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Ashley Pov

Scarlet took me upstairs and to her room, pulling me to sit on her bed.

"How are we gonna find your mate?" I asked, resting on one of her soft pillows.

"I don't know, that's why your gonna help me, " she smiled, showing her pearly whites.

"I wish I could but unfortunately I'm on punishment, " I rolled my eyes, dropping the pillow on the bed.

"Don't worry that's the best part of you being Luke's mate." she bit her bottom lip, probably thinking of a plan.

"Just stroke his chest a little, bat your eyes and bit your lips in a seductive manor, " she tells me, nudging me on the arm.

She spent about 15 minutes thinking and that's what she came up with. Un-fudgin'-believable.

"I don't think so, " I complain trying to think of something else to do.

She put a pouty face on and leaned her head a little while blinking rapidly.

"Pwease, " she begged making incredible puppy dog eyes.

Of coarse she can do a perfect puppy dog face. Shes a werewolf, practically a dog.

"Fine." I cave in.

She shrieked starting to clap her hands while jumping up and down.

She pulled me into the closet and gave me a shirt that exposed way to much and tight jeans that were ripped slightly. I gave her a questioning look, but she just threw the clothes at me and left.

I put on the shirt and struggled putting on the pants. I put on my

she complained, parking in our drive way.

She got out of the car, opening the door for me. I got out giving her a sympathetic look. We came in and saw two guys talking to Luke. One of the guys turned and looked at Scarlet with a lust filled look and Scarlet looked at him with the same look.

"Mate, " he said, then ran up to Scarlet and kissed her.

"Ever heard of a room?" I mumbled walking over to sit on Lukes lap.

They kept sucking each others faces for about 10 minutes then pulled away breathing heavily, their foreheads against each others.

"Scarlet meet Edward, " Luke smirked at them, they just kept looking at each other, deep in thought. I rolled my eyes trying to separate them.

After about 20 minutes they pulled away, he pulled her by her waist.

"I found my mate." she said ecstatically, leaning her head on him.

"So I see, " I rolled my eyes, sitting back on Luke's lap.

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