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   Chapter 20 I’m allergic to flowers

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They stayed in that position for a couple of minutes, with Kana gently combing his hair with her fingers, and he was pressed close to her chest.

Then, his hands flew to her waist, and she became aware of his warm breath on her chest. Kana's face turned reddish and without second thoughts, she pushed him away from her.

She then laughed tensely.

"Ha-ha, you are taking advantage of my kindness, Ken."

She noticed that Ken's eyes were not as sad as they were earlier. She smiled to herself in satisfaction.

"Who was taking advantage whom?" He remarked, "If I remembered correctly, it was you who pulled me close to your-"

"Enough!" She said shyly. At his amused expression, she shook her head in disbelief.

'How resilient could he get? He was just so down a minute ago and now he is already teasing me.'

She went back to doing what she was supposed to do. Cook dinner. She put on her apron and deliberately ignored his presence. She is aware that he was watching her every move, and she pretended not to be affected.

"Ken, I would appreciate it if you would help me put those things inside the ref." She said, and he followed.

For the following minutes, Kana busied herself with the food, while Ken arranged everything she bought inside the refrigerator, and some utensils on the cupboard.

He also set up the food trays and began to brew the coffee.

She has finished cooking in less than 30 minutes, and they decided to just eat at the kitchen table.

After they finished eating, Ken proceeded with washing the dishes. She stayed in the kitchen, watching him do the chores that she found so sexy in men, household chores.

She knows that Ken was aware of her watching him, but he just ignored her presence. He looked so indifferent to her, and she found it so unfair. Because if it's her, she would have been so conscious of the way she moves.

'You would be aware of me soon enough, Ken.'

She did not realize that he already finished and once he did, he cocked one eyebrow at her. She just gave him an innocent smile.

"Since it's still early to sleep, shall we go to the living room? I want to discuss with you the possible reason why you are being targeted."

He said in a serious tone, and that's what they did. However, before they started, Kana remembered the flowers, so she took the flower vase that she bought earlier and set the roses on it. She brought it with her to the living room and placed it on the center table.

When she sat on the sofa opposite to him, she noticed him frowning at the flowers.

"What's wrong?" She asked.

"Do you like flowers that much?"

She laughed softly.

"Ken, all women like flowers." She stated, and it earned him a deeper frown.

He never considered that. He had never seen Yuki taking any particular interest in flowers before, or maybe she has a particular flower that she was interested into.

As he looked closely at the yellow roses, his eyes flickered for a moment and his thoughts wandered to Kazuki. He leaned on the opposite sofa and crossed his arms over his chest.

"Would you be angry at me if I ask you to throw it away?"

Kana was surprised. But before she jumped to conclusion, she decided to ask him.

"And why?"

"I'm allergic to flowers." He said impatiently.

She found it unacceptable. However, she could not find another plausible reason why he would want her to throw it away. Unless, he is jealous.

But no matter how hard she tried to read his expression, there was no hint of jealousy there, only indifference.

With a pout on her lips, she held the vase, hesitant to throw the flowers because she really likes roses, no matter what color they are.

"I like this rose." She said, more to herself.

He squinted at her.

"Do you know why he gave you yellow roses?"

She furrowed her forehead.

"Yellow rose means joy and friendship." She answered.

'As well as betrayal and infidelity' Ken mused. But he did not say it.

"So, will you throw it or I will throw it?" He asked in a stern voice.

Kana sighed deeply in dismay.

'Such a waste' She thought. She then stood up and brought the flower vase outside the house. When she returned, Ken was observing her face. She deliberately let him know that she was feeling sad about throwing it away.

"Did you throw it away?" He asked, eyeing her.

"I…put it out."

Ken just nodded. 'It's alright, as long as the flower was not close to her then there's no harm in it.'

"So, why am I being targeted?" She asked him.

Ken's face became serious and he placed the folder on the table.

"Those are the documents that the mentor was able to gather. You may look at it, so you would know what we are up against. But to make the story short, we believe tha

t there are two organizations which are paid to get you, Kana. One of them just want to get you, while the other one wants to harm you."

At her confused expression, he went on with his explanation.

"It seems that your great grandfather wants you to return to them, safe and alive. That one does not pose any worries at all, I think. However, it also seemed that some or maybe just one or few people in your family does not want you to return as well. So, one organization was hired to make sure that you cannot return safely."

She nodded her head, realization about her situation gradually dawned on her. Ken kept silent for the meantime, before he asked her what he has been meaning to ask.

"Kana, do you want to return?" He asked with an austere voice and expression.

She did not answer for a while, contemplating on the possible cause and effect of her decision.

"I have to think about it, Ken."

That night, they slept on a separate room. Kana's window has been repaired and window grills has been placed over it. When they said their 'good night' to each other, Ken went out of the house.

He saw the flowers just outside the door. He squatted near it and took one piece of the yellow rose. With a dangerous look on his eyes, he pricked one leaf, and came a little thing that looked like a tiny insect. It was a micro bug.

Ken took it and upon careful inspection, he grinned widely. He placed the micro bug near his mouth and spoken.

"You will never get her from me, unless she comes to you of her own free will."

With that, he crushed the micro bug in the sole of his shoes.

He then put the flower back into place and went inside. He locked the door carefully, and made sure that his threads were placed on it properly.

Tomorrow, he has to find out how the micro bug was placed on the flower that Kazuki gave to Kana. He is almost sure that Kazuki did not know anything about it.


Somewhere, a man listened at Ken's words. He smiled in satisfaction when he heard his words.

'Interesting'. He thought.

The pleased smile on his face made some of the men watching him cowered in fear. They could never understand what's going on in their master's mind. For he could kill a man instantly without blinking an eye. And for him to smile like that, it only means one thing.

He found a worthy opponent.


The next morning, Kana woke up before Ken. She immediately tidied herself and after some stretching, she went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for them. When it was 7:00AM, she frowned when he hasn't come yet to the dining area. She looked at the brewed coffee that she prepared.

It would not taste good anymore once it became cold, she thought.

She then went in front of his room and knocked. She didn't hear anything so she pushed the door open gently.


She was surprised when she saw that his bed was already neatly made. It means that he was already awake. She glanced around the room, but he was not in.

'Must be in the toilet or bathroom', she mused and was about to go out of his room when the door opened. She turned immediately and she was greeted by a Greek God.

No, it was Ken, appearing like a Greek God in his half naked form with only a towel covering his waist down.

He seemed to have just finished shower.

'You should turn around, Kana!'

Yes, she should have turned around, as the proper thing to do. But she was so mesmerized by his beauty, with a few beads of water dripping from his wet hair, trailing along the muscled contours of his well-toned body. She swallowed and could not find the courage to tear her eyes off him.

He looks so deliciously tempting.

Until he spoke to her.

"Kana, it is not proper for a girl to be in a man's room…uninvited." He said, with a knowing smirk on his face.

Darn it!

'He knows how attractive he is and he is making fun of me.' She thought.

But still, she stole one last glance at him before she turned her back at him, her chest heaving and she was almost salivating at the feast in front of her this morning.

"I-I just came to call you. The coffee would soon be cold, so-"

She let out a small scream when she felt his arms wrapped around her waist from behind. His body was pressed close to her, and his breath was tickling the small hairs on her nape.

"K-Ken!" She gasped, her heart raced in a moment, she suddenly turned cold and stiffened like a bamboo pole.

"I should teach you a lesson to be mindful for your actions, Kana. Coming in a man's room…will definitely have consequences." He brought his face very close to her ears, and she could feel her whole face reddening to the roots of her hair.

Then, before she can react, she felt his lips on the side of her neck.

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