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   Chapter 18 You trust me too much

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Ken drove again back to where Kana is working. Since the place No. 11 was more than an hour drive away from where she is working, he realized to drop by at some restaurant to have lunch.

It was almost 1:00PM so he knew that Kana must have eaten lunch. He hesitated if he has to send her a message because it would be too late to tell her that he won't make it in time for lunch.

When he saw a family restaurant along the way, he stopped by and parked. He then took out his phone and typed a message for her.

'Sorry, I was not able to make it at lunch. I'm stopping by along the way to have lunch. I'll be there when you log out from work.'

He knew that she would be out by 3:30PM, so it will give him enough time to eat and review the documents that the mentor has given him earlier.

After sending the message, he put his phone back to his pocket and entered the restaurant after making sure that he wasn't followed. As soon as he entered the restaurant, a waiter approached him and led him to a table good for two at the farthest corner of the non-smoking space.

He ordered a casual meal, and upon a moment's hesitation, he ordered a slice of rare cheese cake and a large size of espresso. He figured that he would need more time to read the documents.

When the waiter went away after taking his order, he glanced around carefully before opening the documents. He began to read the report about Kana.

He could not believe what he had found.

It seemed that in the past, she was involved on one of their missions. It was a mission that he would never forget. It was also the time that he got the X mark on his chin.


Kana went out of her office at exactly 3:35PM. She checked her phone and found that Ken has sent her a message around 1:00PM. She hesitated if she needs to answer it or not. She decided not to answer it since she was about to meet him after all. She was expecting him to be in the parking already once she goes out.

She has in her hand the roses that Kazuki gave her because before they separated at lunch time, he told her to bring the flowers home. Since she did not find anything wrong with it, she promised him to bring it with her.

She planned to put the flowers on a vase later to make it last. It would be a good decoration in the living room, for sure.

She has a smile on her lips when she saw that Ken was standing outside her car.

His posture was breathtaking, as usual.

With his casual blue ripped jeans, gray long-sleeved hooded sweatshirt and sneakers, he looked like those male models from the Hollywood. He was coolly leaning on the driver's seat with his hands inside his pockets, and was squinting against the bright sunlight.

As if sensing her presence as she approached him, he turned to face her. His eyes instantly noticed the flowers that she was holding on her hand, and a corner of his lips twitched for a moment.

"Hi, have you been waiting out here?" She asked when she was within a meter away from him, the smile on her face faded when she noticed the darkened expression on his face.

"What's wrong?" She was thinking that it's either his meeting with the mentor did not go well or he learned something about her that is not good.

He shook his head and opened the passenger's door for her. She was about to press him about what's wrong but she thought against it.

'If he does not want to talk now then so be it. I'm sure he'll tell me what and when I need to know.'

With that positive thought on her mind, she put on her seatbelt and a fixed smile on her face. She placed her bag at the backseat and just held the bouquet on her lap.

Ken casted a glance at her face, and he turned his attention on the road.

"Do you want to stop by somewhere first?" He asked.

"Hmmm, " she was thinking about the things that need at the house. She has to prepare for their meal tonight because it was Ken who prepared for their breakfast. "I think I'd like to stop by on the grocery to buy some food and condiments."

She should have bought them at their store but the excitement that Ken was waiting for her was all over her head. She never thought about it beforehand.

He just nodded and after about 15 minutes driving, they stopped by at one building. Ken parked so she also went out. She took her bag and placed the roses at the backseat.

"Won't you bring the roses with you?" He asked out of nowhere.

She stopped on her tracks and looked at him, then at the flowers.

"Why?" She said, feeling confused about his question.

"You were all smiles holding it so I thought that you want to bring it with you anywhere. Your boyfriend-to-be is a little romantic, huh."

The expression on his face was unreadable when he said those words, so Kana could not tell whether he was kidding or was just giving his opinion on the flowers. But due to some reason, she de

cided to tease him.

