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~5 Weeks Later~

*Ashley Pov*

After about five weeks of training (I didn't train, the warriors did) There all ready. Is there such thing as a eight pack? because I swear I've seen some of these warriors with eight packs along with Luke and Jason.

"Ashley are you ready to put the plan in action?" I turned around to see Chloe with Veronica. There hair was in high pony tails, they were wearing all black and I could tell they had protection under there shirts.

"Yeah" I got up from where I was sitting.

"Okay, You get changed into what we decided last week and we'll leave all the weapons on the bed. Once you put most in your pocket and boots come downstairs so we can revise the plan over again, We have one shot at this and I expect to get my mate today." She said in a serious and determined tone, I nodded. She gave a small smile and left with Veronica behind.

I went into my closet and grabbed a normal shirt along with skinny jeans. Now you may be wondering 'Why aren't you wearing all black like Chloe, Veronica and everyone else?' Well my friends, I am going under cover.

I'm sopost to be spy so I have to act like I never knew what Melissa and Chris/Chad are. I found out that the reason Chris/Chad's house is so big is because it's a pack house, That explains so much. Also it was pretty weird how Melissa moved in but now I know its because there mates. What's weird is that they've been together for a while so how are they just dating now? Shouldn't she have had a connection when she was 16?

I pretty much never understand these things and don't really care for them but I really want to know all the sudden. They've been my friends my whole highschool life and I'm just finding out there both Rogues, its shocking. Also to add to the betrayal, Chris/Chad took Chloe's mate from her. I guess I shouldn't trust anyone now a days, Does this mean Andy's a werewolf? I mean its possible.

I put on this protection suit Luke gave me and then my shirt. He told me the suit protects me from werewolds claws and bites. I put on protection pants then my skinny jeans. I put on my boots that reach my knees then start putting daggers in them. I put a few poisonous daggers in my pocket then about two guns in my purse.

I pulled my hair into a pony tail and put some poison In my purse also. Were going to win this, I can tell.

I jogged downstairs and saw everyone discussing each others rolls. I'm sopost to come in there pack house 'Talk to Chris' while Veronica sneaks everyone into there territory. I remember Luke telling me his basement is where I have to go when Veronica's done sneaking everyone in.

"Ready to head out?" I asked. I heard the warriors say 'Yes Luna' while Veronica, Jason, Luke, Scarlet and Chloe nodded with small smiles.

We all headed out and separated. I went with Veronica and Scarlet, Luke went with Jason and one warrior while the other warriors went together. We all got into our black cars and nodded at each other before going. Were also going with a hundred

they send another tramp to beat me up?" He sneered, I scoffed; rolling my eyes.

"I'm not a tramp. I'm here to help you get back to your mate, Chloe" He beamed and I smiled.

"Really? Your lying" His eyes held so much hope.

"No, now come on"

"Open the cell first" He said in a duh tone.

"Oh, Right" He rolled his eyes. "Shutup!"

I opened it and we started running, I stopped and he bumped into me. He growled, I rolled my eyes. I grabbed a granola bar from my Purse and threw it to the Guy who kept asking for food. He shoved it into his mouth with opening up, I scrunched up my nose.

"Twank Wu" He said, I gave a small smile. Chloe's mate pushed me to keep going. We kept running until we got to stairs.

"You killed Jared?" He asked.

"That's his name?" He nodded, I smiled. "I guess so" He rolled his eyes.

We ran out of the basement prison and to the backyard. I opened the door and he stepped out.

"Stay here" I commanded.

"Your not coming? What happens if the Luna sees you?" He asked.

"The Luna's my friend—Shes a Luna?" What a shocker.

"If your her friend why are you helping me? Are you in this pack?" God, he asks alot of questions.

"Ill explain later, hide" He nodded and hid.

I walked back down the hall and into the living room and heard Veronica and Melissa laughing.

"What took you so long?" Melissa asked when she was done laughing.

"I got lost" Lie. "We have to go Veronica, Bye Mel" I smiled and grabbed Veronica's hands.

"Bye, See you soon"

I smiled "Yeah" Nope.

Me and Veronica left the house and ran around it and grabbed Chloe's mate. We tripped a few times but caught our balance in the end. A car pulled up and we got in, Scarlet started driving again.

"This is Chloe's mate?" Scarlet asked, keeping her eyes on the road.

He smiled proudly "Yes, Yes I am"

"What's your name?" Veronica asked with a smile.

He smiled back "Damien"

"Cute name" There was a tint of pink of his cheeks, I smirked; He was blushing, Very cute.

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