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*Ashley's Pov*

Its been Two months and I'm glad I made the decision. The thing is I mentally went to Yale, not physically. I'm taking my classes online, smart idea right? Evelyn gave me the idea, ever since then I couldn't stop hugging her.

Its a scholarship online you could say, Most people who want to take it online have to pay. When I told my mom I wasn't going she freaked out that is until I told her I was taking it online. She couldn't stop hugging me and Evelyn.

My mom also met Luke, Jason, Scarlet, Chloe, Damien, Edward, and Evelyn. She loved them all so much and was so happy I found a good family.

All though when she asked how we met, we didn't have an answer so we lied saying I met him on my back home from the park. It wasn't that big of a lie, Right? We did meet at the park.

Now that I think about it, I'm actually glad Jason and Luke kidnapped me. I'm glad I failed to escape, if I did I wouldn't have such a great family and people who love me so much. I don't know where I would be if I didn't get kidnapped.

My mothers pregnant with a girl, and plans to name her Marissa. It kind of reminds me of Melissa, but she died of a rogue attack along with Chris/Chad.

There not the only ones that died, My father died because the rogues found my house and thought I lived there. My mother managed to escape, So now she lives with us. My mom, Veronica and I were devastated but got over it in a few weeks with the help of our pack.

My mother knows there all werewolfs, stupid Jason changed into one wh

love you to" I smiled. "I love you more than you love me"

"Nu-Uh! I love you more"

"Nu-Uh! He mocked me, a smirk on his lips. "I love you more"


"I would never lie about loving you" He said seriously, I smiled and kissed him.

I pulled away "Thank you for kidnapping me" That's something I wouldn't have said when I was getting kidnapped.

He chuckled. "Your welcome"

We went downstairs and saw everyone downstairs in the living room on the floor curled up, about to watch a movie. Chloe next to Damien, Veronica next to Jason, Mom on the other side of Veronica, Scarlet with Edward, Evelyn with Jacob.

I gasped loudly, everyone faced me. "Watching" I paused " A movie" I paused again "Without me!" I looked away dramatically. "I feel so betrayed"

Everyone laughed, Evelyn yelled "Come on then!"

I grabbed Luke's arm and sat down in the middle, I snuggled in his arms. Chloe pressed play and the movie played, we were watching 'Toy Story' I smiled.

This is my New family and I love it.

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