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   Chapter 23 I’m her bodyguard

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Kana frowned.


She was taken aback by the man's words, but she did not let her guard down. She won't be swayed by their words. The only thing on her mind right now is to find a way for her to escape and go back to where Ken is.


Her mind wandered off to him. He must still be in the hospital right now. He needs her now.

With a resolute look on her face, she turned towards the older man. She doesn't know why but she feels that the older man could be trusted more than the younger man. The younger man has a mysterious impression on him, and she does not want to be involved in his mystery.

"Please let me go. I have to leave here."

Of course, she does not think that they would just easily let her go after capturing her like this. But, it won't hurt to ask nicely. If they won't give in to her persuasion, she would have no choice but to resort to violence later on.

"We haven't introduced ourselves to you, yet." The younger man spoke.

"I am Kirito Akatsuki, and the gentleman here is Master Hideo Yamada."

Kana's face registered an obvious recognition upon hearing the old man's name. Hideo Yamada is the name who controls the government from behind. Although he is a descendant of the Royal family, he was never directly involved in political affairs. However, it can be considered that his political and economic clout is so huge that he could influence the country's decision-makers.

And he is Kana's great great-grandfather.

Kana's face softened, because she was reminded of her early childhood when the old man has treated her with such kindness.

"Great great-grandfather…" she said, her voice was almost like a whisper, as she repressed the emotions in her heart to overcome her mind.

The older man smiled gladly. He nodded and spread his arms in a welcoming gesture to Kana. In a scene that looked like a slow-motion spectacle from a movie, she ran towards his open arms and embraced him tightly.

His warmth and nostalgic scent reminded Kana of her family, and after her much-studied emotion-control, tears streamed freely down her cheeks. She has never felt so thankful to meet the only living family member who she considered as such.

The Yamada clan has many families which are related both in blood and consanguinity, but Kana was never the one interested in such filial matters. Since she was a child, she only has few close friends. And most of them were not part of the family. Since her own family died, she has considered herself solitary. She never wanted to depend on other people, because she believes that she should fend for herself.

The only person who served as her goal to continue moving forward was her blue-eyed prince, Ken. He was her only purpose. She had never once doubted after that fire which took her family away from her that she would meet him. It was because she believed in the red string of fate, and Ken is the one holding the other end of her string.

The old man patted her hair gently, his face showed an expression of delight at finally having her in his arms, in his house, under his protection.

He whispered inaudible but soothing words above her head, making her feel comfortable and at ease. She felt like she was enveloped within a gentle and peaceful embrace. She felt sheltered.

Kirito cleared his throat, making the emotional reunion between the two shorter than planned. However, the old man was not the least bit angered by his interruption.

"Lady Kana, it's a good thing that you still recognize Master Yamada." He remarked.

Kana wiped her tears, and smiled at the old man who was also looking at her.

"You have grown into a beautiful lady, Kana." Hideo said, the appreciation in his eyes as he looked at his great great-granddaughter was so discernible even to the eyes of Kirito.

'He is doting on her', he thought.

Kana's cheeks were glowing with a pretty shade of pink at his compliment. She had never received such an open flattery before, especially not with Ken.


Remembering him, she immediately pulled herself away from his embrace.

"Great-great grandpa-"

"Just call me Grandpa, Kana." Hideo interjected with a smile on his lips. "Great-great grandpa sounds so old."

She nodded, but looked at him again with a serious expression.

"Please let me go, I have to go to Ken."

Hideo's brows furrowed.

"Who is Ken?" He asked.

"Ken is my-"

Her words were caught in her throat when a sudden gust of wind entered the room as the sliding door opened wide. It was sunset at its peak. And the room she was in was overlooking the ocean, making the sunset a breathtaking vision at its summit.

However, that time, the vision that took her breath away was not the sunset's beauty, but the magnificent silhouette of a man who opened the door.

It was as if she was a real princess, and her prince as a knight-

in-shining armour bathed in the contrasting cool rays of the sunset arrived to her rescue.

