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   Chapter 6 Everything about him

Mending the Shadow By Elria Cortez Characters: 9398

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Kana looked at the time, it was now past 11PM, and she yawned as she walked towards her bed.

She knew that today, Ken was discharged. However, she was so busy that she was not able to even go out for a while to be with him.

Well, I must at least give him some time to miss me, she thought. She smiled to herself thinking about him, just the thought of him was enough for her to feel good.

With her pajamas, she went directly to her soft bed. It was an exhausting day, but at least tomorrow, there will be lesser work.

The store that she manages operates from 10:00AM to 9:00PM, and although all she does are mostly paper works, it makes her body stiff. She still prefers the movement that she gets on her job as a shadow. But because there are currently 5 active shadows and 3 currently in training, she can only get at most 2 jobs in a year.

Because of the fact that she is the youngest and newest active member, she couldn't do a job alone. She was always paired with a senior number. For the past two years, her partner has been Ken.

And she was awfully grateful to their boss for that.

It made her near her target.

She has read so many manga and foreign books on how to seduce a man. But none of those she tried became successful on him. She has lost count on how many times he made her feel humiliated and ugly by his indifference and lack of reaction.

There was even one time when she deliberately let herself be caught on the shower with nothing else but her birthday suit. Their eyes met, but he just looked at her from head to toe. Then, she blushed in embarrassment when he gave her a look of apparent disappointment.

"Make sure to lock the door whenever you use the shower and especially, when you are on a mission with me." Then he threw a mocking grin on her. "But it's alright, since I prefer a fully developed…parts." Then, he walked out of the shower and left her red to the roots of her hair.

Since then, she always did chest exercises every morning to increase her size and make them fully-developed. She wants to be a cup C at least, and because she was just 19 then, she believed that she still had a chance.

Now, as she laid on her bed, she smiled triumphantly because her chest exercises worked. Her size increased to how she wanted it to be.

He wouldn't call me undeveloped anymore, she mused, hugging her blue teddy bear that she named Ken.

Kana looked at the ceiling, wondering until when shall she wait for Ken's heart to heal.

She knew how much he was broken with Yuki Iguchi, but it cannot be helped. How did he even let himself fell in love with a married woman who also loved her own husband? It was meant to be doomed from the very start.

But then, she knows that love is a powerful emotion, and sometimes, it cannot be controlled by the on

ning for the interview.

As she looked at his photo on the resume, she could not contain her feelings.

"How can you be sooo good-looking, Ken?" She asked him, staring at his photo. She touched his nose, and giggled. "But you're always wearing a frown, you should learn how to relax once in a while, " she said, meeting his gaze on the photo.

She leaned on her desk, with her hands cupping her cheeks and continued to stare at his photo.

She would never get tired of looking at his face, his face that could rouse so many emotions from her. Excitement, fear, sadness, and love. She wondered how could he have such good features when he was born from a Japanese couple?

The only explanation would be his ancestors.

She instantly felt like she wanted to know everything about him.

Yes, it's because she likes him so much that she became interested in knowing all sorts of things about him. Not just him as the present, but him as the past. She wants to know everything about him, and love every little thing that has turned him into the man that he is now.

His personality is that of mystery and darkness, and she found herself being magnetically pulled towards it. She wouldn't care to spend her life in the dark, as long as she gets to spend it with him.

The knock on the door awakened her from her deep thoughts. The face of one of the elderly staffs showed up.

"Assistant Manager Kodama, a man has come for the job interview. I already led him to the interview room."

Kana straightened her body on her chair and smiled at the elderly woman.

"Thank you, I will be there in a moment."

The elderly woman went out, and Kana took Ken's files with her. She straightened her clothes, and with a witty look on her face, she proceeded to the interview room. She wondered how would Ken reacts once he knew that she would be the one to be his boss.

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