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Ashley Pov

We all sat at the table, Me next to Luke, Veronica next to Jason and Scarlet in the near middle. Veronica made some toast with Bacon and juice.

"Ashley can I have your last Bacon?" she pouted while putting her hands out.

"No, " I smiled while eating the last of my toast.

"Are you gonna eat it?" she put her hand back.

"No, " I chuckled while playing with the Bacon to make her mad.

"Ashley, " she frowns.

"What?" I asked innocently while dropping my hands. Scarlet giggled a little.

She leaned over and grabbed my bacon then shoved it down her mouth.

"Veronica!" I yelled while Luke, Jason and Scarlet started to laugh.

"What?" she swallowed the bacon while smiling innocently. I rolled my eyes and picked up my plate about to go.

"Wait! take mine to!, " she held her plate in her hand outstretched for me to take.

"No. You have two perfectly working legs, get up and do it yourself, " I walked into the kitchen and put my plate in the sink.

"But your already up!" she yelled back. She got up and went into the kitchen also putting her plate in the sink.

"I thought you said you didn't fight with your sister?" Luke asked while coming into the kitchen.

"Well that was before. Veronica got annoying, " I left the kitchen while running upstairs to dress and stuff.

I went in the bathroom and locked the door. I ran some water that was not to hot and not to cold but just right. I got in and relaxed, letting the water sooth me.

Why one earth did me and Veronica get in a fight yesterday? I was probably just worried about Veronica staying here. Yeah, that's it I was worried.

I got out of out of the bath after an hour, Yeah an hour. I grabbed my towel and exited the bathroom making sure no one was upstairs. I ran in the room and locked it. I turned around and saw Luke on the bed scanning my body while smirking. I jumped back a little making his smirk grow. I wonder if they like scaring me.

"W-What are you doing here?" I stammered a little bit in the beginning.

He got up making his way towards me, I moved back and ended up backing all the way to the door.

I pushed him a little but he didn't budge one bit. His smirk just grew bigger. He pulled me by my waist, moving me closer.

"I-I...To....Change" Uh, Damn it Ashley. I hate that he has this a effect on me. He chuckled a little pulling away. I moved away from the door so he could leave.

He left with a smirk on face and I closed the door. I went in the closet and grabbed some white booty shorts and a black tank top. I put on some nude lipstick and a little mascara. I grabbed some sandals and put my hair in a mess pony tail and left the closet.

I left the room and headed downstairs before someone pulled me into a room. I was screaming before I hand covered my mouth. I bit it and then the hand left my mouth. I turned around and saw Jason shaking his hands.

"Why the fuck did you bite me?" he glared.

"Sorry, Now why did you drag me in here?" I asked while sitting on the bed.

"Well Veronica said her birthday was-" I cut him off when I started to shriek.

"I know its next next week and I have the perfect gift for her, " I bounced up and down on the bed. He rolled his eyes and I stopped bouncing.

I'm so excited for her she's finally turning 18 but the best part is next week is my birthday. See my birthday is a week earlier than Veronica's. I was born 1995 and Veronica was born 1996, but we were born the same month which is June.

"I just wanted to ask what you think I should get her. I wanna get her something perfect, " He said the last part with excitement which made me laugh a little.

I've never seen him this happy before. I Can't believe my sister can make a Guy this happy.

"Well, I think you should get her-" I stopped and and think about for a bit.



"I am not your body guard Ashley, " he scoffed still pissed off.

I heard members of packs are protective of their Luna so that would be the reason for his anger.

"Anyways ill be going with Ashley, " he yanked me making Jason's eyes turn pitch black.

"I'm not going anywhere with you, Jerk!" I elbowed him in the stomach and he let go of me.

He held his stomach. I immediately ran over to Jason and went behind him.

"Bitch!" he yelled at me. I flipped him off and Jason laughed.

"Don't call me a bitch man-whore!" I yelled back at him."You can leave now!" I smirked at him. He came up closer but then fell to the ground.

Me and Jason looked at each other, looking confused before we saw Scarlet holding a huge stick in her hands.

"Scarlet!" I asked looking at her in shock. "Did you kill him?" I asked, she started to chuckle.

"Of Coarse I did!" she smiled, Jason and I eyes widen and she cracked up laughing.

"I'm joking! I didn't!" she held her stomach from so much laughter.

Veronica came and so Luke, looking at her laughing.

"Ashley are you okay?" she ran over to me touching my head and looking at arm.

"I'm fine. Jason took a long time to save me but I'm fine, " I glared at him playfully, he rolled his eyes playfully.

"Good." Scarlet finally stopped laughing "Why are you out here anyways?" she asked, I started to seriously glare at Jason and he gave me an apologetic look.

"Jason threw me out of the house then Andy came and tried raping me again, " I ran over to Luke, holding him.

"Why'd you throw her out?" Veronica asked kissing him on the lips.

"She stepped on my foot!" he exclaimed.

"Because you made me watch CSI!" I yelled, letting go of Luke.

"Why would you make her watch CSI? That show is terrible, " Veronica let's of of Jason.

"I know right, " I smiled at Veronica. One of the things me and Veronica share is the hate of the show 'CSI' I mean its a horrible show.

"Your supposed to be on my side!" Jason pouted while trying to grab Veronica but she pulled away.

"Not when its about a terrible show. That shows horrible, " Veronica crossed her arms over her chest.

"Me and Veronica hated that show since I was 12 and she was 11, " I made my way to stand next to Veronica.

"And we will forever hate it."

"At least you guys aren't fighting, " Scarlet smiled.

"Do you like that show?" I turned to look at Scarlet. She scratched the back of her neck.

"I don't hate it, " she smiled nervously.

"Well as long as you don't like it, " Veronica shrugged.

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