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Ashley Pov

I woke up laying in Luke's arms, surprisingly he wasn't asleep. I don't think he went to sleep at all. I didn't even realize I fell alseep.

All I remember from last night was Andy about to rape me when Luke and Jason came in saving me and me crying.

Luke was just staring at me, basically watching my every move which was kinda creepy. I got off of him and off the bed yawning and stretching.

"Morning, " I said.

He's not saying anything, which is kinda weird. I mean I thought we would have alot to talk about considering what happened last night.

I came up to him, staring at him in the eyes. I thought he would be sad or mad or even angry.

"Are you going to say something?" I asked, he stayed blank.

I shrugged, turning around to leave before I was pulled by Luke.

"Who is he?" he asked in a demanding and possessive t

ing me back out, keeling down and I of coarse I said no but before I knew it water dropped on me, " I said my voice cracking up a bit.

"I slipped and fell on my butt, it was awful"

Telling the story made me a little angry. If your wondering if I was sad when he cheated on me, Nope. I wasn't like all the other girls.

"I'm sorry, " He pulled me into a hug then kissed my forehead, I felt weird.

I move back making him frown before I pulled him into a kiss. Electricity, fireworks, bombs, it all went off. I love this feeling.

My soul mate, Luke's mine.

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