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*Ashley Pov*

After my little Birthday fiasco, I opened my presents and went to sleep. Most of the presents I got were amazing, some not so much. Jason got me a little makeup kit (Veronica's Idea) and Veronica claimed it was a present from her also, even though he paid for it all. Luke got me an awesome gift that almost made me faint, He got me-

"Ashley can we have a girl to girl to girl talk!" Veronica kept knocking on my door. I put on a 'Queens' Shirt on and some shorts.

"What about?" I opened the door and in came Veronica and Scarlet. Luke had left with Jason and Edward so it was just us girls.

Veronica jump on my bed and Scarlet flopped down next to her. I came over and sat with them, me crossing my legs. It was silent for a while before Veronica said something.

"Do you like Andy?" She asked, me pretty shocked by that question. Why would she ask that? Just because I took it easy on him yesterday didn't mean I liked him.

"What, Why do you think that?" She shrugged and I looked at Scarlet and she shrugged also "Coarse I don't, Just because I was nic-" Veronica cut me off when she took a deep sigh.

"I mean do you for give him?" She looked at me and I looked at her for a while before I finally broke the eye contact.

"Idunnoikindaforgavehimatmylittlepartybutitdoesntmeananything!" I mashed my words, Scarlet looked dazed and Veronica looked the same.

"What?" Scarlet asked finally getting back to reality, along with Veronica.

"I kinda do forgive him, I mean when he apologized yesterday he looked so sincere" Scarlet gave me an understanding look but Veronica looked at me, disappointment in her features.

"Have you forgotten what he did to you? What he did to other g-" I stopped her right there. I wasn't angery but I was a little sad that she didn't understand why I forgave him. I know I said I would never Ever forgive him but how could I not?

"No I haven't forgotten, I am still really pissed about it but I'm willing to forgive and for get. I know when to stop holding a grudge and when to let it go and I think he deserves another chance." Scarlet nodded her head and Veronica looked slightly shocked at what I said but then she smiled and nodded.

"That's what I admire about you, Your always so mature about things! Since you forgive him and all I guess I should to. Maybe be should call him and ask to have lunch some time" She smiled and I grinned back. Wait? She actually admires me in a way, Weird!?

"Yeah but only if you guys come with me and Melissa and Chris come also" Scarlet nodded and so did Veronica.

I took out my phone and realized that my Mother had called me over ten times and texted me over fifteen times. I went to my contacts and went to Andy and pressed call.

"You still have his number?" Veronica smirked, I just rolled my eyes. I mean yes I sill have his number, I'm really busy so I for got to, Is that so bad? The phone rang before a voice came up.

"Hello?" it sounded like a question.

'Idiot' I thought to myself.

"Hey, its Ashley" I smiled even though he couldn't see it. I could hear him shuffling and his heart racing which made me smirk a li

small hug and she hugged her back. "Well lets sit and order something" She pulled me to sit down.

"Anything knew?" Veronica looked at Chris and Melissa.

"Chris and Melissa are dating" Scarlet replied nonchalantly. Melissa looked shocked, Chris had the same expression as Melissa.

"How'd You know?" Melissa asked still a little shocked. I'm nor really shocked....She's a Werewolf, Duh! Although Chris, Melissa and Andy didn't know.

"I'm observant, The way he looks at you and the way you giggle at his jokes even though they might not be funny" Scarlet said shrugging and smiling at Melissa blushing a little.

"My jokes are funny!" Chris said like a three year old and put his hands on his chest, Melissa, Scarlet, Veronica and me laughing.

"Sure they are, Baby" Melissa giggled while kissing him on the cheek. "Andy aren't you gonna say something instead of just starring at Ashley" I turned and realized he was starting and a drool escaped his lips which made me chuckle a little.

"ASHLEY!!" I heard someone scream my name and realize it was my two best friends Anna and Courtney. I jumped out of my seat and made my way over to them. They pulled me into a tight hug that I didn't mind. I'm ok when they do it....its different!

"What are you doing here?!" Anna asked pulling away while still smiling.

"Hanging out with some friends" I turned and saw all there eyebrows raised, I just rolled my eyes playfully. I missed them so much!! Courtney frowned at something and I turned to locate the source, She was staring at Andy.

When I told Anna and Courtney what happened with me and Andy they automatically hated him and so did I but now I don't hate him as much but they do.

"Since when did this prick become your friend?" Anna point to Andy and he looked pissed off when she. said that. P.s Anna's British so she sometimes uses British curse words on people, What I love about her.

"Shut the fuck up Anna" Andy snarled and Anna raise her eyebrows. she came to the table, Slamming her hands on the table.

"Make me, You prick!" She yelled getting in Andy's face.

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