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   Chapter 7 Being too good-looking

Mending the Shadow By Elria Cortez Characters: 10791

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Ken was casually looking at some of the company brochures that the elderly woman gave to him earlier. He has been waiting for about 3 minutes when the door opened. Kana came in.

It was very momentary that his eyes indicated a flicker, then his expression was unreadable.

"Good morning, " Kana said, her voice was that of her usual voice she used at work. Casual and cool, no hint of the emotion that she was feeling inside at the moment.

"Good morning, " Ken replied, his voice and his face were as natural, as if it was his first time to see her.

Perfect! Kana thought. Very professional, indeed.

She walked towards her seat and carefully perused his files, as if she hasn't looked at it for too long this morning. She averted his gaze as much as she could.

Underneath the table, her knees are shaking uncontrollably. She was just thankful that the skirt that she chose to wear today hides her knees.

"Mr. Inamori, " she started, liking the sound of his surname on her lips. "I presume that you already know the job description of the position that you are applying for?"

She asked in her business-like manner, and she has to lift her face to look at him, as the proper etiquette required her to do so. After all, a camera has been installed in the interview room to make sure that only business-related matters shall be conducted in there.

Ken was sitting there in a formal way as well, and his face has a calm expression. If he was surprised to see her, there was no indication. He met her gaze equally, then lowered his eyes a bit to settle on her neck. It was the appropriate way for him as a prospective employee.

It is considered rude in this society to look at your future boss straight on the eyes, it speaks challenge.

"Yes, Ma'am, " he answered clearly.

She looked down at his files again, then after a brief moment, she closed the folder and looked at him.

"Much as I would like to explain to you all the company policies now, I have some appointment in an hour. Therefore, I will guide you to the quality control department where you shall be assigned, then I will explain to you everything along the way. You may also ask me everything you want while we're at it."

Kana stood up with the file folders on her hands, and it was a cue for Ken to stand as well.

"Does it mean that I'm accepted for the job?"

Ken asked, although he already knew the answer even before he asked. He has a notion that him being here is not a coincidence. The person who recommended to him this store to apply on was one of his fellow renters in the apartment. For some reason, he construed that the mentor has something to do with this.

Playing cupid? Or still keeping him on watch?

Whichever way, he would play the game that was laid out on him.

Ken was never wrong on his haunch before.

"Of course, " Kana answered after giving him a sardonic smile.


As she stated, she led him to the delivery area at first, where all the fresh and frozen products are being received. One of Ken's responsibility would be to check that the products being delivered to them are the products that they ordered. He learned that it already happened twice that there was a mistake in delivery. It

ther 6 days on his hands to spend on anything he wants to.

He sighed wearily, thinking about what to do for those 6 days. His wounds are all healed and he don't have anything particular to do in his apartment.

Six days, he looked at the sky. It was clear blue, with specks of some cirrus clouds indicating the good weather in the middle of the autumn season.

With a deep sigh, he walked outside the company aimlessly. He just walked following the direction of the people he saw on the street. He put his sunglasses on, and kept his hands on the pockets of his black jacket. The cool breeze blew on his face, making him regret not wearing a mask.

As he has been walking for more than 15 minutes, he decided to stop by at one coffee shop. He should be eating lunch now, but he wasn't in the mood for a meal. He just want to drink something hot, to warm up his senses.

A young waitress approached him and took his order. He removed his sunglass and looked at the menu she provided for him. He pretended not to notice her small giggle as she ogled him, and chose a medium-size espresso with a one slice of rare cheese cake.

He returned the menu to her, not even glancing at her.

"Is there anything you would like more, Sir?" She asked provocatively.

He glanced at her flushed face, and with a straight face he said, "I will call you if I think of something."

The girl smiled, and with an extra sway of her hips, she left him to fetch his order.

After less than five minutes, the girl returned with his coffee and cake. He thanked her and she fluttered her false eyelashes on him. He would have wanted to scowl at her flirtatious manner but held himself. He should have been used to it by now, but sometimes he gets surprised by how brasher some women could get.

Being too good-looking is sometimes disadvantageous, he thought.

He held the cup of coffee with both of his hands, feeling its warmth radiating from the center of his palms to his body. In that instant, he heard a familiar voice just behind him.

A voice that he would never forget even on his dreams. The voice that he has been yearning to hear for so long.

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