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*Veronica Pov*

I walked out of The room and entered the living room. Today's my birthday and no one said anything to me yet, not even my own sister! I mean I'm finally turning into a mini adult and no one seems to care.

"Veronica!" I herd Ashley yell from down the hall. She ran inside the living room grinning from ear to ear "Guess what today is!!" She sat next me still grinning. I smiled and bounced up and down, she knows it my birthday!

"What!" She started to smile sheepishly which made me smile hard.

"Its Aunt Linda's and Uncle Eric's Anniversary Today! They've been married for 6 years now!" She shrieked with excitement. My smile dropped and heart sunk. My sister Forgot my Birthday, The nerve.

I got out of my seat, tears threatening to fall. A tear escaped and Ashley frowned getting up to embrace me in a hug.

"What's wrong?" She patted my back. I stopped crying, anger now running threw me.

She really did forget! I just thought she was joking but she really forgot. All she cares about is Aunt Linda and Uncle Eric's stupid anniversary.

"Nothing, Just leave me alone for a while" I tried to say it in a normal fashion but it came out harsh, you could tell I was pissed.

"Sure?" She said it in more of a question than a statement. She let go of me and headed down the hall going upstairs.

I laid down and closed my eyes. I'm finally turning eighteen and No one said 'Happy Birthday' or 'Congrats Veronica, You turned eighteen!'.

I sure do have an awesome sister!

Note the sarcasm!!


*Ashley Pov*

I walked up stairs and into me and Luke's room. I laid down on the bed and sighed. I hate that Veronica's so mad. Yes, I know its her birthday, I'm not an idiot. Me Scarlet, Jason and Luke are throwing her a surprise birthday party so I have to pretend I forgot. I'm sopost to stay here and wait until Scarlet calls me to take Veronica to the surprise.

I'm so happy and excited she's turning eighteen and into a mini adult. The look on her face when I said Aunt Linda's and Uncle Eric's anniversary instead of Happy birthday Veronica broke my heart. She was so sad and when she started to cry, I felt so guilty. I wanna tell her I didn't forget her birthday but then it would totally ruin the surprise party.

Its almost time for the surprise and Veronica's just wearing a tank top with some shorts. She has to change and look good for the little surprise but how do I get her to change without looking suspicious. Ill just say she needs to dress up for Linda's and Eric's anniversary, I'm a genius.

I ran out of the room and jogged down stairs, down the hall and into the living room. I looked around and didn't see Veronica anywhere. I herd some shuffling in the kitchen and some sighs. I went in and Veronica eating some yogurt.

"Hey-uh-Veronica you need to go change into something nice" I leaned against the counter. She looked at me with a blank expression then went back to eating her yogurt.

"Why?" She finished her cu

back over to Jason, leaving the present on the table.

"What did you get her?" Melissa came over and asked, Chris following her.

"Something" I smirked and closed the present so no one could see it.

"Come on, tell us" Chris nudged my arm. I smiled and shook my head.

"Nope" I grabbed the present and went over to Luke.

"How are you enjoying the party?" He asked, I just shrugged and started to sway back and forth to the music, I love this song even though its a slow song.

He grabbed the present and put it on the table, grabbed my hands and took me to the dance floor. He put hands on my waist and I wrapped my hands around his neck. We started to dance, moving in sync to the music. I laid my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes.

"Your a pretty good dancer" I whisper in his ear sending shivers down his spin which made a smirk

Appear on my face.

"You don't know what you do to me Ashley" His husky voice rang in my ears.

"Really? I think I have a pretty good idea" He pulled away, staring into my eyes. We kept on staring at each other before he growled-Whispered something in the lines of 'Mine'.

He crashed his lips onto mine and we started to kiss. He licked the bottom of my lips, asking for entrance and I opened up. Before we could do anything else he pulled away, grabbing my hands, taking me into the hallway.

He put his lips back onto mine and we continued. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he pushed me against the wall. It kinda hurt put I pushed it aside. He opened the door behind him, us still continuing to kiss. We laid my on the bed, us still kissing. Sex? Wait are we going to have sex? No, I'm not ready! Am I? I don't want our first time having sex to be here and on my sisters birthday.

I pulled away us breathing heavily. He laid his head on mine out of breath.

"I-I'm not ready" I breath out, my heart beating rapidly.

"Ill wait" Luke breath out "Ill wait for you" Luke got off the bed, helping me up. We walked back in and continued going on with the party.

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