"Wow…do I see a green color on your face, Ken?" She said in a playful manner, with a wink and matching grin on her face. Ken's face darkened but he did not say anything and just turned around towards the building.

Kana was left behind in astonishment and after a moment of surprise, she walked fast to catch up to him.

'Is he angry or what?'

When they entered the building, Ken went directly to the elevator. She followed him. The elevator closed and there were only the two of them inside. Ken was in his usual stoic face, and Kana felt guilty for ruining his mood.

"Ken, are you angry at me?" She could not bear it anymore; the silence was chilling her to her very core.

"No, why would I?" He answered her, almost too immediately. It made her doubt the veracity of his response. She looked at him and was about to say something when the elevator opened.

Ken pressed the open button and motioned for her to go first. It was a coffee shop, and they were greeted cheerfully as soon as they came out of the elevator.

The staff led them to a table and once seated, Kana looked around. Only the two of them were there.

"Ken, why did we stop here? I thought we will go to the grocery store?"

"It's still early."

They stopped talking when the waiter came to take their orders. Kana was slightly surprised when Ken ordered a plain black brewed coffee. Kana, on the other hand, ordered a slice of fruit mix cake and a café-au-lait.

Ken leaned on his chair, and looked towards the direction of the window. Kana has no idea why he suddenly stopped here just to have coffee. They could have just bought it in some vending machines and drink it while in the car.

She knew that one order of coffee in this shop would cost more than 5 times the price of coffee in the vending machines.

'Well, since it's his idea then he must be treating me.'

She focused her attention on him, waiting for him to talk. When their coffee was brought in, he began to sip his coffee. But he still did not say anything. And worse, he was not even looking at her.

"Ken, why are we here?" She asked after a while.

Ken turned to her, his expression was clouded, as if he was debating within himself whether to speak to her or not. Then, the elevator opened again. The staff greeted the customers, but Kana's attention was focused on Ken.

However, she noticed that his eyes strayed from her to the customers, and when she turned her head, she understood why.

The customers were a lovely couple. Senator Eto Iguchi and his wife, Yuki Iguchi.


Kana did not say anything to Ken even when they arrived to the apartment. And when she bring all the groceries in the kitchen, she was surprised when he suddenly held her on her elbow so she would face him.

"W-what?" She asked.

"Are you angry at me?"

She should have answered him 'no', because she knows that she does not have any right to get mad at him. He just took her to a coffee shop were Yuki and her husband would be there as well.

All the while, Ken was sipping his coffee gradually and pretended not to look at the couple. But Kana observed him keenly, and she could tell that he was obviously watching them.

Kana has no idea about Ken's order not to be within 500m distance from Yuki, but she is aware that he was told not to make any contact with Yuki and Eto Iguchi anymore. She was not sure if Ken knew in advance that Yuki would come there with her husband.

She was indeed angry, but not at the reason that he might be thinking. She is annoyed that he was constantly hurting himself by keeping track of Yuki's whereabouts. How would he move on from her if he keeps on paying her attention? Is he some kind of masochist that he enjoys being constantly reminded that he could never have her?

She was irritated that he keeps on punishing himself by her presence. Yuki Iguchi looked so satisfied and happy with Eto, and Eto Iguchi also has the same expression of contentment and happiness on his face.

"Yes, I am." She answered, looking at him straight on his eyes.

Ken was perplexed by her honest response, and it took him a moment to return to his usual calm self. He let her go.

"Sorry about that. Will you believe me if I say that I didn't know that they were coming there at the same time with us?" His eyes looked so sad, and she could not hold her irritation against him anymore.

"If you say so, " she responded in a gentler voice.

Ken shook his head.

"You trust me too much, Kana." He said after a while, shaking his head and raking his hand on his hair. He then looked at her, with guilt and sadness on his eyes. "Kana, I think I am not fit to be your bodyguard."

It was her turn to be surprised.

"What do you mean?"

The remorse on his voice was so evident as he told her the reason why, and she was in utter disbelief.

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