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*Luke pov*

I can't even think of a suitable punishment for Chloe. She hurt my mate, her Luna. She was in so much pain and Chloe didn't even care, she's bad for this pack. I can't stand her constant whoring around, I'm kicking her out of my pack.

I stormed out of my office, steam practically coming out of my ears. I walked into the living and instantly I became intoxicated with the smell of Cherries and chocolate, My mate. My wolf smiled and I knew I wasn't mad anymore, I love Ashley so much it would hurt if she ever died.

"Luke" She smiled and came to give me a short but passionate kiss. I smiled and grabbed her waist. "We kinda have guest Luke" She leaned her head, pointing to my parents.

"Lukey how have you been" My mother ran over to me and gave me a kiss. I smiled and hugged her.

"Hi Mom, how you been?" I sat on the couch next to Ashley, my parents in front of us.

"Good" She tapped on her knees like she was holding something in. "When am I going to get grandchildren?!" She smiled widely. I couldn't help but blush, I looked to see Ashley doing the same. God, she's pretty when she blushed. How did I become so lucky?

"Michelle, Don't rush them. They can give us grandchildren when they want" My dad smiled to me and Ashley, my mom rolled her eyes. "It would be nice if you had them when were alive though"

"Mom, Dad. Your not going to die anytime soon so don't worry." I reassured them. Of course alpha moms would want grandchildren at such an early age. I don't care how long I have to wait for Ashley to want to have a baby, ill wait and if she wants one now I don't mind.

"Well son we have to be heading out. Another pack is coming to train with us and we want to meet them before hand" My dad got up and held a hand for my mother.

"Wait! What's this other packs name?" Ahsley asked. Why would she care? My dad looked at her for a while.

"The Valley wolf pack?" He said it more of a question then a statement. Suddenly Ashley had a big, bright smile and ran out the house.

"What was that?" My mom asked. How I'm I sopost to know, I usually never understand Ashley. My Mate.

I shrugged "Its Ashley" I smiled "I have no idea."


*Ashley Pov*

I ran into Evelyn's house, she told me Chloe lives with her along with her Mom, mate and other teens.

I can't believe Chloe's mate is coming here to train! Finding her mate just got a little easier. I know Chloe's been a total bitch since I got here but I know Chloe's a good person. Yes, she kissed my mate and my sisters. Yes, she gabbed her nails into my arms and Yes, she almost killed me but if I could find her mate and make her happy, Thats an awesome feeling.

I'm a really nice person, as you can see so I don't hold grudges....well except for Andy of course. That Ass almost raped me....Two times! I ran into the kitchen that was really beautiful, with the marble counters to the amazing design on the cupboards.

Focus Ashley! your here to help Chloe not admire the decor.

I saw Chloe yelling at Evie and Evie about to cry. I ran over there and Chloe immediately shut up. What is wrong with you Chloe?

"How could you do that? I hope you fucking die in a hole and never find your mate you whore!" Tears started coming down and I pulled her into my embrace. What happened?

"Evelyn? What's wrong?" I pulled away and wiped a few tears away, Chloe looked guilty and had a hint of regret in her eyes.

"Chloe! She spread fake rumors of me saying I slept Sebastian!" I turned around and shot her a deadly scowl. Chloe looked pretty frightened by my stare and I could tell she was thinking of running away. "Jacobs mad at me, He actually thinks I would cheat on him. Chloe your sick!" She stopped crying and a look of hurt passes throw Chloe's eyes.

"I-I'm sorry" She looked down at her hands. "Ill tell him I was lying. I'm sorry Evelyn and Luna" She bowed, Evie looked taken aback but had a small smile on her face.

"Chloe, what happened to you?" She looked up confused at Evie's question. "Not that you changed in a bad way. I like the Non-Bitch

with respect except the blonde bimbo, her two friends bowed and moved back.

"Your not pretty at all, Why didn't your mate reject you and go for me?" She smirked and pushed her chest up. Slut. Everyone gasped.

"Maybe because I didn't get botox in my lips, get fake boobs and bleach my hair blonde like you. I'm naturally beautiful, You look disgusting. Such a prude you are" I shook my head, her mouth opened ans closed like a fish out of water. I smirked "Do us all a favor and stop being a fake bitch."

"I-" I cut her off. Pathetic slut.

"Shutup!" I yelled and she clamped her mouth shut.

I walked over to James who was staring at me, wide eyed. "I think I'm kind of a big deal and everyone cares. Don't ever pick on Chloe, Okay?" He didn't say anything. "Okay?!"

"Yes L-Luna" He stuttered but bowed. Chloe smiled and grabbed my hands and we left the gym with everyone's eyes on me. The door shut and I heard everyone continue what they were doing. I love havinv authority.

"That was amazing! James always me a slut because—you know my past" She smiled, I laughed.

"I felt like I had alot of power—Its fun" I smiled.


We talked to the Alpha, Beta, The Alphas mate and the betas mate and also there mothers, Chloe's mates close friend and now we have alot of information. We know information on....

Where, how and when he was stolen.

Where he is

And why The Rogue took him.

What's weird is that they keep saying the Rogue mate name is Melissa Jones and the only Melissa Jones I know is my friend Melissa but it can't be it?

It can't be her! She has a boyfriend named Chris not Chad. Wait, there was something off about her on Veronica's birthday.

~Flash Back~

"Veronica you spilled your fucking soda on me!" Melissa yelled, while trying to shake the liquid off her.

"Its not my fault you have a huge ass" She muttered. Melissa Growled? Did she just growl? I'm imagining things, I thought.

"You shouldn't be talking" She sneered, Veronica rolled her eyes and drooped the side on her, letting it speill on her dress.

"Oopsy" Melissa growled again? imagination again, I guess? Her eyes turn black and instantly she's about jump on Veronica before Chris pulls her back and she calms down instantly. How did—only werewolfs—What?

That's pretty weird....

~End of Flash Back~

My eyes widen, how could I be so stupid? Melissa's a werewolf and Chris is also one! Chris's real name is Chad! Wait—why would he do something like that to Chloe? Did they date back then?

All I know is Chris—Chad, whatever his name is, is going to pay....Hard! This might be slightly easy after all. Ill be as slick as a spy and get Chloe's mate right under his nose.

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