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*Ashley Pov*

After Luke introduced me and Veronica to the pack and me as the Luna everyone danced and had fun then left except for Luke's dad and mom. Me and Luke begged for Chloe to leave but insisted on helping, but all she's doing is twirling her ugly blonde hair, biting her pink lips, batting her long lashes and tilting her head.

"Ashley?" Veronica snapped me out of my thoughts and now realized I was digging my nails in my palms while glaring at Chloe. "Don't worry about Chloe, your Luke's mate not her so he wouldn't do anything" She reassured me, I smiled at her.

"I'm not worried about Luke, Chloe's what I'm worried about. She beautiful, has amazing hair, perfect lips, I'm surprised Luke isn't falling for her already. I'm no where near as perfect as her" I sighed.

"Ashley look at me" I hesitated but turned arouses to see a very pissed Veronica. "Good. Chloe isn't perfect, far from it actually! your gorgeous Ashley. You have beautiful dark blue eyes, cute lips, and an amazing personality. Chloe's a slut who can't find her own mate so she goes and whores around."

I smiled and gave her a huge bear hug. "Thanks! You really made me feel alot better"

"As always" I pulled away and laughed.

I went into the patio and picked up a few bottles when I saw Chloe kissing Jason? I ran over there and pushed her off.

"What are you doing? If you haven't noticed he has a mate, why don't you do us all a favor and go find yours."

"So you want Jason and Luke? Your not good enough for ethier of them" She crossed her hands over her chest and smirked.

"I'm so much better than you, your no where near as good as me. At least I don't go around trying to steal peoples mates, sleep with them then leaves, its pretty pathetic."





She was about to say something before Veronica came and cut her off. "Don't speak to your Luna like that" She was red because she was pissed, provably cause she saw her kiss Jason.

"And who are you?" She flipped her ugly blonde hair to the side. God I hate her so much.

"I'm the girl that'll kick your ass if you don't leave" Veronica threatened.

"Is that a threat?" She asked in disbelief.

"Yes, yes it is. Please go before I can't control it anymore and let it all out" She breathed in and out.

She scoffed "As if you could do anything to me, you shrimp"

Veronica lunged at her and started throwing punches left and right, pulling her hair, kicking, anything that could hurt her. Jason pulled her away, showing a very bloody Chloe. Her noise was bleeding, her eyebrow was cut, her lips were swollen and under her eyes were cut.

"You bitch, just because your not as pretty as me doesn't mean you can try to make me as ugly as you!" She threw her hands up in the air.

"Fuck you!I will beat you up when Jason lets go of me. You think your all hot and pretty and guys love you but your Wrong! I feel bad for who ever your mate is!" She yelled while trying to pry Jason's arms off.

"Its not my fault Jason doesn't love you, I mean I an better than you are. That's why he kissed me." She had a smug look but that was wiped off when Jason slapped her to the ground.

"Don't ever talk to my mate like that" He said threw clenched teeth.

"Thanks babe but I could of handled her" Veronica kissed him on the cheek and Jason calmed down instantly and wrapped his hands wround her waist and took her inside.

"Awe is the wittle baby hurt?" I said in a baby voice and crouched down to her level. She cupped her hands on her cheek and glared at me, I smirked. "Good" I got and turned around to leave before a brown wolf jumped on me.

It growled, its nails digging into my skin which made me let out a whimper of pain. It smirked in satisfaction and dug in more, which made tears prickle down my eyes.

"Your wolf is as ugly as you" I manges to say threw the pain I was going threw. A wolf growled, but it wasn't Chloe's.

A grey who lunged at her and tackled her down to the floor. The wolf hovered over her, growling. Chloe let out a whimper and turned her head in what Luke told me is submission. Luke got off her and went behind a tree to put on shorts. He came out and ran over to me.

"Are yo


"I command you to tell me what's wrong" I don't mean to be mean but Luke told me to use my Luna tone when needed and I need to use it now.

"Your Luna voice is weak, your weak. I should've been Luna!" She kept screaming it over and over again till she started crying. "I-I'm sorry" She put her face in her hands.

"Please tell me" She looked up and nodded. I wiped her tears away and smiled.

"Why are you so nice to me?" She asked after wiping the last tears off, I smiled.

"Because even thought you treated me like crap I knew there was a reason behind it" I shrugged, she smiled.

"Y-your gonna be a great Luna"

"I get that alot" I laughed, she laughed also. I like this Chloe, she's nice, sweet and actually not a bitch.

"Well, When I start the story please don't think of me as a pathetic little girl, I hate it when people think of me like that" I nodded and she sighed. "Well when I was about 17 and in high-school I was a bit of a rebel. I got in trouble alot and stole stuff also got in a few fights. When I found my mate everything changed, I stopped what I was doing and only focused on him.

I loved him like mates should and he loved me. We lived happily before my past caught up with me. A Rogue I slept with came back and" She paused, tears prickling down her eyes. "The Rogue took him away from me. I never saw him after that day. I know he's alive because I haven't gone insane or died yet. Every night I have the same nightmares and I'm scared he'll die" She dropped down into her arms and sobbed loudly.

"Its alright if you don't wanna continue" She shook her head.

"Luna I really want my mate, it hurts so much. I haven't got marked or mated" She started to sob quietly. Who knew there was a sensitive side to Chloe? No one, alright.

"Do you know what Rogue might have him?" I asked, she shook her head again.

"N-no, I remember he was a beta of a pack named The Valley wolf pack" She thought more before continuing. "The Rogues that attacked us last time! That pack has him, I know it is" She smiled slightly.

"Well ill call Luke and we'll start the search, you'll get your mate Chloe" She jumped up and hugged me, I smiled.

"Thank you so much Luna!" She hugged tighter.

Veronica and Jason came in with an confused expression.

"Chloe are you attacking her again?" Jason asked, she laughed. Jason took a step back, now really confused. "Did you just laugh?"

"I think she's gone insane" Veronica sat on the chair, Chloe chuckled.

"No I haven't. Thanks so much Luna" She gave me one last hug before heading towards the door. She stopped and turned around. "So sorry about your arm, I really am" I smiled, she left.

"What have you done?" Jason asked

"Something" I leaned in the hospital bed with a smug look.

I uncovered the Real Chloe.

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