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*Ashley pov*

"Make me, You prick" Bella got in Andy's face. He was about to do something before Scarlet came in.

"Hey I'm Scarlet" She gave her a sweet smile, she backed up and gave her a smile back.

"I'm Bella" She shook her hand and grinned.

"Courtney" Courtney chipped in and Scarlet gave her a smile.

"Where are you from? You have a bit of an accent there" Scarlet asked.

"I'm from Australia and Bella's from England" Scarlet practically jumped out of seat.

"Really? Hows is like there? Which do you like better Here or there? Did you have boyfriends back there?" Scarlet kept asking question after question making Bella and Courtney laugh a little.

"Its A little bit cold right now over there, I guess I like here, I used to have a boyfriend over there" Bella smiled and Scarlet nodded her head.

"It's always warm which I love, I kinda like there better and Nope" Courtney smiled.

"What are you guys doing here?" I asked Bella, she turned to me. Bella was Britsh and Courtney was Australian.

"We were just coming here for lunch" Bella smiled then it turn to a little frown "What are doing here with Andy?" she asked, I frowned slightly and sighed.

"Can we talk about that later?" Bella raised an eyebrow, putting her hands on her hips.

"Yup, right here!" she grabbed two seats, one for her and one for Courtney and they sat down smiling. I took my seat and they waited for me to say something.

"You learn to forgive and forget right?" I gave a small smile and Courtney nodded in agreement. Courtney was always the voice of reason and that's why I love her.

"Yeah I guess your right" Courtney smiled and I smiled back, Bella shook her head and put her hands on her chest.

"No, That mother Fucking prick Cheated on you and dumped water on you! Also he tried to Rape you!" Bella yelled, throwing her hands up in the air.

"You tried to Rape her?!" Chris shook his in disappointment.

"Exactly! Oh but now Ashley's forgiving him!" Bella looked at me as if I were crazy, I rolled my eyes and sighed.

"I know Bella but I'm not one to hold a grudge!" Bella looked at me with a blank expression before she sighed, flipping her hair to the side.

"Well I'm gonna hold a grudge on this, You can't just forgive him. Your so soft" She put hands on her chest and leaned back on the chair.

"Well that's y

while blushing, She blushes easily.

"Sorry" She muttered while looking at the table. Chris put his arms around and pulled her close to him.

"Its a free country We can do whatever we want, even run outside nude!! Scarlet started to laugh along with Melissa, Courtney, Bella and me, Andy just rolled his eyes.

"You do know if you run outside nude you'll go to prison" Courtney chuckled, Chris rolled his eyes and turned away.

Two waitress came back and handed us our food. Guess they needed two waitresses to take all our food. We started eating and chatting about how I shouldn't call Bella by her full name and Bella kept telling me its a bad idea to forgive Andy which made him mad. Chris ans Melissa kissed alot and Veronica kept blabbing on and on about how Spongebob was an awesome show.


We came in the house and saw Luke on the couch watching TV along with Jason and Edward. I went over and kissed Luke and Veronica and Scarlet did the same to there mates.

"Why would you think I was cheating on you?" Luke looked at me with disbelief and I giggled a little.

"I don't know" I yawned and laid on Luke, He picked me up and took me upstairs and into our room. He laid me on the bed and covered me up. He kissed me on the forehead and was about to leave before I grabbed his hands.

"Where are you going?" It was barley above a whisper. I started shutting my eyes and my hands fell down.

"Don't worry I'll be back, Night Princess" he whispered in my ear before I fell asleep.

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