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*Luke Pov*

"What was Ashley doing outside?" I sat on the couch next to Evelyn.

"Thinking" Evelyn turned to look at me then turned back to the TV.


"Well, I don't think I should tell you yet but she has to make a tough decision"

"What decision?" I'm sure I could help her.

Evelyn sighed and turned to face me "I don't think I should tell you, its better if Ashley tells you herself"

Now I'm starting to worry, is it that complicated? Is she pregnant? Is she deciding whether to keep it or not? She is not getting an abortion.

I'm I sopost to wait till Ashley tells me or am I sopost to ask? I'm gonna ask, I can't wait any longer.

I get up from my seat and jog my way upstairs. I open the door to see Ashley walking around, She's counting something on her fingers. She just kept walking around, not noticing I came in.

"Ashley" She kept walking, ignoring me. "Ashley" I got ignored, I got tiered of this.

I walked up to her and put my hands on her shoulders, I shook her a little, she blinked rapidly.


"What decision are you planning on making?"

"Its tough" She let out a whimper, I pulled her into my embrace but she pulled back and sighed "I need to keep thinking"

She was mess, her hair was scattered everywhere, her face was pale, she was in baggy pants and one of my T-shirts and her eyes lost its sparkle.

"What's the decision your making?" I pulled her to the bed and sat her down, she shook her head and sighed.

"I got accepted to Yale, my dream college. I don't know whether I should go or not. I love you and the pack so much but Yale's my D-dream college" She looked down "I would cry but I've lost all my tears"

I know the time isn't right but I chuckled and shook my head, I love Ashley so much. I remember the day I saw her. She was at the park with Veronica, she look so beautiful. Her hair flipped in the wind, her sent was just heavenly.

I don't want her to leave, she can't leave. But I don't want to stop her from going to her dream college. I love her to much to let her go, I can tell this is a hard decision for her.

Yale, Its an amazing school. Its clean, nice, has a good staff, nice people, its perfect for Ashley. My Ashley's intelligent, she must've worked hard. I can't stop her from leaving, if she wants to go ill let her.

"T-That's a hard decision" Ashley nodded, I picked her chin up to fa

ill probably kill him self"

"Rogues will enter our pack"

"By the time you come back, we'll all be dead"

"Okay, I understand!" I shouted, everyone stopped talking.

Everything they said was true, all of that could happen. It was impossible, its very likely to happen. I can't believe I was that blind to not have notice it. I've made my final decision.

"I've made my final decision"

Everyone looked at me expectantly, I smiled "I'm Staying"

Everyone got up and ran to give me a hug, even Jason. I smiled. "Yeah, your squishing me" They let go me.

"How'd you make that decision?" Evelyn asked, she tried to hide a smile but I saw it.

"You all were right. If I went I would be depressed, I would feel bad all the time and I might even commit suicide." I shook my head, Never. "And if I left I would be leaving the pack, my responsibilities and my mate. I was selfish" I sighed "I didn't even think of how my mate would feel"

"You were being selfish" Jason shook his head, I shot him deadly glare and to my surprise he bowed his head down.

"I was, The hard part is telling mom I'm not going" I sighed "I can't believe I'm not gonna go to my dream college"

"Did you really want to go?" Scarlet asked.

I shrugged "Yeah, as I said before it was my dream college"

"I'm sorry" Veronica frowned.

I smiles reassuringly "Don't be, ill end up regretting leaving you guys if i left" A big smiled played at my lips. "Ill be happier here"

Veronica smiled and hugged me "Your an amazing sister, you know that?!"

I smirked and shrugged "I know" She rolled her eyes.

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