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   Chapter 12 I will protect you with my life

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She looked at him, and began to search her memory about what happened before she fell asleep but her mind was foggy. All she could remember is feeling sleepy and waking up after that.

Then, she looked at the time, and her eyes widened in shock.


At the expression of panic on her face, his eyes softened for a moment.

"Don't worry, you are lucky that your manager has come in this morning so he handled pretty much of your work."

When she heard what he just said, her shoulders slumped in a relaxing manner.

'Safe' she thought and thankfully clasped her hands in front of her.

"What happened back then?" She asked him after a while.

Ken sat on one chair facing her, while she also sat properly on the bed, her feet dangling on the side. He recounted to her what exactly happened.


Ken immediately felt odd about the driver's mask as soon as the car's doors opened. Although it is a common thing to wear masks in Japan, his mask is not the common mask. He knows it because he wears the same kind of mask when he was using a gas to make his target fall asleep.

With that in mind, he took a deep breath first before entering the car, thinking that Kana noticed it too. When the car started moving, he noticed her yawning after just 2 minutes, and he realized that she had no inkling at all about what he noticed.

He tested to roll down the window but it was locked from the driver's control. Ken pretended to fall asleep too when he saw Kana already sleeping.

Then, instead of turning to the right towards the company, the car turned to the left. When Ken could not hold his breath anymore, he opened his eyes and saw the surprised look on the driver's eyes when he did.

He moved fast, aiming a needle on the driver's hand which suddenly appeared on his hand.

"Stop right now."

He ordered in a cold and stern voice. The driver was frightened by his menacing aura and the car spun around instead of halting as the driver lost control of it.

"Stop it now!" Ken repeated his order, his hand was firm on the man's neck, and the driver was able to control it finally. They stopped on the side of the road.

Ken pushed the needle on the man's neck, just enough to draw a trickle of blood from it. The man's eyes bulged in terror.

"Open the window, fast!" He said, and the driver complied. Only then, did Ken was able to breathe normally.

"Don't make unnecessary move, or this needle will push through your carotid and you'll die like a chicken." He said, and the driver nodded his head, unable to utter a single word.

Ken took out his phone, and called somebody. He then put his phone back to his pocket, and told the driver to turn off the engine. The driver followed his order. As soon as the engine was turn

of me that you got this bruise, " he admitted.

He just noticed the bruise when she was lying on his lap inside the car, and he felt guilty. He was sure that it happened when the car spun around and she must have obtained the bruise from the impact of her face on the window.

"Oh, " she said mildly, touching the cheek that he just stroked. "Don't mind about this, it's just a scratch. It will go away in a few days." She smiled at him, not wanting him to feel guilty or disappointed with himself.

For the first time, Ken noticed that Kana always smiled at him brightly, sometimes even without any reason. It was always her cheerful personality that he never once noted how vibrant she looks when she smiles.

Just now.

She reminded him of that little girl that he once saved many years ago during one of his missions.

"But I do." He said, his voice was warm and gentle, and when she met his eyes, she felt drawn to the solemnity she saw on them. "I am now your bodyguard, Kana. I swear upon my name that I won't let any harm come to you. I will protect you with my life."

Her eyes, as she looked upon him, were like stars twinkling against the darkness of the night. She did not expect those exact words to be coming from Ken at this moment.

For somebody like her who was sent to the orphanage at the age of 10, and since then tried everything she could to protect herself from anything and from anybody, his words aroused sentimental emotions from her. She trained herself to be able to defend herself from anybody, because nobody was there to protect her.

She thought that she would never need someone to protect her, especially when she was able to get stronger upon joining the Shadows. Now, Ken just said that he would protect her with his life.

'Ah, how long have I waited for somebody to tell me those words?'

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