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   Chapter 21 Wear a scarf

Mending the Shadow By Elria Cortez Characters: 9626

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She unconsciously closed her eyes, as she relished the wonderful sensation that his full and soft lips were creating on her neck. She even angled her neck to the side to give him a better access.

And it was heaven.

As his lips nibbled on her flesh, she also felt his warm tongue making tingles all over her body. She couldn't help but shiver in anticipation. Her mind was in chaos, as she remembered the kiss that they shared before.

Although he said that it was to teach her how to properly do a seduction, she didn't care. She didn't care at all about the reasons behind his action.

Why would she care? All she has been wishing about for so long was for him to notice her.

She felt his hands tightened on her waist, and when his lips transferred to her earlobe, she felt her insides being bombarded with newfound vibrations.

"So sweet…" He murmured, and shivers coursed through her spine, influenced by his thick and hoarse voice.

The feeling was downright indescribable. It was wreaking havoc on her mind, and her body reacted by quivering against his touch.

"Ken…" A small moan escaped her partially parted lips. Her eyes remained closed and she felt the urge to press herself closer to his body. She felt him tensed.

Then, the wondrous feeling ended as he let her go.

She opened her eyes, and if he hadn't kept his arms on her waist, she would have fallen to the floor. Her knees went weak, like those of a child's who has just learned how to stand.

'Great!' She mused.

She suddenly felt scared to turn around and meet him in the eyes. She was afraid that she would not see the emotions there that she has been hoping to find. So, with a deep breath, she stepped on his side and went to the door without so much as a glance at him.

Her hand stopped just as she touched the knob, and she looked over her shoulder.

She was expecting him to wear his mocking grin again, but she was surprised that his eyes became bluer with unfamiliar emotion.

"Kana…" He said, walking towards her. She eyed him, almost expecting him to tell her that it was her punishment for entering his room un-announced.

"What?" She asked, her cheeks still flushed with the unfamiliar sensation that his lips has elicited from her.

"Wear a scarf, will you?" He said, his eyes settled on the mark that he left on her neck.

Her hand went to the place where his lips were a moment ago, and she nodded understandably.

"T-the coffee…" she said, averting his gaze from his naked body.

He noticed her dilemma and only then did the amusement on his eyes showed.

"Go on then, before I teach you another lesson." He winked at her, and she was on her feet immediately.

After roughly 5 minutes, Ken appeared in the dining area. He noticed that Kana has wrapped a green scarf on her neck, and his brows knitted. He remembered having the same color of scarf befor

, he must be so hurt that he was not able to call me. Please, let him be safe!'

She closed her eyes and clasped her hands in front of her. She uttered a silent prayer to keep him safe. She then remembered to call No. 3 to ask where is Ken being kept.

'He must be in a hospital right now.'

Her forehead creased into a deep frown when she couldn't get hold of No. 3's phone anymore. It seemed to have been turned off or the battery went dead. For some reason, she felt a deep sense of foreboding.

'There's something wrong.'

She then tried to contact the mentor's number. She was so focused on her phone that she didn't notice the man pressing some buttons on the car, nor did she notice him putting on a mask.

She heard the phone started ringing, and the mentor's voice came to her ear.

But when she was about to open her mouth to speak, everything around her turned pitch black.

She laid unconscious on the backseat, with the phone dropped on the car.


Kazuki has no idea how to contact Ken. He tried to call Kana's phone but it seemed that she was on a different call. Then, he remembered her saying that Ken has applied as a quality controller and will start on Monday.

He went to the HR room, and asked one of the staffs to give him Ken's file. He scanned the file and found a phone number listed there. He dialed the number, but was told by an operator that the number he dialed was non-existent or is not in use.

He looked dumbfounded at Ken's photo on his resume.

'Why would he list a number that is not working on his resume?'

Without another option, he returned Ken's file to the staff and just went out of the room.

He wasn't sure anymore if they would be able to meet for dinner tonight. However, there would still be a few nights left before he goes back to Osaka. He shrugged his shoulders, and wished that whatever was happening, let it be not a dangerous one.

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