It was Ken, in the flesh.

"I am her bodyguard."


They were seated along the spacious assembly room adorned with decorated walls and tatami floors. Three chandeliers were hanged proudly on the center of the room, which are the only extravagant pieces of furniture inside. At the head, Hideo Yamada was seated proudly, on his right side was Kirito Akatsuki, and on his left side was another middle-aged man.

A few men were seated before them, including the man dressed in pure black, who arrived together with Ken. Then, Ken and Kana were seated in another corner, beside each other.

Kana could not believe what happened earlier when Ken suddenly arrived just at the moment she was asking for permission to go to him. In her mind, he must be lying on a hospital bed, looking vulnerable and in much need of her. But he stood there on the door, menacingly eyeing the two men in the room with her.

Before the two men could react, he reached her in a moment, and she was in his powerful arms. He wrapped one arm around her waist in a protective manner, and after careful inspection of her and finding that she was in good shape, he turned towards the two men.

His face looked so deadly serious, but his voice was unbelievably calm.

"I came here to take her with me." Ken announced afterwards.

Just then, another man, who was dressed in pure black also entered. He dropped on his one knee and bowed respectfully.

"Forgive me, Master Yamada, Young Master Akatsuki. I brought him with me because I decided that he should know the truth."

Kirito did not make even a single move, nor Hideo. They exchanged glances which were only understood between them.

"What happened to the men who were with you?" Kirito asked.

"That man defeated all of them."

Kirito turned his eyes towards Ken, narrowing into fine slits while his thick brows knitted deep. He did not like the man's report, obviously. Hideo has an unreadable expression on his face.

"Well, it seems that we have underestimated your ability…Shadow." Kirito stated, and Kana could feel Ken's pulse quickened at the revelation of their identity.

"Don't be on such a high tension, we don't have any intention to harm you, especially Lady Kana." Kirito stated firmly.

Ken looked at Kana in confusion, and when she nodded in acknowledgment of Kirito's words, he relaxed a bit. His stance, however, did not change. He was still holding her in a firm grasp, and she enjoyed how he was treating her protectively.

She wouldn't mind to act like a damsel-in-distress if its Ken who will be her savior, or captor. Whatever part he might play, she would gladly offer herself to him.

"Explain what is going on." Ken said in a commanding voice.

Kirito's frown deepened, and in that instant, Kana felt shivers ran through her body. She could feel that Kirito is not only mysterious, but he can also be dangerous.

"Mind your words, Shadow. You are in front of our Master, Hideo Yamada."

Ken's eyes turned momentarily to the old man who was keeping his silence. He could feel something in him like the Mentor. He was exuding an aura of authority and power, commanding ultimate respect.

The old man smiled faintly.

"In order to clear any misunderstanding, I invite you two to join us in the hall." Hideo stated, and turned towards the door.

The man in black retreated to give way, and Hideo was followed by Kirito, after giving them a brief and warning stare.

Now, here they are, seated along with these men.

The atmosphere in the room was making the air thick and hard to breathe. But Kana was not the least bit intimidated, for she is here with Ken.


Hideo cleared his throat, and everybody straightened their back to listen intently at his words.

"All of you here, I would like to announce that my long lost great great-granddaughter have returned to us, Kana Kodama."

His eyes strayed to where Kana was seated, and everyone else's eyes followed suit. She almost cringed at their scrutiny, but she held her place. She met their gaze bravely.

Both Hideo and Kirito recognized her action, and they looked pleased that she wasn't overwhelmed. They have both satisfying thoughts on their minds.

'As expected from my future bride.'

'As expected from my granddaughter who bears my blood.'

"As you may know, I have been looking for her for all these years. Now that she has returned, it is time to proceed with the transfer of the authority."

Ken's face was unreadable, while Kana was in confusion. Everyone else in the room waited in anticipation of Hideo's next words. Hideo spoke again in his authoritative tone, bearing over a century of the clan's command that was vested in him as the rightful head.

"Kana will become the new head of the Yamada clan."

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