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-Chloe Pov-

I hope the plan worked. I don't know what ill do if we failed to find/rescue him. What happens if Veronica and Ashley can't find him? What happens if they get hurt? What happens if....

"Where Here!" Veronica busted threw the door. I ran over there and looked around.

No Mate?

"Where's my mate? Did you get him? Is he okay? Where is he?" I kept asking question after question. Did they even go and try to save him? I want him back, if I can't have my mate why should I keep living? Life isn't good with him.

"Calm down Chloe" Ashley came into view with someone next to her. "Chloe this is-"

"Mate" Me and my mate said at the same time.

This is pretty much like the werewolf fairytales my mother used to tell me about. I ran over to him and it felt as if it was in slow motion. He smashed his lips onto mine and I instantly felt sparks and fireworks, this is the feeling I longed for.


-Ashley Pov-

I'm happy we gave Chloe her mate and Damien his mate but right now I feel like I'm going to barf. If Chloe and Damien are going to kiss slowly like this, at least get a room.

"Ew, get a room" Veronica yelled, covering her eyes. Chloe and Damien slowly pulled apart, staring into each others eyes. "Uh, Damien are you hungry?" Veronica asked, they just kept staring at each other.

"Damien" Chloe said, probably getting used to it. Damien shivered.

"Chloe" He smirked once he saw Chloe shiver. Weirdos much. I guess I shouldn't complain.

"Alright, Any one hungry?" I asked again, this time Damien turned around to face me and smiled while nodding eagerly. I smiled and made my way to the kitchen. "Set the table while I make something!" I called out once I got into the kitchen.

"Okay!" Veronica yelled back.




After what seemed like forever I finally finished. I made spaghetti with my infamous meatballs. I came into the dining room to see its set beautifully. I put the spaghetti on all the plates at the table and turn around to leave when someone runs in and spills the sauce that was in the bowl on me.

I was about to fall backwards before the person pulled me up with a strong grip. Veronica isn't that strong, Chloe said she was getting dressed to impress Damien so it must be Damien.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to" Damien apologized when I finally got steady. I would be mad but the look on Damien's face is to cute.

I smiled and shook my head, sauce from my hair splattered on his shirt "Its okay, I really can't stay mad at you anyways" He sighed and smiled.

"Thanks, Can I talk to you for a sec?" He asked.

"Can I get changed real quick? I'm getting uncomfortable" I shook my head, sauce coming out from different directions.

He chuckled lightly "It'll take a sec"

I thought about it "Okay" I nodded and took a seat, he took a seat also.

"So...If your friends with the Luna that took me why'd you help me escape? aren't you sopost to be in her pack?" He asked.

I was about to answer before I realized what he said and processed it clearly. Melissa took Damien? I thought Chris—

married!" She yelled, What! "You didn't even invite your own mother to your wedding?"

"Mom I didn't get married" I informed her.

She sighed, Relieved "Good, because you still need go to college" Oh yeah, college. I can't leave the pack, Veronica, Scarlet, Jason and especially my own mate;Luke. "In fact I got a call yesterday and you got a scholarship to Yale!" She shrieked.

"M-My dream college?" I didn't believe it. That's the college I always wanted to go to when I was a junior in highschool.

"Yes! I'm so proud of you honey, You've worked so hard for this!" She squealed, I couldn't help but smile and get giddy. "You go off Next week!" My smile dropped.

"Next week?" I can't believe this. "Can't I get an extension?" I asked.

"For how long?"

"Another month"

"Honey I know you that your living with your boyfriend, Lucas" She sighed, I was surprised. Wait Lucas?

"Lucas? His name is Luke" I corrected her.

"Whatever, I understand you love him but this is your dream college. They really want you and the only extension I can get you is two more weeks. Think about it okay? When your done call me and ill be there to for you. I love you and want the best for you" Cheesy, But nice and sweet.

I huge smile spread across my face. "Ill think about it and ill call when I've made my finally decision. I love you to mom"

"Love you to honey!" I smiled even more, I miss my mother even though she nags alot. "Oh and don't and I repeat Don't have a baby with that boy or else ill call for an abortion and I know you hate abortions!"

I gasped and shook my head, I wasn't even thinking of having a baby, I'm to young."Will do mother, anything else?"

"Does Veronica live with you?" She asked.

"Yeah, Along with other people"

"Really? How big is the house?" She asked.

"You'll see when you visit" I smiled.

"Your gonna let me visit!"

"Of course!" I smiled.

"Best daughter ever!"

I laughed "Thanks mom. I have to go, Love you"

"Love you to, Night Honey"

And with that I hung up and fell asleep.

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