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*Ashley Pov*

I woke with something in my mouth then realized it was Luke's hair. I spit it out then tried hopping off the bed but Luke's arms were around me. I kept pushing and pushing until finally I got tired.

"Luke!" I yelled, I looked to see if he was awake and he wasn't. "Luke!" I shook him but still he didn't move "LUKE!" I slapped him on his face and he shot up.

"What, is there a Rogue attack?" He looked alert and ready to fight, I rolled my eyes and got up and stretched.

Luke was smirking and looking at me up and down. I looked down and realized I was still naked. I ripped the sheets off of him and wrapped it around me, blushing while at it. He laughed while getting up, he kissed my forehead and went to the bathroom. How does he have his boxers on yet I don't even have a bra on?!

"I call taking a shower first!" Luke announced and I rolled my eyes, Such a kid.

"Fine, ill make some breakfast then" I said, grabbing a large shirt from the closet and went down stairs.

I went in the kitchen and saw Scarlet kissing Edward, Veronica kissing Jason and everywhere messed up.

"Hey! there's a thing called a room, use it" I snapped my fingers in there faces and they all split apart. Scarlet and Veronica blushed while Edward and Jason glared at me which I ignored.

Scarlet smirked at me which I raised an eyebrow to "How was your night?"

"Good, How was yours?" I asked, not understanding where this is going. Jason and Edward made an 'O' face and smirked. Is everyone smirking today?

"So nothing happened?" Jason asked, I raised an eyebrow at him then started to blush when I figured what they were talking about. How'd they know we finished the mating process?

"Damn it. Did Luke tell you?"

"Nope, We can smell you" Edward smiled and put his hands around Scarlet. I smelled myself and smelled nothing "You can't smell it Ashley"

"Smell what? What happened?" Veronica asked looking at Scarlet for more information. Scarlet leaned in and whispered something in her ear. Her mouth dropped and eyes widened and a look of hurt crossed her face.

"You had sex and you didn't tell me!?" She looked at me with disbelief.

"I just woke up Veronica" I shrugged and went over to make some cereal.


"And what was I sopost to do? Run over to your room screaming 'I had sex! I had sex!'" Scarlet and Jason laughed while Veronica shot them a nasty glare.

"Fine, Was it good?" She asked, I blushed and started eating my cereal.

"Why would I tell you?" I asked with a mouth full of corn flakes.

"I'm your sister" she said in a duh tone which made me roll my eyes.

"Ill tell you later" She pouted and started pleading me to tell her now. "No, Leave me alone Veronica" I got up and went upstairs.

I went in the room and saw Luke putting a shirt on. Abs abs and uh abs. He's so buff, maybe its all werewolfs. I went in the closet and looked around on my side for something to wear. Luke came in, putting his hands around my waist.

"Guess what's happening today?" he whispered in my ear, I shivered with delight.


"You get to meet the rest of my pack" Once the words left his mouth I was panicking. Why is he telling me this now? What happens if they don't like me? What happens of his parents don't like me? I realized I was having a panick attack and took deep breaths "Call down, my pack will love you. They honestly don't have a choice" He gave me a smile and walked out.

"Wait! I don't have anything to wear! Your parents will hate me if I don't look good! I'm going to lose the best thing that ever happened to me" I fell down on the ground, about to cry before Luke ran in and picked me up. He looked into my almost watery eyes and whispered something.

"Princess, They wont care if you look bad plus you Veronica and Scarlet are going shopping to get dresses" He pecked me on the lips before leaving the room.

I sighed and went back to looking for something to wear to go shopping. I found a white high low shirt and some shorts that looked hot on me. I grabbed them plus a purple bra and purple panties. I threw them on the bed then went to the bathroom.

I started running a hot bubble bath. I undressed and got in, I laid in and let the water sooth me. I still can't believe this is the day me and Luke separate. Yeah I know I'm jumping into conclusion but they'll hate me. I shouldn't go at all, yeah he'll be pissed but at least I wont have to hear his dad say 'I do not approve of her Luke, Get a new Luna because she isn't worthy of being one'. Well he wont say that but something in the lines of it I bet.

I shampooed my hair did all the other stuff. I got out and got my towel, I wrapped it around myself and left the bathroom. I grabbed my bra and put it on along with my panties. I threw on the top and put on my shorts. I went over to the mi

eam won. How are you?"

"Good I met alot of really nice people. There was just this one girl" I shrugged.


"I don't know her name but she did say that she dated you and you.... loved her" I turned around to face him.

"Princess you know I love you and you only and her names Chloe" I got up and crossed my hands in front of my chair, he raised an eyebrow.

"Did you ever date her?" I asked

"No, I have not dated her. Whatever she says please just ignore it" He got up and kissed me before going to play another round of football.

I went back in the house and looked around. I saw Evie and walked over to her. She saw me and smiled.

"Hi Evie" I smiled at her, then noticed she wasn't here by her self.

"Hello Luna" She bowed her head.

"Just call me Ashley. Who's this?" I pointed to Guy standing next to her.

"This is my mate, Jacob"

"Hello, I'm Ashley" I shook his hand and he smiled.

"Hi, How's being Luna?" he asked

"Good, Can I ask a question?" I asked this question towards Evie.


"Do you know what Chloe's deal is?" I asked, Evie frowned then crossed her hands over her chest.

"She's a slut. She trys to take the girls in the packs mate and her target right now is your mate, alpha Luke"

"Really? Has she ever dated him before?" I asked

She shook her head "No but she goes around saying it even though we all know she's lying"

"That's good to know. Bye Evie, Jacob" I waved good bye to them and went to the living room and saw Chloe pressing Luke to wall, talking.

This made my anger boil. She trys taking girls mates and right now she trying to take mine, Unbelievable. I just met her and I already hate her. I made my way over there when she presses her lips on to Luke's. This time I'm really pissed, I walk over there and push her off if Luke, making her fall with a thud.

"What the fuck do you think your doing? If you haven't realized it yet he's my mate not yours" I was beyond pissed right now and I just wanted to punch her.

"Lukey she pushe-" I cut her before she could finish. what gives her the right to call him Lukey.

"Shutup! Just go whore around somewhere else" I yelled at her. She got up with a angry expression.

"You know your more pathetic then I thought. Luke loves me not you! He just keeps you here because unfortunately he's your mate. If you weren't his mate he would love and want me!" She put a smirk on her face which annoyed me. I was gonna do something before Luke pulled me back and gave me a look.

"Enough already Chloe Y-" Before he could finish she cut him off.

"No! You should love me not her. I'm so much better than her, she's just a pathetic human who-" She didn't get to finished because I punched her in the noise. She fell backwards and into Jason who was behind her along with Veronica.

"Lets get you to the pack doctor" Jason grabbed her arms and started walking her another direction but not before mouthing 'Nice Job'. I smirked and turned back to a amused Luke.

"I'm sorry but-" I didn't get finish because Luke kissed me.

"Could you get any more perfect?" He asked when he pulled away, I smiled and shrugged.

"Maybe" He put his hands around my waist and we left into the kitchen.

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