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Jason Pov

I can't belive it. I know its been a week but still. Versonica Manson rejected me, Jason Henderson. I'm not going to give up on her. I know she loves me and I seriously love her.

'Jason Come in the house Now!' Luke sent me a message through mind link.

'I'm coming, ' I replied

'Now!' he yelled.

I ran threw the woods and into the house. I opened the door and saw Luke pacing back and forth and Scarlet leaning against the wall while tapping her foot on the door.

"Thanks for deciding to finally join us, " Luke ran his hand threw his hair.

"What happened?" I came over and sat on the chair, leaning back. Whatever happened must have been serious because I've never seen Scarlet this worried.

"Wait, " I practically jumped out of my chair, my eyes wide."Where's Ashley?" I looked at Luke then at Scarlet.

"They took her!" Scarlet yelled, coming over to me.

"You let them take her, " she came into my face, grinding her teeth. How on earth did I let them take her?

"And why do you think I let them take her?" I moved back, distancing my self from her.

"Oh I don't know. Maybe you didn't protect are territory very well, " she pushed me slightly, not enough to make me fall.

"Enough!" Luke commanded with his Alpha tone, moving Scarlet away from me.

"Lets go and find her, and fast, " With that Luke and Scarlet headed out and so did I.


Ashley Pov

Mystery Guy grabbed my hands, taking me upstairs and into a room. He pushed me up against the wall putting his hands on each side of my head.

"Now. Tell me what you know about the Grey Wolf Pack." he demands stroking my cheek.

I slapped his hands away, pushing him back slightly.

"Why should I?" I snarled crossing my hands over my chest

was about to jump off the bed and claw him to death before Scarlet held me back.

"Let me at him!" I yelled making him laugh.

"Stop it!" Luke yelled making Jason stop laughing and me stop. Luke held the bridge of his nose and sighed.

I put on my puppy dog face and pouted a bit, leaning my head to side to add affect. He wont be able to punish me now.

I stand corrected.

"That's not fair, " I whined following Luke to his office down the hall.

"Yes it is." he entered the office sitting in his chair, taking out a bunch of files.

"No its not! I can't go shopping? unfair!" I yelled.

He slammed the files on his desk, I jumped back a bit. He got up off his seat and grabbed my hand taking me to the door.

"Baby, it is. Now go, " he kisses my forehead, closing the door in my face.

I love you to.

I walked back to the living room, sitting on the chair, sighing. Scarlet came downstairs skipping, then sat on one of the chairs.

"Your not mad at me, are you?" I turn my head to look at her.

"Coarse not." she smiled, facing me.

"Why?" I asked, she got off her chair, grabbing my arms, taking me to the kitchen.

"I wanna find my mate!" she shrieked, ignoring my question.

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