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   Chapter 14 I am here for you

Mending the Shadow By Elria Cortez Characters: 9947

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"Keep walking, Kana." Ken whispered on her ear as she also realized that the man who just passed by them seemed to be not an ordinary man. Her instinct as an assassin was able to tell it as soon as he was within her reach, but she knew that in assassination, that distance was already too late.

If the man was as skilled as the higher Numbers, she would have been breathing her last now.

Her heart almost leapt out of her chest when she felt Ken's hand on her waist, just at the moment that the man was close enough to her, and as she expected, he said something that only the two of them could hear…and understand.

"We will come and get you…soon, " were the man's words.

Kana stiffened, but when she heard Ken's words on her ear, she continued walking. Ken kept his hand on her waist.

If it wasn't because of the man, she would have felt exhilarated for this intimate gesture, but she knew that Ken acted out of his habit to protect her. And that is to keep her close to him as possible.

When they have walked for about 5 minutes continuously, she felt Ken's hand on her hand. Before she realized what he was about to do, he already pulled her to one corner, it was a narrow alley in between two buildings.

She felt her back on the wall, while Ken was in front of her, his other hand was on the wall just beneath her head, while the other one was inside his pocket. When she looked up at him, she saw a worried look on his face.

"Ken, " she was surprised when her voice trembled and she sounded scared.

"Let's stay here for a while. You were trembling. Were you so scared?"

No wonder, Ken did what he thought was the way to calm her down.

She, scared?

For the first time, she became scared too much that she found her knees weak and her hands trembling. The man's effect was such that even her, as a Shadow, felt this much fright just at the mere presence of him. The man has a dark aura around him that she almost cowered in fear.

It was colder, deadlier, and bloodier than even Ken's aura as an assassin.

But she has not trained herself just to be as weak as this.

So with all the willpower within her, she slapped both of her cheeks with her palms, much to Ken's surprise.

"Ouch!" she said.

"Stupid!" Ken exclaimed softly, and pinched her chin so that her eyes met his. He noticed the reddish mark that she left on her cheeks.

'Why did you hurt yourself?'

Kana smiled at him, already feeling refreshed from the sharp pain that she felt from the slap. She could not allow herself to be intimidated by the presence of that man.

"I'm ok now, Ken." She said afterwards.

He shook his head, and slightly brushed his fingers on her cheeks. 'What a woman.'

He gave her a faint smile, and let her face go. She then did not expect that he would hold her hand and pull her outside the alley.


"Don't worry. I am here for you." He said, looking back at her stunned expression.

They walked while Ken was holding her hand firmly into his warm and large one. She smiled to herself, unmindful of the stares they solicited from other people. She walked faster to match with his speed, and when she did, she noticed him slowing down a bit for her. They walked beside each other, with their hands together.

It made her heart somersault. She felt like she was in a date, walking hand in hand with her handsome partner.


After meeting with three apartment brokers, they finally settled to one which is only 15-minute walk away from the supermarket where she works, and only about 3-min drive by car.

It was a 2-bedroom apartment with kitchen, living and dining room. Since it was located at the heart of the city, the payment was double from her previous apartment. However, it looked like a safer place, because the main door cannot be opened by a mere key but also with a fingerprint sensor.

Kana was hesitant to take it but Ken already said yes to the broker. Since it was already a fully furnished apartment, all they needed to bring are their personal things. The room that they got was located on the 4th floor of a 15-storey mansion-type building.

That afternoon, they went back to Kana's apartment and packed everything they could, and called a delivery service to pick up her stuff. Since Ken just arrived last night, his luggage was still intact. They went to the new apartment and began to arrange their things accordingly.

When Ken finished with his room, he decided to check on Kana. It was past 8:00PM, and he thought that they would need dinner soon. He knocked first on her door, but when he did not hear any answer, he turned the knob and it wasn't locked.

He pushed the door open, and found her sleeping soundly on the bed, with her arms spread above her head and her feet dangling on the side of the bed.

Ken walked towards her, careful not to make any sound. He noticed that she has also finished putting her stuff in place.

