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*Ashley Pov*

After Veronica's party We all headed back home and when I say we all I mean me, Luke, Jason and Veronica. Veronica thinks and I quote 'The party should of lasted all night!! I wanted to get wasted and do some crazy shit!!', I thought she was just drunk but later I found out she was dead serious.

Right now All of us are at home watching some TV. Veronica kept pleading for us to watch Spongebob but after we did a vote it was three versus two. Jason obviously took Veronica's side while Luke, Scarlet and I went against them. Veronica was pretty mad but got over it quick.

"Lets watch-" I cut Veronica off before she could say anything.

"No Spongebob Veronica! I'm serious" I yelled, throwing my hands in the air.

"I was going to say we should watch a scary movie" Veronica rolled her eyes at me which I ignored.

"Sounds good, Can I pick?" Scarlet asked, I nodded and she took out a movie from the little cabinet under the TV stand.

She put it in the DVR and it started to show all the warnings and Copyrights. She sat on the floor, leaning on the chair next to me. Veronica was leaning her head on Jason's shoulder and me and Luke where side by side, intertwining fingers. The movie started and on the screen popped up paranormal Activity I quickly grabbed the remote and paused it which made everyone look at me with confusion except Veronica.

"Why'd you do that?" Jason asked, more like wined.

"I hate this movie!" I cringed remembering a part of the movie that scared the Behimth out of me.

"Why? Gave Little Ash Ash nightmares?" Jason smirked, Veronica slapped him on his arm which made him rub the spot, him pouting. That's what you get you Jerk!

"That movie scared the pee out of her" Veronica tried to defend me but it seemed like she was making fun of me. No one needed to know that.

"Really?" Luke asked with disbelief in his eyes but then smirked. Glad everyone's enjoying me being afraid of this movie, Thanks alot.

"Shutup, Veronica's just exaggerating. I did not pee!" I crossed my hands over my chest.

"Sure you didn't, That little girl literally made you wet" Veronica giggled, I just glared at her.

"Did you seriously pee?" Scarlet asked trying not to laugh at the end.

"" I scratched the back of my head. Everyone bursted out into laughter while I just stood there, red as a tomato from embarrassment "I was young!" I defended, Veronica laughed harder.

"Yo-You were Six-Sixteen!" Veronica laughed.

"Whatever! Can you just stop laughing" I slumped down on the chair next to a laughing Luke.

"S-Sorry" He gave me a small smile, I was gonna smile back before someone came in barging through the door. He had Sandy blonde hair with Hazel eyes and Had perfect full lips with a shirt covered in....Blood?!

"What happened Alex?!" Luke jumped up from his s

ie laugh along with Ashley and Jason, Veronica was chuckling.

"Where will Evie be staying?" Veronica asked.

"I live next to your house with my mate, sister and mom" Evie smiled.

"Wait, you live next door?" Ashley asked a little confused.

"Yeah, This whole neighborhood is full of members from Alpha Luke's pack" Evie looked at Ashley then back at me "Alpha, you didn't tell her this neighborhood is full of people from your pack?"

"Was it a secret?" Ashley asked a little hurt.

"No, I just haven't told you yet" I said, giving her an apologetic smile. She rolled her eyes and gave Evie one last hug before she left.


*Ashley Pov*

I was a bit hurt he didn't tell me this was a pack neighborhood but I guess I can't be all that angry.

Luke grabbed my hands and took me upstairs and into our room, locking it might I add. He sat me on the bed and crashed his lips onto mine. I kissed back and he asked for entrance in and I denied. I pulled away us breathing heavily.

"What are you doing?" I asked at bit confused yet I kinda know where this is heading.

"I want you to be mine and only mine. I want to mark you" He said breathing loudly, you could hear his heart.

"I am yours" I smiled, he smiled back but I dropped the smiled when I remembered he said mark "What do you mean you want to mark me?!"

"I want to complete the mating process" He started to explain it and my eyes widened when he said he was gonna bite my neck. I felt so weird, I wanted to complete the mating process also and that meant that I was actually gonna have sex.

"Okay, lets do it" I said afterwards, he was surprised.

"You sure?" He asked a bit concerned.

"Yes" He just stared at me which made me a little irritated, I'm serious! "Are you just going to stand there or are you gonna start the mating thingy?" He smiled and we started to kiss. His hands went up my shirt and.....

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