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   Chapter 16 I’m Kana’s bedmate

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Her fingers moved constantly on her sides. She does not want to sound so demure nor she does not want to burden him. But when he stared at her with an impatient look, she walked towards the bed like a robot, and laid down obediently. She pulled the cover to her chin and turned on her side so that her back was on him. She moved until she was almost at the edge of the bed. She held her breath.

Then she felt him move, and she bit her upper lip.

'Be still, my heart!' She was willing her heart to beat normally, which has started to pound so rapidly on her chest.

"Kana, why are you acting too jittery lately? Don't you remember that we used to sleep in the tent together for so many times already every night?"

His voice came like a whisper on her ears, because he has spoken very near her, and she could actually feel the warmth of his body within the sheets. After all, there is only one sheet, and they have to share with it.

"I-it's different." She managed to say the two words with so much effort, as if she was having difficulty in breathing.

"What is?" He asked.

"I was in work mode then, " she said.

"Even the seduction stuff?" He asked, and if she just turned around, she would have seen the laughter on his eyes.

She swallowed hard. She nodded without saying anything. She was afraid that if she moved more, she might physically feel him.

"So, you were not serious in seducing me then?"

"No..I mean yes." She bit her lower lip, she felt so uneasy because she can now smell his good smell. Ken always has this minty scent on him, he always smells so fresh and clean.

He never smokes and very seldom that he drinks alcohol.

"Really…so when you are in work mode, you don't care if we sleep together?"

She nodded, which is true. When she was doing her work as an assassin, she always tries to be as professional as she could be. Although she has tried to do many stupid stunts with him before, but those were when they were during their slack time. She never fools around when they work because she knew very well that one mistake would lead to death.

She screamed suddenly when she felt herself being pulled towards him, and the next thing she saw is his pair of deep blue eyes, staring at her. She was underneath him, but she could not feel his body. It was because used his elbow to hold his weight.

"Kana, we have a contract, right?"

She nodded.

"In return for my service to protect you, you promised to do everything that I say, right?"

She hesitated for a moment, but when she felt his weight on her, she nodded quickly.

The smile he gave her took her breath away. It was a sexy and stimulating smile, and she could only stare at him with her mouth slightly parted.

Ken's eyes noticed her slightly parted lips, and before he realized what had happened, his lips already grazed hers.

It was a light and gentle kiss…at the beginning.

Until Ken's tongue became probing, tasting every corner of her mouth.

Kana's hand flew at the back of his head, pulling him deeper.

The image of Yuki's face flashed on Ken's mind, and in that instant, he felt like a bucket of ice was poured into him.

He broke the kiss, and upon looking at the question on Kana's eyes, he felt guilty.

He was kissing Kana but he was thinking about Yuki.

He is the worst.

With a disappointed look on his face, he went out of the bed, and sat there for a while. He calmed his senses before he turned towards Kana.

"Ken…" her cheeks were flushed, and he could tell the effect that he had on her.

She has been very open to him about what she feels for him. But there is only one woman inside his heart, and she's not Kana.

So, why did he kiss her just now?

Because she looked so vulnerable?

Come on, would you go around and kiss all the vulnerable women out there?

'This is not good, ' he thought.

"That…is how you seduce properly, Kana." He said, trying not to make a big deal out of the kiss. It should mean nothing to him, anyway.

The woman he loves is Yuki. No one else would take her place in my heart.

When his words came out of his mouth, he regretted it right away. Kana has a hurtful look on her eyes, but she quickly hide it.

She smiled at him.

"Thanks Ken, I will surely use that as a reference next time." She said and pulled the blanket again towards her.

Because of it, Kana was on the side of the bed near the window while Ken had to sleep on the other side near the door. With a shake of his head to clear his thoughts, he joined her on the bed.

He put his hands behind his head, and was in that position for as long as he could remember. He has just started dozing off when he felt her warm body snuggled towards him.

She placed one arm on his torso, clutching at his shirt, while she was curled up like a child.

He looked at her face intently.

'She is indeed like a child.'

He pulled the blanket to cover her up

to her chin, turning on his side to face her in the process. In that moment, she hugged him tighter, and her knees made contact on his groin area.

