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   Chapter 15 I have seen you with nothing

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At her shocked appearance, Ken walked towards her and pulled her toward his chest. Even as a Shadow, it doesn't change the fact that Kana is still a lady, and a young lady at that. Besides, she has never been in-charged of an assassination by herself. She was always assigned with light tasks of gathering information.

No wonder that she was shocked at the bloodied paper.

Kana bit her upper lip, because she doesn't want to cry. She promised that she would never cry anymore. Not after her family was taken away from her on that fateful night.

She felt the warmth emanating from Ken's chest, and it helped her calm her senses. He was murmuring comforting words above her head, and she closed her eyes to focus on his soothing voice.

"Ken, I'm alright, " she said afterwards, feeling that her heart was beating rapidly, not because of the paper. It was because of his nearness. He was too close, and she was afraid that he would hear her heart if they stayed like that any longer.

"We have to report this to the building owner." Ken said, he was gritting his teeth.

He was angered by the fact that they have been perfectly followed to this new place. He realized then they are really up to a professional organization. He should be more vigilant.

'What is it with Kana that somebody would go to such length to frighten her?'

Ken took her to the living room, and he then used the room's phone to call the building owner. After a few minutes of talking, the owner promised to have the window glass be repaired the next day, and he also promised to put a cover screen on the window.

When he was finished talking with the building owner, Ken saw that Kana was seated on the sofa, hugging her knees in front of her chest.

She kept her eyes fixed on the tv which was turned off, and her eyes have an expression of exhaustion and confusion.

Ken walked towards her and sat down on the sofa beside her. The moment that he sat down, she turned towards him with bright eyes and a gentle smile on her face. As if she didn't look so frightened earlier.

"Ken, I don't have any idea why I'm being targeted. I haven't been witnessed by anybody doing my job as a Shadow."

She said, as if by telling him that, she would make herself believe as well that she should not be experiencing this kind of harassment.

"I know, " he answered. "This is not something about you being a Shadow, Kana. I think it has something to do with…who you are."

Ken has spoken with the mentor, and according to him, Kana belonged to a high-esteemed and one of the oldest royalties in the country. She has a royal blood.

However, Ken could not understand why she is being targeted as if she is wanted dead. If she is being searched as a member of the royal family, she would have been protected. Somebody should have been sent to fetch her and protect her.

But so far, she has only received threats to her life.

Yet, something feels off for Ken. But he couldn't pinpoint yet why his intuition is telling him that there is more to this than just a death threat.

'We will come and get you'

The man that they met this afternoon did not say that they are coming to kill her, he said that they are coming to get her. It was different from the note that she received where it was stated that her days are numbered. Even the note on the paper said the word 'get', not 'kill'.

Kana looked at him, as his eyes darkened with all the possibilities on his head. She does not want him to worry too much about her. The only emotion she wants him to feel for her is affection.

She touched the edge of his sleeve, and he turned towards her. She smiled.

"Ken, please don't worry too much about it."

Ken could not believe how could she feel so relaxed after all that's happened today. Since this morning, she has been constantly targeted. How could she still put on a smile as if it's no big deal?

"Kana, how can you not worry about yourself?" he said, searching her eyes for fear or hint of pretension on her action.

But all he found there was the emotion that he couldn't give to anyone…yet.


She lowered her gaze, thinking that she was putting too much pressure on him.

"I'm sorry Ken, I don't want to pressure you. But I feel safe when I'm with you."

There, her words made him remember what he was doing there with her.

Yes, he should be protecting her as her bodyguard. And that's what he intends to do.

He stood up, and she casted a look on him. He returned her look with a determined expression on his face.

"Come on, let's sleep for now, " He said.

"Oh, ok, " she answered and stood up as well.

They were silent when they went towards their room but when she was about to open her door, Ken spoke from behind her. She almost jumped in surpr

ise because she thought that he went to his room already.

"You surprised me!" she said, one hand in front of her chest.

The corner of his mouth twitched at her reaction.

"Didn't you hear what I said? Just get your sleepwear and we shall sleep in my room together." He reiterated his earlier words.

She was obviously taken aback, but now she understood what he meant.

'Of course, he will not allow me to sleep alone in my room now that the window has been broken'.

Kana just nodded and without another word, she walked towards her closet and pull out her sleepwear. When she turned around, Ken was still standing on the door, looking at her. She felt uncomfortable.

"Errr…I need to change." She said.

"Go on, " he answered, and from the look on his face, he has no intention of going out of the room.

She swallowed.

"Could you at least turn around?" She felt shy asking him, because it would sound like she was conscious of him being there.

'Of course, how could I change my clothes with him watching me?'

"Kana, are you telling me that you are shy now?"

He took the words out of her mouth, and when he noted her flushed face, he gave her an incredulous stare.

"I have seen you with nothing, remember? What is there to be shy about?" He said, his face was devoid of emotion, but she could tell the humor on his blue eyes.

'He was teasing me again! Let's see if you won't even be affected.'

She turned her back to him, and upon inhaling ang exhaling several times, she found the courage to take off her clothes. She first took off her tops, and because her hair is long and was able to cover half of her bare back, it didn't make her too uncomfortable. Then she removed her trousers.

As she bent, she felt him move behind her. She stiffened, and froze when she felt his hand touching her on her right back just a few inches above her waist.

"K-Ken…" her voice became thick with both uncertainty and surprise at his bold action.

"Kana, do you know that you have a mark here in your back?"

Ken's questioning tone made Kana realize that their level of thinking was on a completely different wavelength. She was thinking something romantic, while Ken was just naturally curious. She exhaled.

"Of course, it's my body so I know."

She said, the rapid palpitation of her heart started to stabilize. However, the heat that is radiating from his fingers still elicited tingles on her body.

Ken's forehead creased into a deep frown.

"Do you have any idea what does this mark mean?"

The mark is not a natural mark. It was a manmade mark that Ken have seen before. Unfortunately, he could not remember where.

It was Kana's turn to frown. Without thinking about her state of almost complete nudity, she faced him with a confused look.

"It's just a common birthmark. I had it in me ever since I remember." She answered.

She was only on her underwear, and she crossed her arms on her chest, which further pushed her breasts upward. Her movement captured Ken's attention and only then did he notice that she was actually almost bare.

He averted his eyes from her, and he turned his back on her.

"I see, finish dressing up now. You don't want to catch cold with very little clothes."

She let out a stifled scream upon remembering that she was undressing when Ken walked towards her. She put on her pajama set in haste.

"Ok, I'm all good." She said afterwards and walked towards the door.

Her cheeks were still red when she passed by him, and she did not dare look at his face.

'He must be thinking that I was seducing him again.' She thought to herself.

Although she had done it so many times before in the past, but she felt that it is different this time. The reason, Ken did not reprimand her because of it. In the past, he would always tell her that she's still a kid or her body is too flat to be seductive. But now, he did not say anything.


Once they arrived on his room, Ken went to the side near the window. He carefully checked the lock and drew the curtains. After that, he added an additional layer of thick curtains which he took from a drawer. He then removed his shoes and unbuckled his belt. Then, he laid on his side of the bed.

He did all of it while Kana was just silently standing near the door. She was hesitant to lie on his bed. She eyed the sofa, and thought that with her small body, she can perfectly sleep on it. She does not mind sleeping on the sofa.

She still remembers that last night, she was not able to sleep that much with Ken on her bed. This time, it would be on his bed.

When she started to made a move towards the sofa, Ken called on her.

"Kana, please lock the door, will you?"

She did as she was asked.

"Ok, then come here and let's sleep."

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