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*Ashley Pov*

"Hey Ashley you don't seem to happy about it!" Veronica smirked and put her arms around my shoulder.

"Yeah I am! If you won a Grammy award for being the best Singer you would be happy to!" I tried to smile but couldn't help but frown. I guess I'm hurt Luke didn't come to see me win the award. he just said 'Sorry princess I don't love you enough to see you win something you don't deserve!' And with that he slapped me and left with a smirk on his face. I started to cry, Veronica and Scarlet ran to me while giving me a hug. I tried to stop crying but couldn't, the fact that he said 'I don't love you enough' made my heart drop and smash into pieces.

"B-But H-How could he just say h-he didn't l-love me enough? it hurts" I put my face on Scarlets shoulder and started to shake. Veronica patted my back and kept telling me it was ok, but isn't ok!

"It isn't ok! so its ok to tell your mate that you don't love them? Its ok to smash there hearts into pieces?! has Jason or Edward done that to you?" I looked a Veronica and Scarlet, They frowned and shook there heads "Exactly! its not Ok!" I pushed away from them and sat down on a chair. it hurts so much, I feel like I broke a bone in my body or fell of a bridge!

"Ashley!" I snapped my head in the direction of where it was coming from and saw it was Luke! I popped out of my seat a smile formed on his face, I ran over and huged him "I. Don't. Love. You!" he pushed me away and went some girl who kinda looked like Scarlet. he smirked and walked away. I dropped down to the floor, Shaking. tears kept falling and the more they fell, the more my body shook. tears kept falling and occasionally wimpers.

"Ashley, I'm so sorry" Veronica tried to calm me down and make me stop crying but I couldn't, it hurt so much, she had no idea how it felt.

"P-Please just l-leave me alone" Stammered, while still shaking. She gave me an understanding nod and put a fake smile on her face. I tried to smile back but couldn't, There's nothing to smile about! They left and I was left alone sobbing for hours.

"Ashley!" I heard Luke's voice but ignored it, He could never want me back, he made it pretty clear. "Ashley!" He said it in a demanding tone this time, I buried my face into the pillow and continued crying. "Ashley!!"

My eyes Flung open and I realized it was a Dream. I was shaking in the bed and I saw a few little tears stream down my face, I was breathing heavily and my lips were quivering. Luke was in front of me and he gave me a look of concern, Jason, Scarlet and Veronica were behind him with the same expression only he had multiple expressions on his face.

He was Concerned, Hurt, Worried, Sad and heart broken for some reason. Why was he heart broken? I'm the one who shou

m sorry, it must have been terrible!" Her cheeks weren't as red anymore.

"It was, I felt so hurt I-I just kept on crying and shaking and couldn't stop. I felt like I was broken, never to be fixed unless I was with him. I never wanna feel like that again! it hurts Scarlet" I let out a whimper of pain I didn't even know I was holding and Scarlet pulled me into a hug.

"I know it hurts, but its even worse if you don't know who your mate is or if he/She doesn't except her/he" She rubbed my back before pulling away "Your dream would have been worse if Luke rejected you, but he didn't!" Scarlet smiled and I put a fake smile on but Scarlet notices it.

"You know when I didn't have my mate, on the inside I was broken, hurt I felt so-" She stopped, Trying to find the right words "I can't explain but it hurt, My dreams were way worse" She shivered, probably remembering how it felt.

"I understand, Thanks Scarlet" She gave me a smile and I smiled back.

"Anytime you need me, Jason, Veronica or Luke just call" She smiled, I smiled back and then thought of Jason. Jason wouldn't help me! He would just make fun of me and make dumb remarks!

"I highly doubt Jason would help me, all he would do is infuriate me even more" I crossed my hands in front of my chest and frowned.

"Tell you a secret" Scarlet grabbed the door knob and began to open it, I nodded, jumping a little which made Scarlet giggle a little "He really does care about you" I stopped jumping and looked at her with disbelief.

"I find that hard to believe" Scarlet put her hands on her hips and rolled her eyes.

"When Luke felt something was wrong with you Jason jerked up and ran upstairs along with Luke" Scarlet left with a smile on her face. Jason Henderson actually cares a about me. Who would of thought?

The question is, Why did I have that dream?

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