'She looks so exhausted.'


squatted beside her and watched her as she sleeps. Until now, he could not put his mind on the people who wants to take her. It seems that there is more to Kana's background that he has to find out. The only person who can help him know would be no other than their mentor.

He stood up and was about to leave when he heard her mumbling something.


He frowned, and he leaned closer to her so that he could hear what she was saying in her sleep.

"Ken, don't look so sad, please."

He felt his body froze. He stayed in that position, staring at her with widened eyes and realization.

'Do I always look so sad for her to keep on worrying about me even in her sleep?'

He stood straight and clenched his fists. With another look at her over his shoulder, he went out of her room.

Outside, he took his phone out from his pocket and dialed a number.

"It's me, No.2. I need to ask you a favor…it's about Kana…you knew?" Ken's voice turned a note higher when he heard the answer from the person he called. He gripped the phone tighter, "I'm staying with her right now. She was almost kidnapped this morning, and then one man made contact with her this afternoon. I am not sure…the kidnapping doesn't sound like a professional's work…yes…I see…the man is dangerous. I am not sure if I've met him before but…yes, he is as skilled as I am, that much I could tell." Ken walked towards his room, but he stayed leaning on the door, his eyes roaming around the living room and the dining as he listened to the man on the other line.

"I know…I will protect her, at all cost."


Kana woke up with the rumbling of her stomach. She blinked several times and realized that the light to her room was open.

'Did I open it?'

She sat on the bed, and realized that after putting all her stuff on the closet and drawer, she fell asleep. She was just supposed to only stretch her body, but then, she fell asleep.

She stood up and stretched her arms over her head. When she looked at the time, her eyes widened.


No wonder she feels this hungry. She decided to went out of her room, thinking if Ken has already eaten. She found him on the living room, watching TV.

"Ken, sorry I fell asleep." She said as soon as she was just a few steps away from him.

He turned towards her, and he just nodded.

"I ordered food earlier, but I already ate in advance. You can just microwave the remaining food." He said nonchalantly, and focused on the tv again.

She made a face at him at his back.

'How dare he eat first without waking me up?'

She went to the kitchen, and found the food that he was talking about. She reheated them, and started to eat. But she felt bored eating alone, so she took her food tray and walked towards where he was seated.

"Can I eat here with you?"

She asked him, with a bright smile on her face. Ken casted his usual calm look at her, and shrugged his shoulders.

Actually, Kana was almost finished eating but she realized that she wants to stay close to him. So, she finished the remaining of her food in haste, and returned all the trash on the bin at the kitchen. She was about to go back to him when she thought of something good.

She poured fresh milk on two mugs and put them on the microwave. After 45 seconds, she took them out. With a warm smile on her lips, she returned to where Ken was seated.

"Care for a glass of milk?" She offered, and he turned to her.

She noticed a flicker of emotion on his eyes, but he let out a faint smile and took the mug that she was offering.

"Thanks, " he said.

She sat beside him, and watched with him. He was watching an old Japanese movie about samurai. She could tell that he was so engrossed with the movie. However, Kana was also engrossed, but she was engrossed with him.

The silence between them made her heart at ease.

'I wish we could remain like this forever', she thought.

She silently watched him from the corner of her eyes while drinking her milk. Ken was occasionally drinking his milk as well, while keeping his attention focused on the movie. Then, they suddenly heard a loud sound coming from her bedroom. As if something was broken.

Ken turned the TV off in an instant and held her close to him. With careful and soundless steps, they walked towards her bedroom. He was firmly holding her hand, and her heart began to beat faster.

He motioned for her to stay behind him as he gently pushed open the door. They could not feel anybody's presence at all. So they both entered the room.

"Ken, " she called out his name and pointed at the broken glass window.

Seems like somebody threw something on the window. They looked around, and Ken finally found rock wrapped in a paper. With a frown on his forehead, he took it and unwrapped the rock. There was a note on the paper.

'We will get you soon.'

Kana felt terrified. The note was written in red, it was painted in blood.

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