteed. In that case, he would cease to be her bodyguard, and he would continue living his life as a Shadow. For a brief moment, he felt an uneasy emotion creeping through his empty heart.

"If I would become this clan's head. I would choose my own husband." She blurted out.

Hideo did not respond at first, but he gave her a brief nod, indicative that she could continue talking. She glanced at Ken, who was keeping his expression unchanged.

"I choose this man as my husband." She then announced, pointing her hand towards Ken.

When everybody's eyes turned towards him, Ken finally realized what was going on. He turned his face towards her, meeting her flushed cheeks and adamant stare.

Ken's eyes almost popped out of their sockets, he was beyond astounded.

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