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   Chapter 8 Coffee and cake

Mending the Shadow By Elria Cortez Characters: 9658

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"A medium-size espresso and a slice of rare cheese cake, please."

Yuki smiled at the waitress after she closed the menu.

She felt better that at last, she was finally able to get out from the house by herself. It was her first time to drive her own car by herself since she gave birth to her second child, her daughter Chie.

Eto has been very protective of her that he even hired a personal driver who also acts as her bodyguard. Although she told him that there was no need for a bodyguard anymore, he was very adamant. In the end, she conceded.

But today, her driver caught a flu, and although Alfred was available to drive for her, she took the car and sped away even before he was able to realize what was going on. Alfred was actually there as Aido's aide, and Chie has her own aide as well.

She has been feeling too caged lately, as if Eto was constantly afraid that she would be in danger again. But she could not blame him, after all those experiences that they went through. Especially Eto.

When he recounted later on about her 6-month absence, she felt pity for him, and deep within her, somehow guilty. Of course, she didn't remember what happened to her during those 6 months that she was kept somewhere by somebody, but she still felt guilty for Eto.

He did suffer a lot from her absence. So it made sense that he became over protective of her after that. She does enjoy his attention, but she couldn't help but feel too protected.

But this coffee shop is just a 5-minute drive away from his office. And she hasn't gone out by herself for a long time.

Glancing around at the coffee shop, she knew that she is somehow safe in here. With a cheerful look on her face, she waited patiently for her coffee.


Ken felt like the time stood still.

He stayed seated in a straight manner, with his coffee on his hands. Even though he hasn't seen her yet, he knew without even turning that Yuki is the one sitting behind him.

Her scent drifted through his senses, forcing his nerves that tell him to think only about her nearness. He closed his eyes, then realization struck him.

With trained eyes, he glanced around for anybody who could be watching them. His body tensed, not because of himself, but because he remembered the precise punishment that he had to suffer.

500m., and she will be in jeopardy.

But it wasn't his fault. He didn't know that she would come in this coffee shop, it wasn't his intention to meet her here!

Surely, the Shadow who is watching Yuki could see that.

But he couldn't be so sure. He has to get away from her before she would be put in a harm's way. With haste, he finished the cheese cake in just two bites and drank his coffee soon after.

Then, he stood up. He motioned for the waitress who brought his order for the bill. But, his action caused another waitress who came bringing Yuki's order to stum

to you.'



'Then you should ask. I am No. 2'

She giggled upon reading his response. Indeed, as a lower number, she has to be politely asking him for anything. She cannot issue a command to him. And in a mission, she has to absolutely obey him.

However, she could if she speaks as his boss. But his job will start next week, so technically, she does not have any right to order him about anything.

What a very sneaky man, she mused.

'May I talk with you, please?'

She waited for a full 2 minutes before she received his response, and she cursed under her breath at his answer.


Is it really this hard to pursue a man?

No, it is only hard because it's him.

Her fingers tapped on her desk, impatiently looking at the ticking of the clock's hand. When it reached 3:30PM, she stood up and went straight to the female's locker to get her change of clothes.

She changed into a casual ripped-jeans and a hooded sweatshirt, gray sneakers and then, she tied her hair in a messy bun upwards. She then said goodbye to her co-workers and exited at the back of the store.

She put on her Bluetooth earphone, and got inside her blue Benz SL65. She frowned when she noticed a piece of paper stuck on her wiper, so she got out and took it.

Her face turned pallid. She turned around but found nobody suspicious in the vicinity. Well, it would be surprising if the person who placed the note would still hang around for her to be identified.

One thing is for sure, she is being followed. She put on her seatbelt.

She called a Number, and she was able to confirm that Ken is indeed nearby the hospital. She gritted her teeth as she maneuvered her car towards the hospital's direction.

He has kept his allowable distance, but still went there to make sure that she was brought to the proper place.

Just how much do you love her, Ken?

Her heart ached at her own realizations.

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