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*Andy Pov*

I hate this! Whenever I'm so close to getting her I always fail. She always has those annoying people to guard her. Why can't she just understand I love her? Why can't her friends leave her alone so I can get her? Why am I so in love with her? I can get any girl I want, But I just can't get Ashley out of my mind.

"Earth to Andy?" Melissa waved her hands in my face. I shook my head then coughed a little.

"Uh Sorry, What were you saying?" I placed a fake smile on my face. She raised her eyebrows then rolled her eyes.

"You were thinking of Ashley, Weren't you?" I dropped the smile and nodded slowly. "Well if you love her show her you do" She smiled while jumping up and down in her seat.

I honestly Couldn't live without Melissa. Melissa was one of the girls I used to date but she was a little less pathetic. When we broke up, Yes she cried but later instead of begging me to take her back she came back to ask me to be her friend and ever since then she's been my best friend, Next to Chris. She helps me get chicks and gives me advice on how to win Ashley back.

"How? She Hates me" I slumped down in my chair and crossed my hands like a two year old.

"Why do you think she hates you?" She stopped jumping and leaned back in her chair.

"I kinda, Maybe tried to rape her two times." She widened her eyes then looked at me with disappointment.

"Really! I don't think she'll ever take you back and if it were me I wouldn't take you back either" I frowned a little, She just shrugged and rolled her eyes. "I mean, You dumped her before the Spring Fling then dumped water on her and to top that you raped her?" She yelled the last part, Making me a little mad.

"I didn't rape her I tried to!" I yelled a little.

"Oh yeah, Like that's Better!" She yelled back.

"Just for get it, I thought you were here to help me" I yelled, Slouching back on my chair, Turning away from her.

"Well its kinda hard when you do dumb shit like that" She ran her hands threw her hair.

"I know it was dumb but I can't help it, I want her so bad. I've never felt this way!" I my hands threw my Dark Brown hair.

"Awe, Little Andy is in love" She cooed, I just glared at her playfully.

"Shut up" I whined a little.

I did Love Ashley but I knew she hated me. I hate the fact that I can't have her. The thing is When I broke up with her she wasn't crying or begging me to take her back, She left it and I've never seen a girl who didn't care about it, But that's the reason I want her back so bad. I love that she isn't like those pathetic girls, She's different and I love that.

"Well you do know her Birthdays Today?" Melissa smirked, I practically jumped out of my seat when I heard her say that. "You didn't know? Well, That means you can get her an awesome present!" She said with enthusiasm running threw her voice.

"I'm broke?" I slouched back in my seat while frowning.

"Ill give you some Money, just make sure to pay me back!" She smiled and I smiled back at her. once again, Can't live without her.

"Thanks! What should I get her?" She laughed a little.

"You should get her" She stopped then tapped her chin "A necklace that means a alot!" She grinned and I smiled.

"That's perfect! I honestly don't know what I would without you Melissa?" I smirked at her and she blushed a lite pink color.

"You wouldn't be able to get Ashley without me, That's what" She smiled, She got up and went into the kitchen and got the keys then threw them at me. "Lets Go!" she exclaimed.

She pulled me out of my chair and we were about to leave before Chris came in. Chris came in and Melissa started to blush a little. She Obviously like him. Since she's helping me get Ashley back ill help her get Chris.

"Hey, Your

up next to Ashley.

"You know this is pretty pathetic Andy. I'm honestly shocked at this, Andy the Guy who slept with all the girls in the hole student body, And tried to Rape my Sister. I'm surprised you actually said Yes to going out with him" Everyone's eyes were wide including mine. "I mean I am younger than you by one year but I still know Wright from Wrong and your Wrong for Ashley!" She scram, taking a step closer.

"And now you think you can just give her a necklace and she'll for give you?" this is the first time I've ever seen her mad like this and I think this is the first time Ashley's seen her mad like this.

"V-Veronica, You ok?" Ashley stuttered at the beginning, Veronica started laughing, looking pretty insane.

"Of coarse, Are you ok?" Ashley nodded and Veronica turned back to me "Well I'm not! I hate you, I hate your face and I hate your guts. Now please leave!" she yelled grabbing the present from Ashley's hand threw it me, Me catching it.

"But-" before I finish my sentence She kicked me in my crotch and I fell, holding it. She was about to do something else before Jason pulled her back.

"Veronica, look at me!" Jason yelled, Veronica hesitated but turned around and Jason kissed her, guess there dating? Why does this hurt so much?

"Sorry" she looked at me but I just stayed on the ground.

"Well, I'm sorry my sister blew up on you. ill help you out" Luke pulled her back and she turned and kissed him, I guess she's dating him. Today's the worst day Ever!

Ashley pulled away and helped me up and helped me to my car.

"Thanks" I smiled but she just rolled her eyes which made me frown.

"Don't Thank me, I only helped you cuz I felt bad my sister blew up on you" I was about to get in the car before she pulled me back "Oh and tell Melissa I said Hi" She smirked at me and I rolled my eyes a little "Wait! tell Chris I said Hi also, you live with him right?" I nodded and she gave me a real smile which I returned.

Fuck Today, Fuck Veronica and Fuck this stupid necklace. I parked and got out of the car. I opened the door and saw Chris and Melissa kissing, they pulled away and Melissa started to blush.

"Guess you to hit it off?" I went in the living room and sat down and threw the present on the floor.

"What happened, Did she forgive you?" She asked, I sighed and gave her a look that said 'No' She frowned and got off of Chris's lap and sat next to him.

"Ashley wanted me to tell you guys she said hi" After that it was silent.

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