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   Chapter 17 My cousin is such a joker

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Kana's mouth dropped open at Ken's statement, and Kazuki's small eyes bulged as if they were about to go out of their sockets. Ken was just looking casual. She noticed the undeniable humor on his eyes.

'He is enjoying this!' She realized.

The atmosphere among them suddenly felt tense. Kana's nervous laughter eased the tension.

Her hand tapped Ken's shoulders.

"Ha-ha, my cousin is such a joker, don't mind him Kazuki. Ken is always like this." She gave a sideway glance at Ken, who smirked at her and acted nonchalant.


Since Kazuki is a medical student, he is smart and noticed the slip of the tongue that came from Kana.

"I thought he is your friend?" He asked, keeping an eye on Ken's expression, but Ken remained indifferent to his stare. He was just returning his stare squarely as if he did not say anything wrong.

Kana swallowed.

'Stupid!' She thought.

She smiled at him, hiding the nervousness she was feeling at the moment. She has worked for more than 2 years to build up a good image in the company. She won't want it to be destroyed by Ken's banter.

"Yes, he is my cousin…and my friend as well. We are really…really close." She emphasized the word 'really' so that Kazuki would not doubt her anymore.

Kazuki nodded knowingly, and the crease on his forehead has smoothened. But he still cast a doubtful look at Ken, whose facial features are too perfect and too far from Kana's Japanese features.

"How are you related? I can tell that he has blue eyes."

Kazuki knew that it's an indication of being a foreigner. There is no real Japanese with blue eyes like him! He is too tall, his nose is too prominent, and his eyes are too different for a Japanese.

Kana already thought of a story in that instant.

"His parents are both Japanese, but our great-great ancestors have mixed blood so he inherited the eye color." She explained, feeling suddenly tense that Ken was not saying anything at all.

'Is he angry that I made up a story about his family?'

Kazuki then smiled, and bowed slightly at Ken.

'If they are related by blood, I don't have to be wary of him as potential rival for Kana', he thought. 'Besides, he is really good-looking, I would be at a real disadvantage.'

"Ken, right? This is the first time we've met. I believe you are just here in Tokyo for a short visit?"

'Even though they are related, I don't like him hanging out with Kana if they are really close.' Kazuki thought.

"No. I will stay here…as long as I need to. I have some business to take care of." Ken answered truthfully, deliberately ignoring Kana's gestures.

"I see, I will only stay here for a week, so if you don't mind, why don't we go out for a drink? Of course, Kana will come with us."

"I don't see any problem with that, Kazuki. If Kana agrees…" Ken said, glancing at her direction.

Kana smiled at both of them.

"Of course, it's no problem, " she answered, and when she looked at her watch, it was 8:30AM.

"Oh, I have to start working now." She turned towards Ken. "Will you be here for lunch?" she hesitated before asking but she did anyway.

Since she knows that he will talk with their mentor, she has no idea what time he will be back.

"Umm, I will send you a message." Ken answered.

She nodded understandably, and watched as Ken walked towards her car.

Kazuki lifted one eyebrow.

"He does not have his own car?"

He asked as they were getting inside the store. He followed Kana as she signed her name on the logbook. Since he is the manager's son, most regular employees recognized him and greeted them together. It is also a common knowledge that he is fond of Kana, although he has not confessed to her yet.

Kazuki is still in the fourth year of the medical school. He needs another one year to graduate and two more years to do his residency in some hospitals. He was planning that after he graduates and started his residency, that will be the time that he will pursue her seriously. He cannot have two priorities at the same time. For now, he will prioritize his study, and after that, he will prioritize Kana.

It was his perfect plan.

The first time he laid eyes on her, he was already captivated by her cheerful personality and ready smiles. She was like a breath of fresh air. But he fell in love with her when she saved him from some bad guys one time. It was then that he realized how admirable she looked when three big men larger than her were all beaten to a pulp.

She looked so cool then. And he fell in love with her.

She looks like a tiny young lady, but she has the strength that equals stronger men. He had admired her for that.

"No, so I let him borrow my car, " she answered.

