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Ashley's Pov*

My eyes filled with unshed tears as I stare down at the stick. I brought my hand to cup my mouth as I gasp in both shock and excitement.

The pink stick read positive. I was pregnant. I'm pregnant with Luke's baby. I was a mix of many different emotions.

I had to tell Luke but it'd have to be the right way. I'd have to surprise him with the news. I found myself smiling and getting giddy at the thought.

A knock and a demand for me to get out of the bathroom by Chloe was heard. I quickly placed the stick in my pocket and opened the door. I tried my best to look 'normal' but I'm pretty sure I failed.

"Why do you look so happy and, " she took a long sniff and gagged, "what is that smell?"

Werewolves smelled everything so I'd have to try my best to keep it from Luke but I'd have to tell all the girls now.

"I have to tell you something. Bring Scarlet, Veronica, Evelyn and my mom to my room pronto, " I order.

"But I have to pee, " she whined.

"My news is more important than you emptying your bladder, " I say before walking away and to my room where I anxiously wait.

My door was opened minutes later and Evelyn, Chloe, Veronica, my mom, Jacob, Jason, Damien and Edward came piling in. They all tried entering at once.

"One at a time, " I chuckle as they 'ohh.'

The girls are on my bed while the guys stand and wait.

"I didn't say to bring the guys, " I give Chole a pointed look.

"I know and I told them not to but Jason insisted on coming then Damien said he wanted to then they all wanted to, " she explains giving Jason a quick glare. He only smiles.

"What's the news, sis?" Veronica asks.

"Well, " I fiddle with my fingers before taking a deep breathe.

"What's that smell?" Edward sniffs the air then scrunches his nose in disgust.

"You smell it to?" Scarlet asks.

"It smells like...a baby, " Jason says.

"Wait...who's pregnant?" Jacob asks.

"It isn't me, " Veronica shakes her head then looks at Scarlet.

"Me either, " Scarlet says then looks at Chloe.

"Nope, " Chloe looks up at Evelyn.

"Nuh uh, " she shakes her head then looks at me.

"Surprise?" I say and everyone's eyes widen in suprise.

"Omg, Ashley!" Scarlet hugs me tightly.

"My sister's pregnant, oh my god, " Veronica smiles widely and hugs me to.

"I'm so happy for you!" Evelyn joins in.

"I'm going to be an aunt, " Chole squeals and joins the group hug.

"My baby's pregnant. I'm so happy. If onl

loe and Evelyn shift and join them while Scarlet stays with me and tries getting me to safety but a rogue wolf comes up and blocks us from moving.

Scarlet growls and pushes me to run and I do. I run away and inside a room and try to control my breathing. None of this was good for my baby.

I gasp as a man burst into the window. My eyes widen in fright at seeing Chris-Chad, whatever. He smirks at seeing me and steps closer while I take two backwards.

"What are-"

"Missed me? Didn't think I'd let you go that easily, did you?" His smirk widens and he grabs me.

I thrash about but he's to strong and I end up giving up. What? I'm lazy. That phrase brought back many memories and a sense of major de já vu.

He jumps out of the window and two men grab me and I'm thrown into a car. I try resisting but its no use.

Why am I always getting kidnapped?

I'm driven away and end up somewhere deep in the woods. There's a large silver house that looks almost barnyardish. I'm grabbed by my wrist tightly and I glare at the men.

"I am a girl! Handle me with some fucking respect would you, " I snap.

"Why don't you shut the fuck up, " one growls.

"Why don't you shut the fuck up, " I mock.

"Funny, " he rolls his eyes and sits me in a chair.

A rope is tied around me tightly, nearly cutting all blood circulation. My feet are also tied tightly.

"What're you gonna do with me?" I ask.

"You'll see, " one smirks and they both leave.

When the steel doors close that's when I break down and start crying my eyes out. I'd die before I ever had my first child and Luke doesn't even know I'm pregnant.

What luck.

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