Ken held his breath on the reaction of his body at her action.


Calm down, calm down.

'Being celibate for a long time is a real disadvantage, ' he mused.

He inhaled and exhaled several times until he had the guts to put his arm over her body. He pulled her closer to him, and closed his eyes.

He calmed his body's reaction by thinking that he is sleeping with his younger sister.


Ken woke up first the next day, and went out of the room. He prepared their breakfast by cooking omelet and steaming some broccoli and shiitake mushrooms. He then turned on the coffee brewer and was already preparing the food on the trays when he felt her presence in the kitchen.

Her hair was in a disheveled state and he could tell that upon waking up, she immediately came over to the kitchen.

Kana almost drooled at the sight of him.

Ken was only wearing a normal white t-shirt and a boxer short. Over it was an apron.

He looked totally hot in the morning, and Kana instantly had a weird thought of him with the breakfast. Her face turned red at her erotic thoughts.

As if reading her thoughts, Ken casted her a mocking grin, with a matching raised eyebrow at her.

"Go and wash your face first, will you? You are drooling over me again, and it's just after we slept together."

The amused tone of his voice made her feel a little better. She felt guilty for not making the breakfast.

"Sorry, " she said, wiping the corners of her mouth with the invisible drool. "I'll be back, fast."

After a little than 3 minutes, she was back to the kitchen. With her hair in a messy bun, freshly washed face and freshly brushed teeth, she smiled at him.

"I seem to have a good night's sleep, " she said, beaming at the food that he prepared for them. She waited patiently as he was pouring the coffee on the mugs.

'Unlike me', Ken thought.

But of course, he would not admit it to her because she would definitely have weird thoughts again.

"I could tell. We must change the pillow case later because your saliva was all over it." He said casually.

Her eyes widened disgustingly.

"I didn't do that." She said.

"You did."


They laughed in unison, and it was heaven for Kana. She felt so happy that Ken is now finally able to laugh like this. She likes how his face looked kind and younger when he laughed.

'Does it mean that he has started to move on from Yuki?'

"Ok, let's eat. I will go with you to work then after that, I will go and meet with the mentor."

He said as he sat down the chair. She nodded and said thank you when she took her coffee. They started eating, and with every bite, she was happily savoring the taste of the food that he cooked.

'A gorgeous man who can cook and can protect you. What else can I hope for?'

She was having the dreamy look on her face that Ken noticed, but he did not comment on it.


They arrived at her work at exactly 8:20AM, 10 minutes before the time. Ken was the one who drove her car, which she found out later on that he had sent to the repair shop for the change of tires. It was delivered at the apartment later in the afternoon, but she never noticed.

Kana was touched by how much Ken was almost doing everything for her. It felt like he was really taking care of her as he promised.

Then when she was about to open the back door, it suddenly opened from the inside.


She was surprised to see the person who came from the inside. It was the manager's son, Kazuki. She smiled brightly.

"Kazuki! When did you arrive?" She said, her excited voice was not lost on Ken's ears, who also walked towards them and was just standing behind her, with his hands on his pockets.

He eyed the man who came from inside the store, and at Kana's outburst, he noted that he must be somebody she is familiar with.

Kazuki looked behind her, as he noticed the tall and handsome man behind Kana. His eyes narrowed a bit, but he kept a smile on his lips. He turned his gaze towards Kana.

"Just last night. I came here earlier to surprise you." He was saying the words to Kana, but his eyes were focused on Ken.

Ken, on the other hand, met his gaze with his indifferent stare.

"Who is he?" Kazuki asked.

It was only then that Kana realized that the two do not know each other, yet. She smiled to Ken, then to Kazuki.

"Ken, this is Kazuki, the manager's son, and this is Ken, my…friend."

"I'm Kana's boyfriend-to-be. Nice to meet you." Kazuki cut her off, and she looked at him with stunned expression.

'What the heck? Boyfriend-to-be?'

Ken's sexy lips lifted to one corner, and he looked at Kana first then, to Kazuki.

"Really, " his voice was calm but Kana noted his amused eyes. "I'm Kana's bedmate. Nice to meet you, too."

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