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Ashley Pov

I go into the kitchen, making bacon with some eggs before Jason comes in scaring me to death. I slip falling on my butt.

"Bastard, " I muttered, lifting myself up.

He laughed holding his stomach, his face turning bright red. Luke runs in the kitchen without a shirt, I blushed.

"What happened?" he asked sighing, He looked at me, seeing how pink my face is then smirked.

I turn around, trying to hide my face and continued cooking before Luke comes up to me pulling me by the waist. His abs feel so muscular and huge. My face turns into a brighter pink, Jason laughed harder.

"Shutup." I turn around, pushing Luke off me. I take the eggs and bacon and put it on the plates, heading to the dining table with Jason and Luke.

"Hey Ashley, were having a friend over. Do you mind?" Luke asked looking up from his breakfast.

I shrug continuing to look at my plate avoiding him. He's shirtless and if I do look ill start blushing like an idiot.

"I don't mind. When is he coming?" I asked looking u

Oh, Where are my manners? My names Scarlet!" she ran over to me giving me a bone crushing hug.

I can barley breath, I try gasping for some air but the hug is so tight. Next thing I know I'm turning hot pink and not the usual hot pink I turn to. She finally let's go of me, making me fall, holding my stomach. She probably wants to kill me so she can have Luke.

"Are you ok? I'm so sorry." Scarlet got on her knees, putting a hand on my shoulder.

"Its fine, " I got up, backing away from her.

"Scarlet will be staying with you until we get back." Luke gave a knowing smile before leaving with Jason.

"Were gonna have a blast!" She grabbed my hand, taking me upstairs.

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