"Kana, may I ask you something?" He said, because Ken's earlier words are still embedded on his mind. And he can't rest well without kno

wing the truth.

She lifted her face towards him as she was already seated on her desk. Kazuki sat on the chair in the front.

"Sure, " she answered with a smile on her face.

"He said that he is your…bedmate. What does he mean by that?"

He looked so serious that Kana felt guilty at having to tell him a lie. But she has no choice. The less he knows, the better.

"He was just kidding, Kazuki. There is no way that it is true, ok?" She said in her soothing voice.

She could tell that Kazuki was just a little bit jealous. Although he hasn't confessed yet, but she is well aware of his special feelings for her. It was so obvious by the way he would treat her nice and bring her presents and would always ask her out to hang around.

But she feels sad for him.

Because she only has one person in her heart, and it is Ken.

Sometimes, when she thinks of it at night, she would laugh at the irony of her life.

The man she loves is in love with somebody else, and she has no feelings for the one who loves her. That is why she can understand Ken.

She has no plan to hurry up and insist herself in his heart. She knows that the heart has a mind of its own. She would just express to him and show him how much she loves him, and if he, one day, realized that he could love her too, then it would be her greatest success.

The only question is if that one day would come.

Because for her, she couldn't see herself loving Kazuki the way she feels with Ken.

'Would I be satisfied if Ken would turn my way but his heart would still be filled with her?'

No, right?

'So, I'm willing to wait. Patience is one of my virtues, after all.'


Kana was surprised by the nearness of Kazuki's face on hers that she unconsciously backed down on her chair.

"W-what were you saying?" She said, realizing that her mind has wandered off again to Ken.

Kazuki sat back on his chair.

"I was asking when can we go out for a drink. You, me, and your…cousin."

"Oh yes, " she said, and looked at her calendar. "I think tomorrow night would be ok, tonight we have to meet with some…relatives."

Kazuki nodded and stood up.

"That's great then, I will reserve for a place. See you later, then." He winked at her but before he went out of the door, he looked back and smiled at her shyly. "Kana, how do you like the flowers?"

She was taken by surprise at his question.


She then only noticed that there's a bouquet of yellow roses on her desk.

'How foolish of me'

She looked at Kazuki appreciatively and took the bouquet. She brought it near her nose and smelled it.

"Thanks, Kazuki, they're lovely." She said, and it brought a smile on his face.

"See you then, "

With that, she was left alone in her office.


Ken went to one of the Shadows' meeting place. They have different meeting places all over Tokyo and they named each place by a number, according to which place has been designated as such. Now, he is waiting for their mentor at No. 11 place.

He looked at the time, it would soon be 11:15AM, and he knows that No. 1 should be arriving any moment from now. He was never late in any appointment, but never too early as well.

He always arrives on time.

When the time reached 11:15, Ken indeed felt the presence of another individual behind him. He cursed inwardly. As always, the mentor was able to enter the room without him sensing it as soon as he arrived. He was only able to sense him when he was almost a few feet away from him.

As an assassin, it is dangerous.

He needs to be more vigilant of his surroundings. However, Ken has the keenest sense among all the remaining active Shadows, which means that only him could sense the mentor when he is around. The rest of the members would only see him once he starts talking or when he deliberately shows himself.

"Mentor, " he acknowledged, not bothering to look behind him. Until now, he does not know the real face of their mentor. But he knew that once the No.1 retired and he was made the No. 1, the mentor would reveal his identity to him.

"Ken, did you know that you were followed here?"

Ken nodded. "Yes, I was waiting for the follower."

"I dispatched them."

An expression of admiration was shown on Ken's eyes. He still needs more experience to be at the mentor's level.

"Sorry about that."

"It's ok. So, we are here to talk about Kana." The mentor said, and Ken could tell that he was bringing out some documents for him to read.

He was not wrong, a file with some documents on it were pushed towards him. Ken took it and began to scan the content.

"Read it when you leave here. I have some important things to do. But there's very important thing you must know about her."

Ken stayed still.

"She is being pursued by two organizations for two different reasons."

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