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   Chapter 9 Pay me with yourself

Mending the Shadow By Elria Cortez Characters: 9778

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Ken kept himself occupied with reading a manga while seated on one of the family restaurants which is situated about 500m away from the hospital. The restaurant is on the 6th floor and he chose a table near the window so he could see every incoming and outgoing vehicle from the hospital's main entrance.

When he arrived there, he saw Eto Iguchi entering the hospital, and he felt relief. He looked at his watch, it is now almost 4:00PM.

Then he caught sight of Eto and Yuki together, coming out from the hospital. She has a bandage on her forehead, but other than that, she looked alright.

Ken's eyes softened at the sight of her. She hasn't changed at all, motherhood suited her well.

Just then, his thoughts were interrupted when he sensed somebody was staring at him intently. He turned and saw Kana at the doorway of the restaurant, the rapid rise and fall of her chest indicated that she has been going around to look for him.

With an indifferent expression, he averted his eyes from her and continued to read the manga.

He could see that he was already reported, and her presence told him that the report was made truthfully, and no punishment would be given.

He sipped on his espresso, because he was not able to savor the taste of the coffee that he had earlier.

"Can we talk?"

Kana stood in front of him, and he raised an eyebrow at her seemingly irate expression.

"That is not the proper way to address your senior, " He said and drank his coffee, unmindful of her flushed cheeks.

Kana pulled out the opposite chair and seated herself. She put both of her elbows on the table and when she was about to say something, a waitress approached their table.

Kana immediately understood it and she ordered a mango juice. She remained silent and calmed herself until the waitress came back with her mango juice.

She sipped it slowly, and breathed normally. She then leaned on the table, speaking in a low voice.

"I have a proposal, as a normal lady."

Ken looked at her, with an uninterested countenance.

"Will you please listen to me?" She asked, secretly hoping that Ken won't be so suspicious of her.

He crossed his arms over his broad chest, and looked at her, with an incomprehensible expression.

"Ok, " was his curt response.

She smiled faintly and straightened on her seat. From her pocket, she took out the piece of paper that she found stuck on her wiper and placed it on the table downwards.

Ken looked at the paper, and at her nod, he took it and read the content. It was a note that contains only four words, written in English.

Your days are numbered.

He frowned.

"Where did you get this?" He placed the paper back on the table, taking a mental note that it wasn't written manually. It was printed. To avoid being traced.

Insightful. It is definitely a work of a professional.

He stroked the X mark on his chin, and it captured Kana's attentio

single lady like me, how much more if you become the No. 1?"

At his darkened expression, she knew that she has touched a nerve, so she just has to make that nerve sting more.

"I want to live like a proper lady when I'm not doing my job as a…number. I want to dine normally, shop normally and work a regular job normally without having to constantly look over my shoulder or sense every slight movement in my surrounding."

She said, glancing around carefully. Her reason was not practically lies, they were half-truth.

"So, will you accept it or not?"

Ken leaned back on his chair, after searching her eyes for any trickery.

"What's the compensation?" He asked afterwards.

Kana smiled, she knew that she had almost got him on her plan. She became so excited that she didn't notice how he also looked at her with a triumphant gaze.

Two could play this game, Kana, he thought.

"It will be 25% of what you received during our last assignment together."

She has contemplated for it for quite a long time. She has only been a Shadow for a few years, and has only done a few assignments. In comparison to Ken, she knew that she does not have much money. She was secretly hoping that somewhere deep within his heart, he might have even a tiny speck of feeling for her, and that he would not ask for money as compensation.

Ken rubbed his chin, a soundless laughter on his blue eyes.

"Instead of money, I want you to compensate me though a different manner, "

She failed to notice the slight change in his voice, and when she looked at him anticipating his demand, he inwardly groaned.

She is still a novice, indeed.

"Sure, tell me what you want." The smile on her face suggested that she was not thinking the same thing that he has on his mind. He could not wait to tell her his answer, and watch how she would react.

For some reason, he feels a slight better at teasing her.

"You can pay me with...yourself."

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