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   Chapter 13 A taste of your cake

Mending the Shadow By Elria Cortez Characters: 9862

Updated: 2018-12-15 18:33

Ken frowned at the dreamy look that clouded her eyes.

"Come on, we have to get going. We cannot sleep in your old apartment anymore." He said, and started to walk towards the door.

Kana was awakened from her romantic notions.

'Yes, for now the most important things is to go look for a safer place for them.'

She went down the bed and followed him. They stopped by at the manager's office first, who is an elderly man of early 50s.

"I am sorry for today, Manager Kai, "

Kana bowed to him in respect, and the man stood from his chair, glanced at Ken for a moment then with an understanding look on his face, he turned towards Kana.

"Lift your face, Assistant Manager Kodama. No one would be able to foresee an accident. I suggest that you take a rest for today and just come back tomorrow, ok?"

Kana lifted her head and nodded thankfully at the Manager. He has been like a father figure for her since she started working. But she does not want to take advantage of his kindness because she thinks that his son might be the one behind his special treatment of her. She does not want to send the wrong signal that she has feelings for his son, as he does to her.

"Thank you, " she said and went out with Ken.

When they reached the employee's parking at the back door, she then realized that she does not have her car with her. She looked helplessly at Ken.

He glanced at her, noticing her dilemma.

"We don't need a car now. We are in the city center so we can just either take a taxi or ride the train. Surely, you can walk, right?" Ken looked at how she is dressed.

It's good that she was wearing trousers and blazer, but her black shoes is 3-inch high. At the cock of his eyebrow when he looked at her shoes, she let out a funny laugh.

"I'm alright, I can walk with these heels." She said, she does not want to burden him anymore than she did.

"Ok, let's go then."

He started walking, and she followed behind him. She tried to match his pace, but with his height and long legs, almost three steps for her only took one stride from him.

Ken was using his phone while walking, probably searching for the nearest apartment broker. He was already a few steps ahead of her, and she was trying her best to catch up to him.

Fortunately, the traffic lights turned red, so Ken stopped. It gave her some time to catch up. When he turned towards her, he noticed the rapid rise and fall of her chest.

When the traffic light turned green, she braced herself to walk faster. After a while, she noticed that she is exactly matching up his speed. Only to realize that Ken is the one who was actually trying to match hers by walking slowly.

She smiled, feeling great with his consideration of her.

"Another 600m and we will be on the place, " he told her out of nowhere.

She turned to him, but he wasn't looking at her. She then heard a grumbling sound, which made her cheeks flushed.

It was her stomach.

ened himself. It was a cue that he wants to leave as soon as possible. Kana finished the remaining of her food, and when she drank the glass of water, he stood from his chair and proceeded to the cashier.

She also took out her wallet from her bag, but Ken prevented her by placing his hand over hers which was holding the wallet.

"It's on me." He said, and she gave him a big smile.

"Wow, thanks for the treat, " she beamed at him, the thing about the cake was completely pushed out of her head. He just looked at her, and patted her hair gently.

She felt like a child whenever he does that. She doesn't like it. But she cannot act like a brat now, so she bear with it by gritting her teeth.

They went out of the restaurant, and because of her unpleasant feeling for how he treated her inside the restaurant, she walked faster ahead of him.

Ken watched as she walked faster, and he could not understand what made her irritated. She was just beaming at him when he paid for their food, but when they got out of the restaurant, she was behaving like a child.

'How immature', he thought and shook his head.

He continued to watch her with an amused expression, then he saw a suspicious figure who is walking towards them. The man has his hands on his pockets, wearing a casual attire just like everyone else, and he was wearing a mask and a tinted eyeglass. An attire that is nothing out of ordinary in Tokyo.

However, something in his aura seemed different.

And Ken, being a seasoned assassin, instantly recognized that the person is not an ordinary man no matter how ordinary he looked.

He smelled of blood, and danger.

And he is about to make contact with Kana, as she walking too fast in haste to leave him behind.

With a fluid motion, Ken made it beside her just in time when the man's steps fell within a hearing distance away from Kana.

The man's mouth opened and the words that he said made Ken's eyes narrowed menacingly.

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