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Ashley Pov

"Aw, so cute, " I whispered to myself while looking at Luke sleep. Do all Werewolfs look Cute when they sleep or is I just Luke? I stretched a little about to get up when Luke pulled me, he hovered over me. Deja vu Much.

"I heard that, " He whispered and put a smirk on his face. I grinned a little then I realized he wasn't wearing a shirt which made me blush a little.

I looked at his 6 pack then looked at his beautiful blue eyes and cute pink lips.

"Checking me out, are we?" he chuckled, I roll my eyes at him and grin a little.

I pulled him closer and kissed him on his soft lips. How lucky I'm I to have a Sexy Mate like him, Really lucky. The door opened and in walked Veronica with Jason.

"Hey Ashley I-" she then stopped and looked at me like I was doing something wrong. I looked down and up and I realized it looked like we were having sex.

"Ashley Rachel Manson, Are you having sex?" Her eyes widened a bit and Jason started to laugh along with Luke. I quickly pushed him away and got off the bed.

"W-What? No!" I stammered a bit looking at her. She sighed in relief and put her eyes to its normal size.

"Good, I just came in to ask if you wanted some breakfast." She asked, putting a smile on her face.

"No ill pass, " I shook my head a little and saw her smile go down.

"To bad I'm making some for you, " She grinned, I raised an eyebrow.

"No, I don't want breakfast, " I whined, Veronica crossed her hands over her chest.

"To bad." She smiled about to leave when I puller her back slightly.

"No Veronica, I do not want breakfast, " I looked in her eyes giving her a look that means I'm serious. She pulled away and scoffed.

"Sorry my mind is already made up, " she

"And Ashley needs Breakfast, I just wanted to have Breakfast with my sister because I haven't seen her lately."

"Well I'm sorry but I just didn't want breakfast." I rubbed my arm a little. A smile broke out on her face and I smiled a little to.

Jason let go of her and Luke let go of me and Scarlet moved out the way so we could hug. Veronica ran over and again she hugged me tighter and tighter by the minute.

"I-I can't breath." I stuttered while trying to grasp some air.

"I know, " She said, I could practically see the evil smile on her face.

"Y-Your trying to kill me!" My eyes widened a bit. She laughed and let me go, me holding me stomach.

"No, Now can we get some breakfast?" She exclaimed grabbing my hands to go before I pulled back.

"I said no, Veronica we aren't gonna go over this again, " When I was finished my stomach grumbled which made me blush a little Veronica and the others laughed.

I sighed.

"Fine, " I rolled my eyes then went downstairs.

"I won, " She cheered as Jason clapped for her. I rolled my eyes and Veronica made us something to eat.

I can't believe we fought over me having breakfast.

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