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   Chapter 22 Serendipity

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When Ken arrived at the place where he was supposed to meet with No.3, he became wary. The place that he said is an empty old building with a signboard that it is set for renovation. He did not go out of the car at first, and tried to observe the surrounding. After making sure that nobody was near enough to do him damage, he got out of the car.

Just then, his phone vibrated on his pocket.

He closed the door of the car and took his phone from his pocket. It was a call from the mentor.

"Mentor." He answered, his eyes were roaming around the place.

'Where could Yuki be?'

"Where are you?"

The mentor's voice sounded a little different, and Ken thought that it was because of Yuki's kidnapping. He gritted his teeth. He would not forgive anybody who is involved in harming her. He would punish them all, make sure that they will never have another chance to hurt his cherished woman.

"I'm already in the area where they brought her." He answered.

He heard the mentor sighed in reassurance.

"How did you learn of the location fast?"

Ken frowned.

'This is strange. How come the Mentor does not know what is happening?'

"Code 3?" He asked, his voice turned deadly cold. If the person he is talking with is not the mentor, he won't be able to answer his question.

'If he is not the mentor, this person is really good. The voice was exactly like him.' He pondered.

"Kill swiftly."

Ken let out a sigh of relief.

In case of a suspected fake identity, they have codes that only a certain Number would know an answer to it. The answer changes every week.

"It was No. 3 who called me and informed me the location." He answered, as he began to inch forward to the building, moving very lightly and carefully.


The Mentor's curse sounded a bit off on Ken's ears. It was very rare to hear the Mentor cursing, and he wondered why.

"Return right now, No. 2! You've been set up! No. 3 did not make any phone call, he is here with me!"

Ken's fingers froze on his phone. He clearly heard the Mentor's voice.

However, it was too late.

For the moment that he turned to back away, he sensed several footsteps coming towards him.

He hang up the phone and put it on his pocket. He straightened his back, and began to count the people who have surrounded him completely.

Four…six…eight. Eight people nearby…and one observing him from afar.

He took a deep breath.

In a moment, eight men wearing black suits and black shoes appeared. All of them have knives on their hands. Ken has many questions on his mind.

Why did the phone number appear in his phone as No. 3's?

Why did these people know that he would immediately go if Yuki's name was mentioned?

As of now, he decided to focus on fighting and staying alive. He does not have all the tools that he usually have when he was on a mission but still, he could use every part of his body as a weapon.

He is after all, the No. 2.


Eiji Iguchi looked dumbfounded at Ren. They were inside Eiji's private room in Tokyo, where he summoned No. 3 to meet with him. Eiji was thinking of lifting Ken's punishment on keeping himself away from Yuki because he knows that Ken and Kana has started to have a closer relationship.

Ren Yanagi is No. 3, and he was assigned to monitor Yuki's whereabouts if she would still remember anything about Ken. Also, one of his tasks is to make sure that Ken would not try to go after Yuki anymore. For more than a year, Ken never breached his order. Although Eiji was aware that Ken would always watch over Yuki from afar every time he was free, he never went close to her, nor appeared in front of her.

Except for that one time in the coffee shop, but it was an act of fate. Serendipity.

He thought that when Kana asked Ken to be her bodyguard, a closer bond would form between the two. Eiji was not against it. In fact, he decided to approach Kana to become a Shadow as he thought about Ken. It was not in his character to be a matchmaker but he knew that the only one who can love a Shadow is somebody who knows how it is to be a Shadow.

Then today, he was about to terminate Ren's order and make him return to his previous work in another prefecture as a common government employee, and a part time Shadow as well. Then, he received a call from Kana. But when he answered, she never did.

He only heard a vehicle moving, and he knew that she was somehow inside it. He continued listening to the sound, until the connection was cut. It looked like somebody has found the phone still on call and just turned it off.

Kana would never call him without saying anything.

So, he called Ken.

Both of them are now in


Eiji looked at Ren, who was also looking at him with a terse expression on his face.

"You go with No. 4 and track No.6. I will go to where No. 2 is."

Ren nodded, but when he was about to open the door, Eiji called on to him.

"Remember your order, No. 3. Just track No.6, you are not permitted to do anything more than that. Wait for my further instruction."

Ren turned and stood straight.

"Understood, No. 1." He then answered and went out of the door.

Eiji went to his walk-in closet to change his clothes.

'I'm almost 75, I should have retired.' He sighed deeply.

'Who would have the ability to use Ren's voice and contact Ken without him being suspicious about it? We are against a skillful organization this time.'

After a few minutes, a man dashed out of the room as swift as the wind, even his shadow could not even be caught by the common people's eyes.


Kana woke up, feeling light-headed. She woke up, but she did not open her eyes and pretended to still be sleeping. She could feel that she is lying on a flat surface.

'Must be a bed, ' she thought.

She has a vague idea that she must have been taken captive. But she has to be calm and collected. In every situation, she has to analyze everything with a clear mind. She has the lowest Number among the Shadows, but she is still a part of them.

'I won't go down without a fight.'

She kept her breathing normal and continued her pretense. She heard a door slide, and two sets of feet entered. Her heart began to beat faster with apprehension, but she controlled it as best as she could.

'Calm down, calm down'

Somebody cleared his throat, and she could tell that the person who did it must be an elderly man. Then, she could tell that the two people in the room were making gestures. They are both men, according to their breathing and movements.

'They must be trying not to make me hear them.'

Then, she felt that the other person's presence became closer to her.

As she breathes normally, she felt him staring at her, and she did her best to appear that she is indeed sleeping.

She flinched inside when she felt the warm and calloused fingers touched the side of her neck. But she didn't dare to make even a slightest move. She has to carry out her charade as best as she could.

It was the part where Ken has nibbled on her this morning!

'Calm down, Kana.'

Then, the man removed his fingers from her neck, and she could feel that he leaned closer to her. She could feel his warm but icy breath near her cheeks.

"Lady, if you don't want to have a matching mark on your left neck, I suggest that you stop feigning to be asleep now and open your eyes."

It was a crystal-clear threat.

The man's baritone voice was impeccable and radiated an aura of authority. Feeling caught in her own trick, Kana opened her eyes, and simultaneously stepped back away from the two disturbing presences in the room.

She looked like a cornered cat, with her eyes scanning all the corners of the room for her possible escape route. She found only one exit, behind the older man.

"Who are you? What do you want from me?" She asked, eyeing the two men intently.

The man who was leaning at her earlier stood up to his full height, and with an amused glint on his dark brooding eyes, he let out a chuckle.

The older man looked at her with warmth in his eyes and a gentle look on his wrinkled face. He has white hair, and white beard. His presence was overbearing with elegance. For a brief moment, Kana almost notice a sparkle of a tear-like bead at the corners of his eyes.

The younger man, who would be in his early 30s looked at her as if she is his prey. He stood there looking proud and arrogant, with hands inserted deep in his pockets, wearing a pair of navy suits, and black leather shoes. His face was ruggedly good-looking, with deep-seated eyes against thick eyebrows. His nose was dominantly pointed on his oval face, and a carefully-maintained stubbles highlighted his full lips and masculine jaws. She could surmise that if he won't shave for a week, he would look like an Arab man with all the hair growth on his face.

But for Kana, he was nowhere near Ken's appeal.

"Relax, Lady Kana. You are safe with us."

The younger man stated after a minute's staring battle. At her suspicious glare, the younger man raised both of his hands, palms showing to her in a gesture of clean surrender.

"Please don't look like that, Lady Kana. I would never do anything to hurt my bride-to be."

He said then, glancing at the older man beside him, and the older man just nodded a little, indicating his approval of Kirito's statement.

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