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*Ashley Pov*


I grabbed my phone off my desk and looked at the caller ID. I saw an unknown number, I hesitated before answering.

"H-Hello?" I put the phone to my ear and waited for the person to answer.

"Ashley its Bella" Bella answered, I heard some one whispering something "Oh and Courtney" she giggled a little at the end, I mentally smiled and rolled my eyes.

"Hey, What's up?"

"Courtney and I wanna meet your boyfriend!" she squealed loudly, making me move the phone slightly.

"Ok, is next week fine?"

"No! Were meeting him today. Don't worry were on our way already" I could already tell she was smirking.

"What? How do you know where I live now? You know I don't live with my parents anymore!" Courtney started to laugh along with Bella "What's so funny?!" I demanded.

"You, We know you don't live with your parents. Oh and Andy told us where you live now, I still despise him!"

"I know, you hate him with passion, alright ill tell him your coming" I could hear Courtney clapping her hands. Bella said alright and hung up. I put my phone on the desk and got up from the bed.

After the terrible dream I had Luke, Jason and Scarlet left me alone to relax a little. I still haven't had breakfast yet, and I'm getting hungery. I went over to the closet and grabbed a shirt with a dog design on it and some shorts, I have alot of shorts.

I went into the bathroom and ran some water for a bath. After it was halfway full I undressed and got in. I let the water sooth me and laid my head in the water. I closed my eyes and started to hum a tune in my head. I tapped my fingers to the beat and moved my head up and down. I opened my eyes and sighed. I got out of the bath and grabbed a towel. I wrapped the towel around myself and headed for the door.

I grabbed the doorknob and opened it slowly. The reason I opened it slowly was because last time Luke was in the room and stuff happened. I looked around and no one was in the room. I opened it fully and got out. I went over to the bed and grabbed the shirt. I dropped the towel and first put a bra on, I then put on panties and then my shirt. I put on the shorts then put some sneakers on.

I went in the bathroom and started to brush my hair. My hair isn't to thick put it isn't thin which I really like. I like how my hairs light brown and how my eyes are a dark ocean blueish kinda color. but I don't like that I'm kinda pale, maybe I should get a tan. Nah, last time I gotta tan I was orange for a week and a half, Bella and Courtney didn't help with that ethier.

I brushed my hair for the sixteenth time then put the brush down. I put my hair in a not to messy pony tail then put some mascara on, along with some nude lipstick. I use nude lipstick to give my lips a natural lip look but still look good, I guess. I smiled and nodded at

out of Ashley's and Courtney's grip you wont be so lucky!" She kept on trying to kick her way out. Jason chuckled and leaded against the wall, Waiting. Bella kicked one last time and swung her hand for the final time while breathing heavily.

"You done?" Courtney asked, Bella nodded, to out breath to say anything "When me and Ashley let you go you wont go running and trying to hit..." Courtney looked at me waiting for me to give him his name.

"Jason, his names Jason" She smiled and turned back to look at Bella.

"Yes, I promise I wont hit that dick of a Guy!" Bella rolled her eyes. Courtney let her go and so did I. She rolled her sleeves down and fixed up her hair.

"Good Job Emma Watson" Jason patted her hair. Bella was about to punch him before he grabbed her wrist, She was shocked for a bit but then she composed herself and kicked him in his...Crotch. He fell on the floor, holding the area.

"Don't ever call me that again!" She yelled "Oh Ashley was that one your boyfriend?" She asked.

"Nope, The cutie over there's mine" I smiled, she turned and looked at him. She. looked up and down before turning to me and smiling.

"I approve!" She smiled.

"I Do to!" Courtney smiled and leaned against the wall next to Bella.

"Thanks for the approval mom's" I said sarcastically, Bella rolled her eyes.

"You two have accents, where you from?" Luke asked, Bella smiled.

"I'm from Europe, London and Courtney over here's from Australia" Bella yawned a little "Well we should be leaving, I have to drop Courtney at her house and I have to get to mine. See ya Ashley" Bella waved at us then grabbed Courtney's hand. She was about to leave before she popped her head threw the door.

"Oh and I hate you with passion Jason!" she gave a fake smile and left.

"This was the best day ever!" Scarlet smiled, I raised an eyebrow.

"Sarcasm?" I asked, she nodded and I sighed.

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