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   Chapter 11 You look awful

Mending the Shadow By Elria Cortez Characters: 10143

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Kana felt so light-headed. She took a one last look at her reflection on the mirror.

She cupped her face with both hands, seeing the dark circles underneath her eyes.

'I look awful' she thought.

"You look awful, " a voice behind her said.

Her shoulders slumped more.

"Yeah, I know, " she said in a weak voice, then her eyes widened when she realized who just spoke to her. She almost jumped away from him, but the space between him and the faucet kept her in between.

In panic, she covered her face with both hands.

"What are you doing here?" she asked, not even turning to look at him. She could feel his nearness, and it made her all the more embarrassed.

She has just washed her face and brushed her teeth, but she hasn't even changed from her sleep wear. Her hair was still in a mess, and she doesn't have to look at the mirror again to understand that she is now in her most unappealing appearance.

She doesn't want him to see her like this. At her most unattractive state.

"This is the bathroom, what do you think I should be doing here?" He asked, amused at how she covered her whole face while trying to make a conversation with him.

She nodded in understanding, and she tried to go out of the room, still with her face fully covered with her hands. She could however see from the spaces in her fingers that Ken has blocked the door completely with his body.

His feet were planted firmly apart on the floor, and his arms are crossed over his chest.

"Please move, " she said, knowing that he was taking advantage of this situation to tease her.

When he didn't move, she forced herself on the tiny space between him and the door. But it was too small for her to squeeze herself into it.

"Ken, " she said in her pleading voice, and he stepped a little away from the door. Just enough for her to fit.

'Why is he doing this to me so early in the morning? I wouldn't have mind being this close to him if I'm not in this state.'

As soon as she went out, she closed the door a little louder than necessary.

'I wouldn't understand what's going on in his mind!' she thought wearily when she finally reached the bedroom.

With a shook of her head, she began to change clothes and put on a light make-up. She has to cover the dark circles under her eyes because she was not able to sleep that much last night.

Who would be able to sleep with him next to her? Her senses were in its highest alert at the slightest movement that he made. She even placed her teddy bear in between them so she could at least feel better. When she finally fell into a slumber, she then felt his left leg on her legs.

Her eyes snapped open and turned to look at him, but seeing that his eyes were shut tightly, she had no choice but to remain in her position. It took her quite a while to finally fall asleep again.

Then at 4:00AM, she felt a warm body next to her, and a warm breath fanning on her neck. With half-lidded eyes, she turned to look at him and almost had a heart attack when his face was al

ck. But much to her surprise, he also sat beside her on the backseat.

"What?" He asked when she kept on looking at him.

"Umm…nothing." She answered, shaking her head. Deep within her, she feels excited at their proximity. If things go as well as she planned, Ken might fall for her soon.

The excitement made her fidget on the seat and a grin flashed across her face.

After just 2 minutes on the road, she yawned. She definitely lacks sleep.

The drive towards the supermarket is usually 20-25 minutes, and she suddenly felt sleepy. After yawning, she had no idea what else had happened.

When she wakes up, she was lying on a room, and she saw the dark beige ceiling which she is quite familiar with. It was the nurse's room in their store!

She immediately sat up, and almost instantly felt the sharp pain on her temples.

"Ouch!" she exclaimed, pressing her fingers tightly on each side of her head while keeping her eyes closed. After a while, she felt better. Only then did she realize that she was not alone in the room.

Her surprised eyes met his cool blue ones.

"Ken, " she said softly, "what happened? Did I fall asleep on the taxi?" she asked.

Ken looked at her coldly, and she almost cowered at the unpleasant aura he was exuding. He stood and walked towards her, then without another word, he touched her head and angled her face where her left cheek was exposed to him.

He stroked that part of her face with his warm fingers, and her body tingled with multiple sensation.

'What is he doing? Seducing me while at work?'

"Ken!" she said, jerking her face free from him.

With a sharp intake of breath, he took a mirror and handed it to her. She took it and then she saw a dark bruise on her left cheek. It was a bit swollen, and a rash has already darkened.

"That was careless of you, Kana." His words were laced with suppressed anger and disappointment. "If I weren't with you, the driver could have taken you anywhere he wanted, and you wouldn't have any idea about it."

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